Whispers of Rebellion

This information has been culled from a few sources. I’ll put my bias here: I have been excited about this show from the first official tidbit of information was released and the following has me even more excited. The information below is by no means exhaustive. More.

-The Easter Egg laden Star Wars rebels is staffed by a gammit of Star Wars fans, ranging from those who saw the original classic as kids to those who love The Phantom Menace because of their own childhood nostalgia. Dave Filoni and Simon Kinberg discuss the inter-connectivity of story telling that will henceforth come from Disney Lucasfilm. Everything matters now (except the Filoni kosher-certified Orbesh scrawled on posters and in the backgrounds) whether on the small screen, in books, or comics. Rebels is intended to have a cinematic feel and weight. The creative team wants to please older fans, delight current fans and captivate new audiences who will identify the cast of 5 and the story of the burgeoning rebellion against the Empire as their Star Wars.

Beyond the custom designed digital brushes, built to capture Ralph Mc Quarrie’s painting technique and style and the emulation of the original lightsaber’s manner, the Rebels team is pulling deeply from the well of magic that spell bound so many in Star Wars. Kinberg told Erin Robinson of Clevver Movies the show will be character-driven and will feel like Star Wars in this interview.

-Luminara Unduli is alive and a prisoner of the Empire. It appears the rebels try to free her. Artoo and Threepio also make an appearance, as does Bail Organa who now owns them.

[Extended Trailer]

-In Eric Goldman’s IGN interview with Amy Ratcliffe who saw the hour-long debut of Star Wars Rebels at San Diego Comic Con, she said that the crowd loved it and she is excited to see more of the show when it debuts in October. She says It felt familiar and fresh.


Time In The Sun- Persona 4 The Golden Animation 3 Review

Persona 4 the Golden Animation –3 I have Amnesia, Is It So Bad?

For those of you playing along at home, you might be in for a shock- I actually liked this episode. Partly.

About half of this episode was at the beach, showcasing those glistening, firm, young, 2D bodies, but the remainder was more than deep enough to push aside my irritation and bring back that old familiar feeling of satisfaction. Once again, the vehicle for this stirring is the increasingly more-than-fan-service Marie. It looks like Marie’s job in this story is to somehow play off of Narukami and Kuma to service the slowly developing story, which is service to this fan. One of the most engaging elements of Persona 4 was watching the characters struggle to face themselves. Why that has been included in this series in an inadequate way, I can not understand. I concede that the characters have acknowledged (what I presume are) their experiences in the TV world, and while their testimonials were interesting I think they would have been more impactful with a greater amount of context. I think showing some of the excursions into the TV, modified from the previous anime, or reusing extant footage even, would do much to increase the impact of the new insights and perspectives presented. Isn’t there a dictum about showing instead of telling?

Marie’s struggle to find out who or what she is should prove interesting, despite my hunch that I already know. I am compelled by her similarities to Kuma and Narukami’s tenderness and compassion toward her, which I feel form a key to making this series enjoyable for those interested in a solid character story for the Persona 4 Team.

Stupid sex humor aside (which cut out the delicious bits of fat-marbled meat of character-driven dram I have come to expect) I give this episode a 3 out of 5.

Getting Misty – Moon Speak 02

Join Sono and Ammit as they discuss and review the brand new show: Sailor Moon Crsytal. A franchise veteran and uninitiated whelp bring different perspectives to this over all strong first showing of the renewed show. We watch the formation of a beautiful friendship and Ami’s first transformation into Sailor Mercury!


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The opening and closing for this episode can be found here and here, please check out the other cool work this musician has done.

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unKamenCast-RX! 074 Rotten


UPDATE: V2 posted with better audio for Aleph.

Aleph and Ammit discuss and review Kamen Rider Gaim 37-38. Of course they call out the bad, but they also talk about a some of the good in these two episodes. One of the best is the Inves in 37.

Oh and the Frozen parody has been delayed for quality control. lyrics are done, music has been acquired, now we just need time to record the vocal track and possibly a volunteer to sing Takatora’s part.

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The Worst Plan- Persona 4 The Golden Animation 2 Review

Persona 4 the Golden Animation –02 The Perfect Plan


This episode is not awful. It also isn’t good. It is a crystallization of my complaints and worries stated in the previous review. The original anime started out as slowly paced, but with the same engaging air of mystery, as the game. The introductions to the characters was engaging and watching the arc of the Fools coming together and making a stand against the murders unfold was entertaining. The numbing speed and Hardcore Action (TM) of Narukami’s god-mode fist use of Izanagi at the end of this series’ premiere episode appears to have been a portend of the series’ pacing over all.

This second episode jumps one month in the timeline and adds Kanji to the team without context. In this alleged new game+ scenario, I don’t know what will be different in the show. Who are Yukiko and Chie really? Why does Narumaki continue to spend time with Yosuke? When did Kanji become their friend? Does he just know the two of them or everyone? There are even more questions than that, and I don’t think the gags and eye candy are enough to keep more discerning viewers around. A new viewer may be even more lost and I am at this point. I am almost certain that I would not continue to watch this show if I were a new viewer and I briefly considered stopping now, but I would really like to give the show another chance as a long-time fan of Persona 4.

The twist on the idea of setting up time to spend days with friends (with which only players of the game would actually be familiar) was comical and watching Narukami try to juggle all the events and make it back to Nanako on time was entertaining. The babe hunt was tiring, but it was funny to see these idiotic boys sitting on their bikes failing so hard. I was happy to see Marie not being pure fan-service, but interestingly enough she is spreading that role to the other girls in the show, which is irritating. Way to go team, reminding us that girls need guys to validate them! My final issue to raise regarding the portrayal of women in the show is that of Hanako Ohtani’s appearance and the extra dig the show gets in at the obese. Yosuke is terrified that this completely undesirable fellow student mistakenly believes that he is interested in her. She is almost framed visually as a kaiju and her destruction of Yosuke’s bike is both unrealistic and a display of rotten low-hanging comedy fruit that would have been better left to fall to the ground.

Why should I keep watching this show? Why should you? I don’t know what in this show is engaging and has hooks to keep my attention. The characters are shallow. The murders are not important. The slice of life focus is interesting and it almost seems like some compelling developments might happen with Marie, but the lack of balance and superficiality does nothing to serve these potentially promising elements.

It’s Just Mist In My Eyes- Sailor Moon Crystal 2 Review

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 2 Ami – Sailor Mercury

This second episode is a good showing for Crystal, especially after what I felt was a very strong opening. It was simple, informative, engaging, and opened up the World of Sailor Moon. It gets bonus points from me for feeling original despite the ubiquity of this scenario. I see shades of Captain Planet, Power Rangers and even the Avengers (and the MCU build up to the Avengers) in the execution of Luna’s charge to Usagi to find allies who can help her save the princess. It is a bit disappointing that Luna is keeping her eye out for allies when she had specifically instructed Usagi to do it, but the fact that Usagi made a friend of Ami before Luna -seemingly- picked her to become Sailor Mercury may be a key in excusing that inconsistency.

There are some elements that are either irritating plot holes or seeds yet to flourish into awesome plot points. Ami’s transformation device being the Sailor-V prize pen, and Usagi getting one too comes to mind. How does that work exactly? Is Sailor-V directly tied to the Pretty Guardians? If so, why isn’t she 1) the protagonist 2) more secretive about her operations 3) actively acknowledged by Luna 4) in the opening credits? I could go on, but the show has garnered enough good will from me that I’ll leave it at that for now.

This episode succeeds in the execution of its otherwise rote premise by focusing on the relationships between Usagi and Ami. Luna’s involvement in bringing them to together doesn’t detract from how much I enjoyed watching them interact at all. In fact, I am curious to see more of Luna’s role, but that is a subject for another time and place. The contrast between brilliant, competent Ami and slightly frazzled Usagi is great because in just a few scenes, Takeuchi establishes them as very different characters. It may be that the other girls contrast less with Usagi and may be less distinguishable in the future, but the juxtaposition of these two works so well.

The scene in the arcade where Ami earns her magical pen from the Sailor-V game by getting the highest score and Usagi gets it by wanting it so badly and acting up about it spoke to me as a defining moment for them. Usagi’s care for Ami despite their short-lived friendship is another solid establishing story beat for her. Usagi obviously has a tender and loving heart and as Sailor Mercury explicitly mentions Intelligence, as opposed to Justice in her transformation, I see another distinction between the two. Ami’s almost reluctant actions as Sailor Mercury reflect on her claim of only being good at studying; she is smart, but anything beyond that is out of her comfort zone. She is a bit aloof and the interplay between her and Usagi will likely open her up to experiencing more.

The light introduction to Queen Beryl and Jadeite are nice, as is the inclusion of some new magic and Luna’s celestial stairs, but the impact of the relationship between Usagi and Ami really sells me on this show. I am enthusiastically looking forward to the next episode and if you still haven’t ventured in, and you enjoy character driven stories I think you should give Crystal a chance to shine.

The Lost One- Kiva Class 7 – unKamenCast-RX! 073


Our poor lost Kiva episode. This one covers Kiva 37-42 in a less than desirable format


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