Maya Is Boss- Kiva Class 6 – unKamenCast-RX! 067


Subject: Kamen Rider Kiva 33-36

This is just a taste of what happens in these episodes:

Maya and Otoya work to build his legacy in the form of an exquisite violin. Yuri and wataru become scorned lovers when they see their loves with another. Otoya and Wataru bath some more.

Wataru struggles to accept the changes in his life, embracing lost love and dealing with Kengo’s returns as a full and bitter member of the Blue Sky Party.

Nago loses IXA to Kengo. Otoya rejects Yuri for the sake of protecting the music in everyone’s heart and Wataru resolves to find his own music and make people happy.

Mio share her true feelings with Taiga and Wataru. Taiga’s facade is cracking and Wataru shows he has the courage to face conflict head on as himself.

All this and way more aired as two hours worth of material and we present to you a deep biting analysis of near equal length. We are all feeling so much love for the show and are excited to keep bringing you our thoughts. We welcome your input no matter how you perceive the show.

Need more Kiva discussion? Luckily for you we are dedicated to Riderology, so get yourself schooled now!

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