Counter-Cultural Jerks- Sailor Moon Crystal 20 -MS 18

This week, Sono and Ammit discuss:

Sailor Moon Crystal 20 – Crystal Tokyo – King Endymion

Q1- What is Black Moon’s problem with long life and relative peace? When did Wiseman get to them, before they went to Nemesis or after?

Q2- Prompted by this review on io9, do you feel that Crystal is sticking too closely to the manga and having a bad showing because of that? Do you feel you’re judging the show fairly?

Q3- What do you think the theme of this arc or this part of the arc is?


Meat and Veggies

-Apparently as Queen, Usagi is a bit of a home body. King Endymion tells Usagi and co, that one day she suddenly ran from the Crystal Palace and was engulfed in Crystal which protected her while (at least) Crystal Tokyo (if not the world) were destroyed. The Queens Guardians, Venus, Mercury, Mars and Jupiter were stricken after the LSC protected Usagi. Only Diana and Chibi-Usa were left unscathed. The Malefic Black Crystal is warping space and absorbing everyone on earth.

-King Endymion takes Sailor Moon and co to a situation room after Minako question who the Black Moon are. There he shows them Planet Nemesis and tells them of a human criminal, from centuries in the past, who was banished to Nemesis (Wiseman?). Just as Nemesis had been rediscovered, the Black Moon, a mass murdering terrorist group who hates… long life spans, and thus snuffs out as many as they can to end them made it their HQ.

– Usagi and Mamoru start disappearing because Time is not ok with people violating the Time-Stream and having past and present selves together. King Endymion explains that Pluto is 1. LITERALLY Chronos’ daughter 2. She is the original/oldest Pretty Guardian and 3. a really awesome person all around. Pluto gives them the time Key and they promise to come back to stop the Black Moon.

-Mamoru talking to himself and King being sweet to Chibi-Usa along with Mamoru vowing to protect his future daughter to his future self was all kinds of sweet.

-The next day, Chibi-Usa has snuck off to the 30th century to be with her parents and she laments that she hasn’t been able to wake up her mom.

-On Nemesis Esmeraude is watching Prince Demande looking at a hologram of the Queen when Rubeus sneaks up on her and gives her a hard time. She gives it back and asks Prince Demande to give her another go at Sailor Moon with some new power she got from Wiseman and -SHUT THE FRONT DOOR! Code Extra. Operation Re-lax. With her creepy hula-dancer arms she guarantees that she can get Sailor Moon, Chibi-Usa and the LSC set for Demande to do with as he pleases.

-Esmeraude happens upon Chibi-Usa and attacks her just before Usagi, and the others arrive to find the runaway-princess. She has baited them into a trap as she knows Moon Princess Halation won’t work because the power of the LSC is time-bound, hers won’t work in the 30th century. King Endymion helps Tuxedo Mask blow away Esmeraude with Tuxedo La Smoking bomber and Prince Demande teleports to them with Wiseman.

-Demande tells Sailor Moon and co that he can change the world even more, depending on them. His Third Eye appears after he recalls a moment with Neo Queen Serenity and Usagi is captured in an orb of energy, limp and looking comatose.


– The  20th century kids have such great reactions of shock and surprise at King Endymion; from their faces, to Usagi noticing he has no reflection, to being uncomfortable about the fact that Usagi and Mamoru have a kid together… It’s all fantastic.

-Endymion asking Chibi-Usa to introduce herself properly and her reticence was absolutely precious. And that name, too. Wow. What a name. Usagi Small Lady Serenity, daughter of Neo Queen Serenity and King Endymion, and the first princess the of Silver Millennium. I’m not sure if that’s supposed to be funny, but it amuses me.

-Diana tells Chibi-Usa that the King has been watching over her. That’s so sweet, but does she mean in the 20th or 30th century or both?

-Fun Fact: Silver Millennium folk can easily live 1000 years. And since Usagi was crowned and became a mother at 22, the LSC’s power has spread throughout the earth so that just about everyone has these wonderful long lives.

-Usagi’s reaction to, which I read as positive, was a touching blend of “Mamoru is so sweet and MMM… I want him.” But not really because I read that way incorrectly. I see her point when she wonders why Mamoru didn’t say they should protect Chibi-Usa together. Good drama.

Ammit’s Favorite Line

“How could I be jealous of chibi-Usa at a time like this? Why am I being so stupid? Chibi-Usa is our child. it’s only Natural Mamo-chan would really care about her. but why couldn’t he say, “Let’s protect her together”?”

-Usagi in her bedroom after acting rashly regarding Mamoru and Small Lady

A chronicle of Sailor Moon Crystal’s animation failings.

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The opening for this episode was performed by Josh Aggarado whose work can be found on Youtube and his site, please check out all the other cool music there.

The awesome closing was adapted and performed by 18moptop who does lots of English language anime covers

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The Next Kamentary – Masked Rider The Next- RX! 103

Now that Drive is getting a little more serious, I figured it was time to show everyone what real life, adult Kamen Rider is like, so that hopefully we can get some good stuff like this in Drive.

Remember everyone, Adult =/= Mature. Although Ichimonji might have the right idea about moving himself into a different state of mind to bear his burden.
Remember everyone, Adult =/= Mature. Although Ichimonji might have the right idea about moving himself into a different state of mind to bear his burden.

In this very special episode Tod, Ammit and Aleph put on their black leather and partake of some illicit-in-some-places and/or age-restricted vices of their choosing as they watch Not-Hongo, Not-Ichimonji and Not-Kazami Shiro do DARK, ADULT things.  What kinds of adult things do they do? Wouldn’t you like to know? Well, here’s a taste to whet your appetite, in this DARK, ADULT movie, you can see the Riders: watch  TV in the shower, drink way too much, and have an inappropriate relationship with a high school student. Oh, and there is horror and gore, too. This isn’t your parental unit’s Kamen Rider. This is Kamen Rider The NEXT!

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Growing Pains – Sailor Moon Crystal 20 Review

Sailor Moon Crystal 20 – Crystal Tokyo – King Endymion

Act 20 is a solid episode full of charming character moments and interpersonal drama which allows us to learn more about the principle players while, somewhat slowly, moving the plot along and telling the audience crucial things it needs to know about the Black Moon cell whose motives and goals have been fairly vague.

King Endymion makes for a fun plot device. Takeuchi may have not left herself very much room to maneuver, once Usagi and her companions travelled to Crystal Tokyo with Chibi-Usa, but the way she wielded Endymion was satisfying on two levels: he provided the catalyst for several humanizing emotional reactions and gave the audience new information about Black Moon, Crystal Tokyo and the like.

Father Knows… Stuff

King Endymion’s attempts to quell Chibi-Usa’s guilt and sorrow felt sincere and came off well. He tries to comfort her and exhorts her to be strong by offering her a challenge. He doesn’t tell her what to do, but asks if she can rise to a challenge. Whether she does or not is debatable at this point. It was foolish of her to return to Crystal Tokyo on her own, but missing her parents and feeling the pressure of being at the center of conflict between her parents’ younger selves pushed this child to take, fairly courageous, if less than ideal actions. Mamoru sure dropped the ball, by leaving the Time Key accessible.

Lots of Blushing

Endymion is an adult man who has been having sex with his wife for hundreds of years. It’s beautiful, natural and normal for him. Who knows what kinds of social progress have occurred within Neo Queen Serenity’s reign besides that. It is funny to me that Mamoru, Usagi and Minako all become so flush when Endymion clarifies that Chibi-Usagi or Small Lady, if you prefer, is the child of the Queen and King they will become. That means they are going to have sex. Again. At least once more. They just had their first sexual encounter together in the last episode, but it was in private and as far as we can tell, no one knows about it. When Endymion declares the familial relations, he is telling teenagers that sex is happening among their circle and everyone is charmingly put off by it. Minako may be wondering if it has already started, Mamoru and Usagi may be wondering if Minako thinks they have had sex, in their minds it is an uncomfortable mess and it makes for a delightful scene.

Oh dear. these poor kids can't even look at each other right now.
Oh dear. these poor kids can’t even look at each other right now.

Endymion brings on another bout of blushing as he praises Sailor Pluto for her many virtues. She is such a great individual on paper, but it is interesting to see that she is either extremely flattered (possibly because he is the King and she respects him greatly, which would mean to me that he is a really good king) by his words, averse to public praise or maybe a bit of both. We know from last episode that Pluto is an emotional person, but the addition of humility to her character is so lovely and serves a theme of this episode which seems to be rounding and humanizing the core characters.


Fighting For the World of Tomorrow, Today

At the end of the Dark Kingdom arc, Usagi was an invincible goddess who revived her friends and the world. Black Moon has negated those accomplishments one by one. Her fellow soldiers and friends have been abducted. Even when she knows where they are she cannot yet reach them. Chibi-Usa separated her from her family when she first arrived. Usagi pulled away from Naru and her other friends as she reeled from Black Moon’s waves of attack, which could come at any time, while balancing the loss of her team and holding on to hope that they can be found. Mamoru and Chibi-Usa’s relationship, which had put her off for so long is still an issue for Usagi despite the fact she is their daughter.

Chibi-Usagi, or more accurately, Small Lady, travelled through time to get help from her parents to save the future, the world she will inherit from them. The Black Moon stands in utter contrast to Usagi and the world shaped by her magnanimous heart. Where Usagi’s power and influence bring longer life, increased joy and peace, the Black Moon, with their Malefic Black Crystal seek to bring ruin, strife and death. Usagi Tsukino, high school student, lover of manga and pretty things is confronted by her future, which holds suffering and imminent doom and is forced to grow up to handle it. Throughout the Black Moon arc, Usagi has become increasingly isolated from her friends and has had to rely on fewer people for support, until at this point she is nearly alone. Being an adult doesn’t have to mean isolation, but there are times when there is no one but you to face a challenge and that is where Usagi is. Precedent has shown her that Venus could be taken away easily and despite her chiding herself for getting upset with Mamoru over Small Lady, there is still a distance between them.


 The harsh reality of what an equal and opposite force can do to you has become part of her. She has internalised the failure to fully defeat the Black Moon and the loss of her friends. Once invincible Sailor Moon is vulnerable. As the episode closes, Usagi is captured, dead-eyed and suspended in an orb of dark energy, splayed out like a corpse. I don’t know where this is going. I am new to Sailor Moon and while I know there is more Sailor Moon to come, I am afraid for Usagi. I don’t know how she can escape this situation or what she can do. What can anyone do? I don’t fully grasp what Demande’s designs for her are and don’t want to let my imagination wander towards the darker possibilities that stand out to me. How will prince Demande’s efforts affect Usagi, could she become as disillusioned and nihilistic as her enemies?

In Conclusion

Act 20 provides emotional context for Usagi’s struggle, making her mechanical deficiencies in Crystal Tokyo impactful. The Legendary Silver Crystal’s power is time-bound, but the guilt, shame, self doubt, and daunting odds she faces nearly alone- all of which are reinforced throughout the bulk of the episode- make the sting of her powerlessness against the Black Moon even worse. For the happy moments and humor experienced along the way which helped cement the foundation of this episode’s surprising end, I give it a 4 out of 5.

Symbol Rider – Rider Jump 2

In this episode of Rider Jump, Ammit is joined by Cannibal Sarracenian to discuss the symbolism in Kamen Rider and the divide between Japanese and Western heroes. Before the topic, there is a short interview with Mr. Sarracenian, for those of you who aren’t as familiar with him as you’d like to be.

Below is an excerpt from Sarracenian’s long post that sparked Ammit’s interest in discussing the use of symbolism in Kamen Rider, in particular as it regards SHOCKER’s true identity.

So okay, we all know Shocker right? That strange, neo-nazi/shadow government/religious cult/military junta/all around bad guy led by this bizarre red KKK demon?

Yeah, what is up with them, right?

Well because I have too much free time, here’s my two cents.

(And for the sake of keeping things simple, let’s ignore the proposed idea in Masked Rider EVE Gaia novel nobody read of Great Leader being a imperialist space parasite, because A. Its unimportant and forgotten B. Its a super boring idea thus should be ignored by princible.)

So, before we get into Shocker, we have to consider three things first. Which is Cyborg 009’s Black Ghost, the original manga of Kamen Rider, Great Leader himself…

Sarracenian ponders Urobuchi’s true intention for Kamen Rider Gaim and compares it to BLACK.

Sarracenians thoughts on Kamen Rider in general.

Sarracenian’s art.

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Pluto: Surprisingly Warm- Sailor Moon Crystal 19 -MS 17

Sono and Ammit discuss the latest Sailor Moon Crystal. The Sailor Guardians gets lost in Time, as they accompany Chibi-Usa on her way back to the future. Pluto almost kills them, but changes her mind when Small Lady fesses up to swiping one of her keys. For their trouble, soon-to-sprout story seeds are planted and the Guardian of the Underworld sends them off to near certain doom. Mamoru saves the day by talking to himself while Esmeraude indulges in a childish, child-mocking monologue. finally Chibi-Usa introduces everyone to her mom and dad.

The mighty Esmeraude! Her lackeys do the heavy lifting while she mocks a scared child. Honestly, that's not a terrible set of traits for a villain. It may be low hanging fruit, but it does its job.
The mighty Esmeraude! Her lackeys do the heavy lifting while she mocks a scared child. Honestly, that’s not a terrible set of traits for a villain. It may be low hanging fruit, but it does its job.

Sailor Moon Crystal 19 – Time Warp – Sailor Pluto

Meat and Veggies

– Chibi-Usa tells Usagi, Luna, Minako, Artemis and Mamoru that she came from the 30th Century after Crystal Tokyo was dealt a sudden and powerful blow. She says nothing of her mother being struck or killed, but we see an ambiguous flash of something happening to Queen Serenity when she briefly mentions her mother.

-Minako reasons the Ami, Rei and Makoto have been taken to the future and asks Chibi-Usa I she can get them there.

-Chibi-Usa is overwhelmed by the exposition, so Mamoru comforts her and says they ought to let her recover before getting more information from them.

-Mamoru takes Chibi-Usa home and puts her to bed. He asks about her mother, before lights out and tells her SHE is strong because of how she bravely travelled through time to help save Crystal Tokyo.

-Mamoru and Usagi share an awkward exchange about Chibi-Usa muttling their relationship dynamics, after which the really open up to each other and about their insecurities and their desires to be together always. They embrace, kiss and don’t stop there.

-Luna has a dream while sleeping on Minako’s bed, wherein she remembers a time Queen Serenity told her to forget a closed forbidden door, protected by a single Guardian.

-Chibi-Usa asks Mamoru and Usagi to go back to the future with her, so the meet up with Minako at the fountain in the park and she explains that her Space-Time Key will allow them to travel to the 30th century.

– Something does go wrong, Chibi-Usa is separated from her five guests (Luna and Artmeis were going too) and Prince Demande and his court see the time-warp. Wiseman appears and says the time has come to smash the LSC and its heir/ess. Esmeraude volunteers to handle it.

-Sailor Pluto, Guardian of the Underworld, Controller of the door of Space and Time says she will not let them pass, because “those who commit a taboo will be eliminated.” In an earlier flashback, Pluto told Chibi-Usa that in the 30th Century time travel is the last taboo.

-Pluto tries to kill them for breaking the law but relents after she realizes that they have brought Chibi-Usa back safely. She has been missing for some time, having stolen the Space-Time key from Pluto.

-The Moon hangs seemingly thousands of feet above Crystal Tokyo, a wasted and deserted city which seems to be strewn with dead bodies. Chibi-Usa was the only one not affected by the attack that ruined the city.

-The Boule Brothers of the Black Moon appear as the group is attempting to go to the Crystal Palace. They and Esmeraude lock the group in crystal. They can’t escape and Esmeraude mocks Chibi-Usa for saying her mom, in the real Crystal Palace is unbeatable.

-A white clad man who looks and sounds like Tuxedo Mask, tells Mamoru to pray the trap away. He does, so Venus and Tuxedo Mask destroy the Boule Brothers who Esmeraude used as a shield.

-In the Crystal Palace, they find Chibi-Usa’s mom, Neo Queen Serenity on a dais, sealed in Crstal shards.

-Diana is pet by the man in white who looks like Tuxedo Mask.


-Minako moves in her sleep. Great detail!

– ANOTHER great animation detail, we can see Chibi-Usa’s little silhouette through Mamoru’s shirt.

-Esmeraude gets a nasty look from Demande after boasting that she’ll get him the castle’s sleeping beauty who he so desires. Rubeus scoffs at that and she summons twins Chiral and Achiral defiantly.

-Usagi and co. decide their lost, possibly between times, and after Mamoru saves Luna from falling a LOOOOOOOOOONG way, Usagi sees the door from Luna’s dream.

-Pluto explains to Chibi-Usa that the LSC is unchanging and she can’t currently use either. She embraces her and thanks the uninvited guests for bringing back the princess.

-As Chibi-Usa and Usagi are being a couple of goofs, Pluto says the pair has always given her trouble.

-A white moon kitten, Diana comes along and Chibi-Usa cheerfully greats her.

What was the best line of the episode?

Ammit’s Favorite Line

Comical: “We won’t get beaten her by some henchmen!”

-Sailor Moon


Sentmental: “This place can’t be destroyed! Because my mom’s inside!”


If you’d like to comment on our thoughts, or ask any questions, you may send correspondence to  our inbox or we can be reached individually @sonoyourface and @trialofheroes on Twitter. We hope you enjoyed the show and thank you for listening.

The opening for this episode was performed by Josh Aggarado whose work can be found on Youtube and his site, please check out all the other cool music there.

The awesome closing was adapted and performed by 18moptop who does lots of English language anime covers

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Hiding In Plain Sight -Drive 24+ -RX! 102

Today we’re putting Drive to the test as speedy as we can, as we cover:

Drive 24 What Keeps Mach Going?
With a bonus discussion of Ninninger X Drive 1 Hour Spring Break Special

Q1-What do you think about Rinna repairing and making a brand new Mach Driver with such ease? Are you glad Gou is able to Mach again? Are you surprised Sanjou made this move?

Q2-Did the Shijimas’ deaths actually matter? Couldn’t these siblings have gone through tough times with living parents and these words still been true? do you think Sanjou just didn’t want to have to write about them?

Q3-Will we ever get Gou’s backstory, or is this it?

Q4-Was this a good focus episode for Gou and do you think there will be any more exploration of his character?

Audience Participation: Drive 24

selfienoyuusha said: I guess for him [Sanjou], Motorcycle-themed riders=dead parents.

Ninninger X Drive 1 Hour Spring Break Special

 Q1-Does this make you want to watch Ninninger?

What’s the deal with being ostentatious ninjas?

Q2-Did Drive make a good showing?

Q3-Does this make you want to watch GP?

Q4-Was the “versus” conceit well constructed?

Q5-How is being a Kamen Rider unlike being a Human regarding saving defenseless innocence?

Q6-Is Fear the greatest weapon of Evil?

 Facts-What we know, know about the plot and characters of the show


– Medic and Brain have words about 091, who she calls useless and he praises for having destroyed the Mach Driver.

-Chase is shocked that Kiriko saved him. She tells him she believed in him all the time because he had saved her and that now he can rest and recover.

-At Midorigayama HS, Shinnosuke surprises Takuro and sort of taunts him for being so glum, now that the heat is off him.

-Gou pleads for Rinna to power up his Driver, or even give him a new Signal Bike.

-Takuro runs from Shinnosuke who asks him if he was involved with the bust stop explosion that happened feet away from him. Once alone, he looks at his phone again and wonders if he is being threatened, as he had received a text about the bombing seconds before it happened.

-Takuro’s Roimude appears and says it was just a prank, but now it is bored with Takuro and will play with him until he is dead.

-Mr. Belt tells Gou of the Density Shift and sends him to stop the Roimude. With renewed determination Gou transforms into Mach DeadHeat and does fairly well against the Roimude, until the darts filled with Brain’s poison take a toll on him. The Roimude mocks him and leaves. Kiriko brings MAD DOCTOR? And heals him of the


-Otta and Shinnosuke take a statement from Takuro at the SCU HQ. He tells them he made the first threat just to break the monotony in his life. He watched the stir as his false threat drew a crowd, but was really excited when there really was an explosion. The Roimude approached him afterwards and scanned his likeness, saying it would strike an target he named.

-The Chief comes in and acts rashly, handcuffing Takuro to himself. Kyu let’s everyone know about a new bomb threat on Takuro himself, set to explode in fifteen minutes. Shinnosuke leaves in a hurry, followed by Otta who leaves the Chief, who lost his keys, handcuffed to Takuro, so that he can warn officials and evacuate civilians to mitigate the damage.

-Kiriko tells Gou she believes in him more than anyone, says that his confidence got them through dealing with their mom’s death and apologizes for having been a so-so older sister.

-Gou feels good about himself so he speeds off as DeadHeat, stops the missile and tells the Roimude he’s going to destroy him, which is all well and good until he gets poisoned. Gou staggers and declares that he doesn’t have to get stronger, because HE IS STRONGER. He spams the Driver, overheats himself and burns the poison out of his body.

-Mr. Belt expounds, read changes the meaning of Gou’s word’s by saying, “Now you see, the thing Gou had lost sight of in his impatience was his confidence! His faith in himself!”

-Mr. Belt encourages Shinnosuke to join the fight and after some objection, Gou accepts the help and they destroy 091 together.

-Medic and Heart show up and talk to Brain who just saw the fight. Medic mocks his efforts and Heart is gladdened by the prospect of overcoming his Dead Zone as Mach had.

-The Chief tells Takuro to come see him after he gets out of jail for… sending the bomb threats and he’ll help him get back on his feet. Otta takes him away for some form of incarceration, it seems.

-Gou tells Rinna he doesn’t want an upgrade because

[ALL TOGETHER NOW!] “I’m already strong!”

-She had built a second Mach Driver to use as in experiments to make it stronger.

-Chase has left the abandoned hospital, probably because the lack of service, and wanders around holding a flower.


Potential Leads- These are things to keep an eye on, as they may develop into something more interesting or central to the narrative in time


-Mr. Belt tells Gou that the Mach system, like the Drive system, is dependent on the user’s state of mind and that he does have as much potential to evolve and grow in his use of it as Shinnosuke does with Drive.

-So Mr. Shijima died before his wife? And Mrs. Shijima died between middle grade and high school? This is the big payoff from their conversation at their parents’ graves?


Other Notes-Things that stick out, but aren’t really important to the narrative


-The comedy with the Chief chaining himself to Takuro the walking bomb was actually funny. Kyu’s adjacent stammering was probably meant to be funny and really wasn’t, but the Chief’s freak out and desperation to get away from Takuro was a lot of fun.

-Kyu leaving them was also a good moment as well as the more subdued, do you wanna check our fortunes from the Chief?

-Shinnosuke used Formula’s speed to hit the Roimude with its own Smart Darts. That was good!

NEXT| 25 Why Has The Battle Changed Like This?

Ninninger X Drive 1 Hour Spring Break Special. Blow by blow.

-Some tiger (or Kitsune) lady tells a dude with white hair thanks for helping her make a powerful Youkai, Shivering Spirit Buruburu.

-The Ninningers show up, transform and fight Buruburu

Ninninger Pink Kasumi
Ninninger Red Takaharu
Ninninger Yellow Nagi
Ninninger Blue Yakumo
Ninninger Silver/White Fuuka
Ninninger Mentor Grandpa
Not-Cameron Dad
Ninninger Mech WTH?

-Buruburu starts acting like a car, complete with smoke coming from tail pipes and wheels turning as he charges the Ninningers

– Unless I am wrong, and I am never wrong, the Youkai are formed with the use of a “Sealing Shuriken”

-Buruburu escapes the Ninningers by using Density Shift, which Drive senses and blindly shoots Red

-So the Ninningers use cute little Ninja’y techniques, like countering the Midnight Shadow shurikens with straw men.

-Red and Drive talk, expositing that there is this misunderstanding: Yokai aren’t real to Shinnosuke and Mr. Belt; The Ninningers don’t get what a Roimude is, Kasumi figures out Drive is with the cops and the other Ninningers abandon Red when Shinnosuke arrests him.

-At the Ninninger’s place no one is worried about Takaharu, but NOT-Cameron who is slightly worried. The group assuages his worries, then he wonders about the transforming police officer.

-Takaharu further exposits that he and the Ninninger are the grandchildren of the Legendary last great Ninja and they fight the Kibaoni Army who control the Youkai.

-Takaharu says he likes Shinnosuke and then vanishes…. Like a ninja.

-The Kibaoni rep is hanging with the Heart, Brain and Medic. Medic doesn’t know how roulette works, Heart calls the demon a friend and Brain flips when she calls them mechanical puppets. The white-haired guy is also there with Buruburu at his side.

-After some… comedic interaction between the chief and Takaharu’s grandpa, where each is denying the other worldy elements germane to each other’s lives, Buruburu attacks the Ninningers and causes a DS somewhere presumably very near to the SCU’s office. Takaharu and Shinnosuke go to deal with the combination Youkai/Roimude, partly just cause, and partly to exonerate Takaharu from being charged with being a Roimude.

-Gou who has been largely absent from the story this episode, is taking pictures of a green something in the sky for the second time. Kamen Rider 3 appears and tells him he should stop.

-Takaharu is attacked by his friends, who the Youkai has overwhelmed with fear, but saves them from it before Shinnosuke has a chance to attack them.

-They continue fighting Buruburu. Shinnosuke and Mr. Belt see that the Youkai has a Viral Core in it. The Kibaoni rep arrives along with some Roimude, one of whom is the white-haired man, he seems to be a Roimude with some Youkai abilities. (Izayoi?) uses her Youkai magic hammer to make two Roimude giant. They snatch up Drive and the Ninningers summon their zords to save him.

-Kitsune lady tells the Ninningers that a dimensional diostortion put them in the world of the Kamen Riders and that they will begin to disappear from the oldest, UFOMaru, to the newest, the Ninnningers themselves, because they don’t belong in that world.

-Getting back to Gou and KR 3. They fight a bit, but Three tells Gou he can see his fate and he’ll soon disappear and leaves.

-Ominous VO form Shinosuke says that from that point on the world and even the people they know began quietly changing,

-Shinnosuke talks to the Chief about going after the Youimude, but he tells Shinnosuke that the brass wants them to deal with the Ninningers instead. Shinnosuke insists the Roimude are the priority and that the Ninningers help, but Kyu even chimes in that with what the ninnigers can do, it is no wonder the public is scared.

-Deflated, Shinnosuke goes to the Pit. Mr. Belt tells him they should let the Ninningers disappear and contain them until that happens, because their bodies are different and they don’t belong in that world. Rinna expounds that it is likely the world is erasing foreign objects in an attempt to keep homeostasis. Kiriko is silent as Mr. Belt refutes Shinnosuke’s desire to help send the Ninningers back home by saying, that as a public servant and a Kamen Rider it is best to protect people, if it means letting the Ninningers die.

-The Ninninger house was transported into Drive-World along with them. Shinnosuke sneaks into a house of ninjas, completely undetected and hears that the Ninningers are all siblings and that their grandfather, the last Ninja is telling them to think of this situation as a ninja training exercise. Their objective: find and defeat the silver-haired man, at which time, all should return to normal. They their father and grandfather should all return to Ninninger-World.

-Takaharu gives a fiery speech and Yakumo says he’ll find Silver first, which he may, as Takaharu doesn’t know where to begin. Shinnosuke rolls up in Tridoron. Mr. Belt equates Shinnosuke’s duties as a cop to that of Kamen Rider and says he should arrest Takaharu, but Shinnosuke wants to help him and the others whose days are numbered. Shinnosuke sets Mr. Belt down as he expresses the apparent moral conflict between being a Kamen Rider and a human being.

-Blue Ninger ? and the other three stumble across Buruburu. Shinnosuke and Takaharu also get attacked by the awesomely designed Kibaoni mooks. Kiriko rescues the two in her police van with a little help from her revolver. She says his speech inspired her to buck the system and do what is right.

-Saijou Kyu found information about the Silver-haired Roimude. There is a picture of him online and he is called Doctor D. He died forty years ago in a fire after supposedly having found something with which history can be re-written, Rumor and legend also say his ghost can be encountered at the Eastern Kanto Institute of Science.

-Shinnosuke, Kiriko and Takaharu enter the lab and hear a voice telling them to stop looking for Doctor D and an invisible force attacks them. Gou shoots at the thing after getting knocked around by it a bit. It is (CHANGE CHAMELION… General Black, right?) who runs away.

-Gou tells of his encounter with Three and that it somehow led him to knowing about Doctor D and the lab. Shinnosuke puts together from some old photos of the Double Riders and Great Leader posing with a bunch of Combatmen as well as the information about Doctor D, that their real enemy is an organization whose goal is world domination. Bazooka Turtle attacks and interrupts the quiet moment.

-Mr. Belt rescued the four from Bazooka Turtle’s deadly attack because he realized that Shinnosuke was right and says he should have trusted his intuition.

-Shinnosuke, Kiriko, Gou and Takaharu join with the other Ninningers and confront their true enemy- the one using Fear as a weapon to strip humanity of freedoms- Shocker. Somehow Shinnosuke knows to call great Leader by title and even knows that his group is Shocker. Great Leader exposits that he was able to use Roimude 089 with some of Doctor D’s cells to resurrect him so he could complete his dimension distortion device which is integral to his body.

-Docotr D and the other patiently wait for the group henshin and role-call.

-Big fight scene. Fairly entertaining, but odd in that Aka Ninger is able to destroy a Viral Core and that Mach is able to drive off Change Chamelion and seemingly beat Bazooka Turtle.

-Doctor D casts Terrible Pressure which is like a Density Shift caused by oppressive fear.

-Drive uses power of will and Formula; Mach uses power of will and Dead Heat and the Shinobi sibling use sheer power of will to set up Buruburu for Fromula’s and Mach’s  finishers. The Viral Core is destroyed and Red gets the Sealing Shuriken. UFOmaru returns and all is well.

-Gou somehow concludes that Three wasn’t part of Shocker and wonders if he is good or bad.

-Three steps out of his car, which has the Tachibana Racing Club logo on it for some reason, and takes of his mask to enjoy the ocean air and exposit that 089’s body was just a test run for the History Correction Device and that unbeknownst to everyone Shocker’s “true terror has already been unleashed.”

Best Line: In that case, I have to run faster than the speed of fear.

Thanks selfienoyuusha for throwing in your two cents.

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Takeuchi Gets Grimm – Sailor Moon Crystal 19 Review

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 19 Time Warp – Sailor Pluto

Chibi-Usa’s revelation leads Usagi and her friends towards a confrontation with Prince Demande. The flashbacks she has had, the visions Mamoru shared with her, the mysterious voice that helped him find his power, the detour between times and what transpired in 30th century Crystal Tokyo after Usagi and her friends arrived all fit together to suggest some of the omitted truths about Chibi-Usa and her family. The great thing is that, while Prince Demande’s intentions have become slightly more concrete, his motivation is still unknown. I’m engaged and excited to learn more. It looks like Usagi’s decision to live on Earth as a normal girl, who happens to save the world with her friends, leads to the Crystal Palace moving from the Moon to Tokyo, where she and Mamoru reign as benevolent monarchs with their daughter. We don’t know enough about Crystal Tokyo and Neo Queen Serenity’s rule to understand why Demande or Wiseman has a grudge against them. With how open Usagi is to other people, it is hard to imagine, but the promise of answers to come definitely has me coming back.


The animation was fairly nice throughout. A complaint would be the vagueness of what happened to the citizens of Crystal Tokyo littering the streets. Were they supposed to be dead and decaying, or just preserved as if they had been mummified? It looked as if the camera was trying to show me some subtle change happening with one victim in particular, but I was unable to draw any conclusion other than, I guess he’s dead. Tuxedo Mask and Venus each had a stock-footage attack, which looked nice, but it betrays the fact that the show’s producers are on a budget and is less in-line with my preference for, and the consistent use of in-scene attacks prior to this. A final note on animation, while I had no idea what Esmeraude’s lackeys were doing and the cutting between Usagi’s Moon Princess Halation and their nigh unintelligible attacks, I did enjoy the visual of our heroes being frozen in some sort of crystal which became webbed with cracks as the Boule Brothers attacked.

What's happening to this guy? I can't tell. I mean he looks fairly dead, but are they really going there? I suppose Takeuchi hasn't pulled many punches with this story so why start now? I think the thing that throws me off is the transition, why are we watching him decay or whatever? To be extra gross?
What’s happening to this guy? I can’t tell. I mean he looks fairly dead, but are they really going there? I suppose Takeuchi hasn’t pulled many punches with this story so why start now? I think the thing that throws me off is the transition, why are we watching him decay or whatever? To be extra gross?

Sailor Moon Crystal 19 answers questions, introduces more questions as well as a Sailor Guardian who could add a whole lot to the story and brings the Black Moon into sharper focus by making them act against Usagi and her cohorts. This episode earns a 4 out of 5.