UnKamen RX 201 – Kamen Rider Pride


We’ve got our final form, we’ve hit episode 40, and we’ve introduced the newest (and maybe final?) plot wrinkle.  Stuffs only getting more intense on Kamen Rider Build and your humble hosts have Some Things to Say.

  • Aleph expounds on the themes of destruction and refinement embodied in the hero and villain.
  • Sono examines the nature of what has been ‘lost’ to make the Lost Bottles.
  • Editing concerns.
  • Fashion Icon/Disaster Gentoku Himuro.
  • Shrugging off death.
  • Mutou Shogo is good at ensemble casts.  He should do a Sentai sometime.
  • What we’re calling “The Gentoku Model of Transgressive Heroes”.
  • Seiji Taikawa K I L L I N G  I T with his suit acting choices.
  • Excellence in translation.
  • Evolt’s suits.
  • New Costume Corner.

All this and more on this episode of the UnKamenCast R! X!



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Kamen Rider Build

Episode 39The Unstoppable Genius
Episode Writer: Mutou Shogo
Episode Director: Yamaguchi Kyohei

Episode 40Revolution of the Apocalypse
Episode Writer: Mutou Shogo
Episode Director: Morota Satoshi


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Jeff Goldblum as Isurugi, y/y?

Jeff Isurugi

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Laser Knees 68 – That Melan-cop-ly Feeling.


Ah, Sentai.  The time when your hosts’ fancies turn to feels and a young officer’s fancy turns to




Even though that’s less than ideal.

In this episode of Laser Knees, your hosts go beyond all time and space to have some thoughts about:

  • Naruhisa Arakawa: all-time tokusatsu MVP.
  • The power of a complicated story of affection.
  • Respecting the bodily autonomy of everyone, including adorable jet-car-torsos.
  • The rarity of a super-cool tapir-monster.
  • Sakuya: still sucks.  Real bad.
  • Making a world feel populated, even if you only show the same small-ish cast.
  • Keiichiro is becoming our favorite.
  • And then becomes less so.
  • Recurring side-villains!
  • The Goodie-Herbie connection.
  • One of the greatest fights in Sentai.

All this and more on this episode of Laser Knees!!!


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Thief Sentai Lupinranger
Police Sentai Patranger

Episode 17 – Hidden Feelings
Episode Writer: 
Arakawa Naruhisa
Episode Director: Watanabe Katsuya

Episode 18 – The Collection’s Secret
Episode Writer: 
Kaneko Kaori
Episode Director: Nakazawa Shoujiro

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UnKamen-RX 200(!!!!!!!) – All Around Me Are Familiar Faces



It’s been many years now and we’ve now reached the two-hundredth installment of the internet’s own UnKamenCast R!X!.  It’s been a long, winding trip through an eternal cycle of birth, death, and metamorphosis, one transformation after another.  A mad chimera of commentary, changing in scope and form and format.

And as we continue our headlong, pedal-to-the-metal (kamen) ride toward places unknown, we offer thanks to you, Dear Listener, just for being here.

That said, for all we were sorely tempted to take an episode to just talk about the milestone we hit, we also had some Kamen Rider Build to talk about!  So in this episode, we touch on:

  • Utsumi and how much fun that’s looking like it’s going to be for us.
  • The Nanba-side cast’s less-than-engaging endings.
  • How intensely satisfying it is to see Katsuragi’s actor for the scenes about The Devil’s Scientist.
  • The relative morality of taking pleasure in the death of a fictional person.
  • “Nepotism.”
  • The horror of having even the barest knowledge about astrological events.

All this and more on this, the 200th episode of the UnKamenCast R!X!

vlcsnap-2018-06-15-17h09m18s146then perish memed

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Kamen Rider Build

Episode 37 – The Ultimate Phase
Episode Writer: 
Mutou Shogo
Episode Director: Tasaki Ryuta

Episode 38 – Mad World
Episode Writer: Mutou Shogo
Episode Director: Kyohei Yamaguchi


As Mentioned:

Aleph was a child of the ’80s, so:

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Laser Knees 67 – Finding the ‘Me’ in ‘Team’

In this episode, our heroes struggle to find themselves after it turns out that, surprise of surprises, the putative leader of fully one half of the series’ sentai teams does not, in fact, die and then Touma has an identity crisis of an entirely different flavor.


Meanwhile, your hosts continue to brace for a possible extra hero (we don’t look at magazine scans and do our best to avoid spoilers so we don’t know if one’s even coming) and while they do that, talk a bit about:

  • Commander Hilltop: What a guy!
    • But, sorry everyone romantically interested: he’s married.
    • Probably to a super-badass, but that’s just us hoping.
  • Sakuya, by contrast, still sucks even when he’s trying to be cool.
  • That awful little kid (who’s not really that awful, just written like a kid).
  • Dunking on Kamen Rider Drive.  Sorry(?).
  • The biology of a Gangler.
  • Monster design.
  • Touma as deadpan Looney Tune.
  • Kairi being hardcore.
  • Short musings on a villainous Sentai.

All this and more in this episode of Laser Knees!


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Thief Sentai Lupinranger
Police Sentai Patranger

Episode 15 – An Officer’s Duty
Episode Writer: Komura Junko
Episode Director: Katou Hiroyuki

Episode 16 – Because We’re Friends
Episode Writer: Arakawa Naruhisa
Episode Director: Watanabe Katsuya

Watanabe Katsuya isn’t a name we’ve heard in the couple of years we’ve done this show I think, but he’s a long time Sentai director that goes all the way back to Zyuranger and worked on nearly every modern Sentai from Gaoranger to Kyoryuger, as well as several movies, Vs. movies, and specials. He also directed the Kamen Rider Blade movie and some episodes of Fourze.

As Mentioned:


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UnKamen-RX 199 – From the Start, I’m an (Anti)Climax!


Ah, the eternal cycle of violence, self-justification, and wanton destruction.  Faces change, but does the song necessarily stay the same?  Your hosts have some thoughts.

In this episode, we touch on that, as well as:

  • Aleph posits that Evolt may, himself, essentially be the Amadam.
  • Sono wonders why anyone, especially someone who’s seen him betray all the people, would trust Evolt.
  • Pedantry and word definition from multiple angles.
  • Possible better plans for Our Heroes.
  • The frustration of an awesome moment that won’t (and, structurally, can’t) be paid off in that moment.
  • Bad toy design.
  • Thoughts on Gentoku’s stumbling start into possibly having a redemption instead of just a face-turn.
  • Evolt’s philosophy and its ugly real-world counterparts.
  • Misora’s actress is really good when she’s given opportunity to be.  It’s sad how rarely she’s given those opportunities.
  • A couple good laughs!
  • Final Form thoughts.

All this and more on this episode of the UnKamenCast R! X!


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Kamen Rider Build

Episode 35 – Tower of Destruction
Episode 36 –
Evol Hunts Planets

Episode Writer: Mutou Shogo

Episode Director (35): Shibasaki Takayuki
Episode Director (36):
Tasaki Ryuta

As Mentioned: @spacekitaa’s design for Kamen Rider Grease Trinity.

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