Sleeping Beauties- Sailor Moon Crystal Act.35/36 Infinity 9/10- Moon Speak Phase-II 33


In this Moon Speak, Sono and Ammit discuss Act.35 and Act.36 which is Sailor Moon Crystal 36-37. These episodes features another new transformation, body horror, self sacrifice another glimpse of Sailor Saturn and a flying Tuxedo Mask!

SMC37-Hotaru-Hero Save As… to Download |Episode length: 0:43:12


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Nothing new for this week.

Monster of the Week (Basically)

Hotaru stands against Mistress 9 as do Mother and Daughter.


Rough Demandes

Was there anything that rubbed you the wrong way?



  • You could really feel what parts of this episode got the budget and what didn’t. Thankfully none of it was apparent in how the characters were animated, but some of the effects early on in the episode felt a little lazy or like visual shortcuts had been taken to put more time into things toward the end of the episode.



  • Mistress 9 tearing apart Hotaru’s body put me off a bit, because it seemed like there was a lot of focus on her piercing her bosom. I got it the first time, but I felt that adding scratching at her arms and closer to the clavicle and even throat would have translated the intention of destroying the Vessel slightly better.
  • Why didn’t Mistress 9 just attack the Outers when they put up the barricade, wouldn’t that have made more sense?
  • I didn’t really like Mamoru’s tone when he sort of chided everyone for not destroying Mistress 9 right away. The rest of the moment as cool, but it seemed off for him to be sharp like that, instead of just insistent that it should be done.


What were some lovely things you found especially catching?


  • 36: Haruka, Michiru, and Setsuna’s story about being alone and how that encouraged Usagi through her loneliness.
  • 37: The outers were added to the little attack sequence in the opening. I thought that was really neat.
  • Nice love confession between Hotaru and Chibiusa, only pushed further when Chibiusa goes to fight on behalf of Hotaru, and Mamoru comments that he feels like he just gave her away to be married.
  • Chibiusa’s strength and ferocity in getting up to fight and attacking Mistress 9 with an attack stronger than the five inners combined.



  • I only have notes on 37 I ran out of time to go back and make them while watching 36 again.
  • The body horror with Mistress 9 tearing apart Hotaru’s body was VERY EFFECTIVE. It was so gross that I was actively twinging in my seat and considered putting down my food, as I was watching over lunch.
  • Mamoru feeling as if he had given Chibs away in marriage was SO sweet
  • Mistress 9’s Tau form was great, especially in the later stages
  • Super Chibi Sailor Moon
  • Flying Tuxedo Mask is something I never thought I’d see, and I love knowing that his love for his future wife and kid are the things that make him stronger and open him up to all these abilities he would never have had otherwise. It’s a great metaphor.

Quotable Quotes

What were some of the best or worst lines that stood out to you?


“I won’t cry anymore. I’m a Sailor Guardian.”

-Chibi-Usa upon resolving to fight with the life Hotaru saved.


“Hotaru-chan lives here. She lives in our hearts.”

-Chibiusa to Usagi when Usagi asks if Hotaru is gone.



These are questions sparked by the episode. Sono and Ammit discuss them in the show and want to hear your thoughts too. Please comment on this post to answer or use Twitter, Tumblr or send your replies to the inbox.

  1. Was Tomoe already evil? Do you think he and Kaori were chosen because their lack of ethics and their proximity to the spatial distortion?
  2. Is it disappointing that the Witches 5 were created by Tomoe and not Tau System Natives?
  3. Did you enjoy HOW off-model the animation went for Professor Tomoe as he was telling his desire to become Divine?
  4. Did the dissolution of Super Sailor Moon’s power bother you? I know Usagi said the bond was cut, but how exactly?
  5. Did you enjoy how off-model Mistress 9 got as she was breaking Hotaru’s body?
  6. Was Hotaru’s arc from SMC 35 which we talked about last Moon Speak to SMC 37 well executed?
  7. What is the significance of Mamoru gaining power?
  8. Did Mamoru henshin?

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2 thoughts on “Sleeping Beauties- Sailor Moon Crystal Act.35/36 Infinity 9/10- Moon Speak Phase-II 33

    • I almost think it’ll be throw away, except for the fact that it serves the larger feminist thrust of the show. I approve of that though. Is it a flaw? I don’t think so. It comes off as a tool. Opening up Mamoru to all these powers makes him easier to include in the stories and keeps him relevant, but at the same time keeps focus on the girls. I really like what Sono pointed out, that Chibs dealt a mightier blow to Tau Mistress 9 than the Inners did when combining their powers because it kind of helps make this point for me. The distribution of power is guided by theme and utility to the story because the point is the emotional realities and Takeuchi has to keep coming up with ways to express them that feel impactful so the audience gets the point.

      Thanks for the response, it’s always fun.

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