Epic Cliffhanger- Sailor Moon Crystal 25-26 -MS 23

In this Moon Speak, Sono and Ammit discuss the ending for now of Sailor Moon Crystal. The last two episodes of the Black Moon arc and the prospects for the future. Also, Sono will share some of the fun from Otakon.

This episode we forgo our usual structure of breaking down Crystal into two linear blocks of discussion we call the Meat and Veggies and the Frills

26-FWhere do we go from here?

Is this the end of Sailor Moon Crystal? Can it be? Should it be? Would you mind? Let’s talk about it.

Was this a good ending for Sailor Moon Crystal?
Who was the focal point of the Black Moon Arc? Was her story served well?
Where does this ending leave Chibi-Usagi?
Could the Dark Kingdom arc have made a satisfactory end of Sailor Moon Crystal? Is it functionally a sub-arc of Black Moon? Is it the fact that Black Moon builds upon Dark Kingdom that makes it feel like the former is a sub-arc, when in actuality it isn’t?
If this turns out to be the end of Sailor Moon Crystal will you be happy with what we have?
If you can imagine not knowing what is next for Usagi and her friends, what possibilities come to mind for their future?
Now, for a more delicate topic. What is the show saying about Neo Queen Serenity as a mother? How much of the terrible events in the Black Moon arc are attributable to her actions and inactions?

IMG_3933General Notes From SMC 25 and 26


-Pluto broke the third taboo and used her Garnet Rod to stop time in order to keep Demande from touching the two Legendary Silver Crystals together.

-All the people present wake up except Demande.

-The Moon Rod wakes up Mamoru to his self.

-Black Lady is left shocked and stunned as the others gather around Pluto who says she must atone for her crime and might die.

-Pluto thanks Diana for guarding the Space-Time Door, tells Usagi she’d always dreamt of being useful to her and fighting by her side and tells King Endymion she is sorry for not protecting Small Lady properly.

-But what she really meant was, “I love you.”

-Pluto dies, dropping the Space-Time Key. Usagi cries for her to open her eyes, but Black Lady does instead.

-Chibi-Usa tries to reaffirm to herself that she is Black Lady, who has no friends or allies, but her memories of Pluto can’t be stopped. She recalls their friendship and how Pluto loved her and her grief shatters the Malefic Black Crystal earrings and she is able to use the Legendary Silver Crystal.

-Chibi-Usa transforms into Chibi-Sailor Moon, but is sad because Pluto is dead and can’t see her.

-Wiseman chides Small Lady for giving up the power he gave her and Usagi transforms to take on Wiseman for hurting Chibi-Usagi.

-Sailor Moon uses the cracked Moon Rod to dispel the Darkness covering Nemesis with Moon Healing Escalation. Wiseman counters, but Mamoru comes along side to apologize for fumbling and the Moon Rod is restored and she increases her attack.

-The other Guardians add their attacks to Sailor Moon’s and Chibi-Usa watches on in awe until Nemesis vanishes.

-Demande uses his Evil Eye to attack Wiseman, saying he will defeat Sailor Moon. Wiseman says he’s just infatuated by the Queen’s beauty and destroys Demande.

-Wiseman strikes back and sucks Sailor Moon and her crew into a warped dimension of darkness and shows them his true form, a massive Death Phantom head deep within Nemesis.

-He says he has the Universe, apst and present in his grasp, but Sailor Moon says she’ll protect the Earth from him as awesome guitar riffs play in the background.


-Death Phantom mocks Sailor Moon and she and her crew fall towards him. She answers with a sustained powerful blast from the Moon Rod and then vanishes along with Nemesis, leaving all the others in front of the Crystal Palace.

-Tuxedo Mask refuses to believe Usagi could be gone and disappears after a warm light shines from his hands.

-Neo Queen Serenity awakens the sleeping Kind Endymion with a kiss and he vanishes from before the Sailor Guradians, including Chibi-Sailor Moon.

– Neo Queen Serenity and Chibi-Usagi reunite and it is beautiful.

-Neo Queen Serenity places Pluto in the Crystal Palace to stay in eternal sleep as thanks for all she has done.

-Neo Queen serenity tells the Sailor Guardians that after she became Neo Queen Serenity she lost almost all her ability to fight as a Guardian. She apologizes for her weakness allowing all this to happen.

-Neo Queen Serenity and King Endymion exposit that Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask must have been transported to somewhere near the true planet Nemesis and that only Chibi-Usagi can venture forth and save them. She will have to seal Death Phantom.

-With the Space-Time key she had taken from Pluto and Neo Queen Serenity’s Moon Rod (shrunk down for her little hands) Chibi-Usagi bravely sets out to save Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask.

-Sailor Venus wants to follow after, but Neo Queen Serenity calmly tells them that they will just wait for the three to return.

-Usagi doubts herself, almost believing the lies that death Phantom and Demande have spoken of the Legendary Silver Crystal, but Mamoru tells her to look at how many have been saved by her and her power. He tells her to believe in herself and her power, that he was born to help her and he will always support her. Usagi tells him she can only activate the power of the Legendary Silver Crystal with his love and they kiss. Chibi-Usagi comes forth from between them bearing the Moon Rod.

-Sailor Moon and Chibi sailor Moon attack Nemesis with all the have, unleashing a double Moon Princess Halation which shatters Nemesis as well as Usagi’s Moon Rod and brooch.

-Back on Earth, the Malefic Black Crystal disintegrate and Neo Queen Serenity gets her Moon Rod back. She heals the entire Earth with it in about a minute.

-Neo Queen Serenity grants the Sailor Guardians new power, elevating Ami to the Guardian of Wisdom; Rei to the Guardian of War, Makoto to the Guardian of Protection and Minako to the Guardian of Love. She sends them off to receive the young royal, but stays behind as she shouldn’t meet her younger self.

-Neo Queen Serenity sends new power to Sailor Moon from afar: she dubs her the Guardian of Mystery and gives her a new compact, shaped like the top of Neo Queen Serenity’s Moon Rod, which will store and protect the Legendary Silver Crystal. Oh, and now Usagi also has Cosmic Power.

-Usagi wakes up and gets up to speed on everything, but is sad she won’t meet her future self. As Chibi-Usagi is taking everyone to the Space-time Door to guide them back to the past, Usagi and Neo Queen Serenity run to catch a glimpse of each other.

-Usagi wonders if everything was a dream, but when Chibi-Usagi says she’s getting ready to go back to the future, Usagi runs home crying as the fog fads and she fully feels the weight of everything.

-Usagi and Chibi-Usagi cry it out and Usagi decides she’ll see her off at the fountain. Mamoru shows up as well and gives her the Tuxedo Mask puppet. She calls him a prince and give Usagi the Heart Moon Rod from Neo Queen Serenity and leaves with tears in her eyes.

-Rei, Makoto, Minako and Ami all go back to their normal lives and Usagi is ready to enjoy peace for a while. She and Mamoru kiss and Chibi-Usa comes back the same as before dropping from the sky with a note from Neo Queen Serenity about them training Chibi-Usagi for a while.

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Burger Jump- Rider Jump 7

4-Rider Jump -B

We’re not JUST talking about food this week as the title may suggest, but the show does start with Tater Salad and end with banana burgers. Again, there is some serious discussion in the middle of all that about fans creating on a thing they love. Are fan creators good or bad? Does it depend? What can fan creators do to ensure that they are making a derivative work the original creator would enjoy or be proud of? Is that the point?

We want to hear from you in the comment. We don’t know everything, so please share your thoughts with us on this topic. What do you think about fans working on properties they hold dear?

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Week-Old Takeout-Drive 37-38 -RX! 111

Today we’re putting Kamen Rider Drive to the test as speedy as we can, as we investigate:

37 Who Pursues the Ultimate Flavor?


38 Why Does the Devil Seek Out Evolution?

Q1-Did anyone else feel sympathy for the guy who turned into that Red Core Roimude Shinnosuke destroyed at the beginning of the episode? Wait, did Shinnosuke kill him? Where did the guy go, the 068 Core blew up, but what about him?!

Q2– Did it feel like Shinnosuke was saying, “it’s time for genocide?” when he spoke of wiping out all the other Roiumudes?

Q3-Is Mad Doctor being applied to liberally and without consequence from Type Tridoron?

Q4-Has some of the unKamenCrew’s confusion about timelines and the like come from the fact that we are relying on an unreliable narrator or outright liar in Mr. Belt? What with 37 making Krim look less than good from AlBanno’s perspective and the preview for 37 questioning the absolute evil of the Roimudes, he really may turn out to be the bad guy.

Q5-Did the Miho X Okumura revelation and interplay seem really overtly sexual to anyone else? Between the way she made him come alive more, flavors were multiplied and made more intense, the way she was grabbing on his arm and asking him to fight for her, his exposed tongue, etc.

Q6– When Gou said he is just there to destroy Roimudes, did it feel any different from before to you?

Q7– The focus on “evolution” in this and Gaim is feeling more and more jarring and it feels almost like it’s gonna turn out that Belt is another Sagara in some way.

Q8– Y’all, for all Heart’s got vague and kinda-silly ambitions whose implementation I sorta question, I sorta feel like he’s been the most consistently-written character in the show (which isn’t saying much).  More, he’s actually one of the more likeable.

Q9-So Chase is gonna be the #4 of the finally-explained Promised Number, right?

38-Just Like HeartA Hero who aspires to be like the chief villain of the series. That sure is something else.

Facts-What we know, know about the plot and characters of the show


-Shinnosuke dispatched a red Roimude just moments after the young man with whom the Viral Core had fused stumbled through a market and collapsed, which led to him basically spontaneously combusting into a Roimude which wildly attacked the people in the area.

-Drive Type Tridoron uses the People Saver combination to put out the fires and heal people.

-Shinnosuke boasts of his renewed vigor to destroy all Roimudes after their co-creator praises him for being so on point after solving the mystery behind his dad’s murder.

-Shinnosuke notices a burnt flyer and the ground and takes it from the site of the attack.

-Honganji proudly presents the SCU with the fact that they are now an officially sanctioned Major Crimes task force.

-Rinna unveils her Roimude hit list, which keeps track of the Roimudes destroyed and ye tto be destroyed. There are 45 left. Kiriko reminds everyone they should probably be concerned about the fact that the last 3 or 4 have been setting fires.

-Kyu calls Shinnosuke about the singed paper from that morning’s fire and tells him and the others to help him find the Restauraunt Supreme, an exclusive eatery whose chef, Okumura Matsutarou, remembers seeing the man who was host to 068. The chef sends out directions to people who make reservations to the restaurant, and brings a list of addresses to the police so they can discover the man’s identity.

-The Chef is so flattered by Kyu’s exuberance for the restaurant that he asks his Sous Chef Masukawa Miho to prepare a table for them all. Itakagi Yuu, another Sous Chef is cowering in the kitchen when Chef Okumura calls him for help serving their guests.

-A very… Western appareled man, apparently 008 meets with the potentially Yakuza Roimude, 006 because heart has called them back from overseas to help him with a few problems. He lays out their agenda:

FIRST: to defeat the Rider and their police assisstants.

SECOND: recovering Banno Tenjuurou or destroying him if recovery is not possible.

THIRD: completing the Priomised number by gathering enough Ultimately Evolved Roimudes.

006 says that’s all great, but brings Heart’s attention to the string of fires. Heart is displeased.

-After a minute or two of food porn, we see Medic hanging outside Supreme looking tense. Brain keeps begging for a body and saying Heart wouldn’t approve of such secrecy, but she quiets him and says she running out of time,

-Chase interrupts Gou hanging with his ghost dad/Ipad in a warehouse by coming along to offer thanks for the assistance and ask Al-Banno to work with Krim. AlBanno doesn’t want to work with Krim because that would crush Gou’s efforts to keep the secret from Kiriko. When Gou was in America he learned THE TRUTH and vowed to destroy all the Roimudes before Kiriko could find out.

-006 shows up with his boys and they fight Mach and Chaser. 006 doesn’t transform at all, but still beats Mach enough to almost get the tablet.

-in the Drive Pit they exposit that the Roimudes who eat at Supreme must go all flamey for some reason, but that it is the common link between them.

-Kiriko and Shinnosuke go to the restaurant and pursure Itakagi Yuu who seems to be stealing some of Chef Okumura’s special golden sauce, which is what makes his food so delicious.

-Krim takes the wheel and is about to finish off the hybrid Roimude, when Medic shows up with an enforcer. She snatches the golden sauce from Cook and throws it in her enforcer’s face, making it spit flames. Shinnosuke takes the wheel again and douses the enforcer in the fountain.

-Medic clarifies that she was hoping to spark one of the Roimude victims of the honfleur sauce to achieve Ultimate Evolution to expedite the extinction of humanity. She orders Cook to kill Drive and the Reaper holding him to help stick the shot.

-Heart shows up and helps the Reaper then turns his anger towards Medic for hurting their friends. He tells her Ultimate Evolution is so much more meaningful when you wait to achieve it with the right person and he calls out Shinnosuke to fight him.

-Heart tells Shinnosuke that his power is that he can surpass any enemy once he has borne their attacks. He requests Type Tridoron’s big canon finisher, and meets Shinnosuke with a firey punch that knocks Mr. Belt loose when Shinosuke refuses to give him the canon.

-Heart is in good form while Shinnosuke is on the ground, just about defenseless.

Potential Leads- These are things to keep an eye on, as they may develop into something more interesting or central to the narrative in time


– Where did the man hosting 068 go? Did Shinnosuke kill him? Where is his body?

-006 is an overseas Executioner, like Chase was in Tokyo, then, right?

Other Notes-Things that stick out, but aren’t really important to the narrative



Facts-What we know, know about the plot and characters of the show


-Heart tells Tomari he need not worry, that he wouldn’t do something as barbaric as fight him when he can’t transform and he exposits that the Rimude will fight to evolve and rule over humanity, not destroy them. They will not destroy humans because then who would witness there greatness and there are some interesting specimens like Shinnosuke.

-Shinnosuke tells Heart that he did always seem different from other Roimudes and that he and chase are similar.

-Hearts leaves to find Medic and give her the cold shoulder.

-Brain taunts Medic about losing Hearts trust and demands she give him another body.

-The SCU stakes out Restaurant Supreme to see which chef is the Roimude and stop them from taking the Golden Sauce to Medic. After a short fight Head chef Okumura is beaten out of his transformation along with Masukawa Miho who is the Roimude he fused with.

-Gou sees Medic transformed and in possession of the Golden Sauce and wants to join the fight to help Chaser and Drive, but Banno tells him that he shouldn’t reveal their positon. Gou shoots Medic and transforms to help out, telling Shinnosuke that he is just there to destroy Roimudes.

-The three Riders defeat the two Reapers, 090 and Medic temporarily. Shinnosuke arrests Okumura while some male voice whales in the background.

-Medic says she was doing all this to give the Golden Sauce to Heart so he could reach his Ultimate Evolution. Gou doesn’t care and tries to kill her while she is on the floor crying, but Shinnosuke saves her.

-Shinnosuke says that because she cares SO deeply for Heart, she is like Chase, like a human and so are the others and he wants to face them on even terms, head to head like Heart.

(But what about those 3-4 Roimudes she was basically willing to kill for Heart’s evolution?)

-Heart hugs Medic when she asks him to execute him for her failure. He tells her he doesn’t want her dwindling their numbers anymore because they are so few. She promises not to betray his wishes again and leaves so he can fight Drive, his honorable foe.

-Shinnosuke says he just did what Heart would do, but he will defeat him as long as he threatens humanity. Heart is overjoyed at this and reaches his Ultimate Evolution. Heart dehenshins and gets a hug form Medic. He tells Shinnosuke that once four Ultimate Evolutions have been reached they will have the Promised Number… then they leave.

-Apparently Dr. Banno saved them from a devastating blast from Heart which allowed them to survive the encounter. He wonders what Krim will think of that and I wonder why this was edited and directed so oddly in this section. I was confused by the cut from Heart and Medic to Shinnosuke and the others.

-Surprise future Krim was apparently watching and … I don’t even know what to think.

OK, UHHHH… Episode ¼ What Are Krim Steinbelt’s True Intentions?

Apparently Krim was just using Shinnosuke to get himself a body and rule the world with his android soldiers…?

Potential Leads- These are things to keep an eye on, as they may develop into something more interesting or central to the narrative in time


-Heart says they fight to evolve just as humans have throughout history. This opens them up to be more grey, doesn’t it? Sure they’re immature, but that is a mercy to them, because they’re like children.

Other Notes-Things that stick out, but aren’t really important to the narrative



NEXT| 39 When Will the Tornado Kidnapper Strike?

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Endless Love- Sailor Moon Crystal 26 Review

Sailor Moon Crystal 26 – Replay– Never Ending – Review

If I never see more Sailor Moon Crystal, it will be alright. If you didn’t know it, or if you’ve forgotten I’m new to Sailor Moon. From episode one of Sailor Moon Crystal I have really enjoyed it, by the end of the Dark Kingdom arc, I was calling myself a fan and praising Takeuchi’s craft work. When I say I don’t need more Crystal, I’m talking from a place of fear. I don’t want more because I don’t want it to be ruined. The work already exists, I could read the manga, watch the 90’s anime or ask several long-time fans, but I don’t really want to because Crystal is my Sailor Moon and I am attached to it in very specific ways. I have that tinge of fear as I think about the show’s future because it is so special to me. In truth, I know that Takeuchi is competent and its obvious she cares about Sailor Moon, so I have faith she’d do the rest of the story well, but to some extent I see my trepidation as a compliment. I don’t want to see this precious jewel tarnished and I think that speaks volumes of how great the show really is to me.

Now to do some actual reviewing of Act 26; it was perfect. Spellcheck. Screen grab. Publish. Have a drink.

But really.


First, a complaint: we need way more specific character interaction between all the Sailor Guardians. I am not sure how that would be accomplished while keeping up the fabulous pacing and escalation of the conflicts, but that is one thing that would make the show practically perfect.

The fairytale ending to the battle with Death Phantom is beautiful and packs a hefty emotional punch while allowing us to see just how powerful Sailor Moon is. The stakes are impossibly high, but Neo Queen Serenity believes so confidently in the power of her 900+ year old child and her younger self that she tells a group of warrior goddesses to just sit a spell while they go save the Universe. From the time she awakens King Endymion with a kiss, Neo Queen Serenity serves to show the audience just how great and powerful Sailor Moon is and it just works. The simplicity and elegance in the take down of this seemingly all powerful foe solidifies just how mighty Sailor Moon is and earns her the deference and awe King Endymion transferred to Chibi-Usagi through tales and which characters like Pluto and Demande (sort of) had for Neo Queen Serenity.


Sailor Moon gives emotions legitimacy and power and encourages taking action with feeling. The legacy of Sailor Moon is right there. It has fully delivered this wonderful message and done it through telling the story of Usagi Tsukino, the lazy cry baby. She was never the best or brightest, but that doesn’t matter because she has heart. Not grit and determination, but heart. Usagi’s love, that which flows from and to her from those in her circle is what makes her strong. The point isn’t community, it’s about being open and loving and accepting people into your heart, not so you can use them to gain strength or put them under your umbrella of protection, but because that is what good people do and though you might not be who or what you want to be today, with love in your heart and faith in yourself, you’ll get there. You may stumble, you may fall, but since you likely have people around you who love you, you can fight for them or they can help you, as long as you keep moving towards the future.


In Conclusion

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 26 earns 4 out of 5 for presenting a grand finale and giving me hope for more Sailor Moon Crystal while not actually needing it. Things didn’t quite go as expected, but it was all very good, even if we do not get any more Sailor Moon Crystal.


But I would like to see more Sailor Moon Crystal.


Two Shows with the Same Recordings- Rider Jump 6

4-Rider Jump -B

Check out the Sho Aikawa interview from Tokusatsu Network mentioned in this episode.

You can reach us through @unKamenRX or the show’s inbox to submit any questions, suggest topics for future shows or just let us know how we’re doing.

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Two Tomaris With the Same Gun-Drive 35-36 -RX! 110

Today we’re putting Kamen Rider Drive to the test as speedy as we can, as we investigate:

34 Who Killed Tomari Eisuke?

35 Why Are They Imprisoned?


36 Where on the Side of Justice Will the Bullet Fall?

Q1-How does episode 35 work for you? Are you satisfied with the fact that so much focus is being put on the SCU? What do you think about Sanjou, through Nira, making the SCU members appear part of a conspiracy by having provided instances where they were in close contact with Roimudes?

Q2-Does anyone have anything to say about lying to Kiriko about AI-Banno?

Q3-Did you enjoy seeing the dynamics change in Heart, Brain, Medic relationship?

Q4-Is it a contrivance that Shinnosuke apparently chose to untransform while chasing Nira, who granted had no more ability to transform as far as Shinnosuke knew, to arrest him? Should he have been dehenshined by Brain’s attack instead?

Q5-What do you think may come from this new alliance with AIBanno?

Q6-Has Gou been redeemed?

Q7-Did we have too little Krim as Tridoron this episode?

Q8-Is it a failing that only Kiriko showed up at the end of the episode and not the entire SCU?

Q9-How do you feel about a Kamen Rider holding a gun on a civilian, no matter how jerky they are?

Q10-Was Nira a worthy foe or just a distraction?

Caption Fodder-SCU - RX110-A

UPDATE: There was an issue with the audio falling out of sync at about 90 minutes in. It has been corrected.

Facts-What we know, know about the plot and characters of the show


-The little lady and the Super Cup go to a metro police forensics lab where a crime has occurred. There they encounter Minowa Mariko a Kamen Rider fan and unorganized forensics scientist who wants to behold Shinnosuke’s transformation.

-After a short encounter with hybrid Roimude 106 and it’s person, Shinnosuke let’s the suspected thief evade detention when people are put in danger. He managed to beat a document out of 106 though and uses that as a lead to find out what is going on.

-Brain helps 106 escape and pushes the hybrid Roimude to keep working for him, then says something about wanting to be a shiny Roimude too.

-Gen tells Kiriko and Shinnosuke about Shigeta Shizuo the 59 years old head of the forensics lab’s physics department who went missing a few days before the theft. Mariko says that the stolen item is old evidence Captain Shigeta was looking into from an old case.

-The document the Roimude had was evidence, a ballistic report from Tomari Eisuke’s shooting. Captain Shigeta may have had his memories altered after working on that case 12 years ago.

-Apparently since Makage was defeated people’s shattered memories are starting to return, but ALSO Honganji and Nira are spritzing as many cops as they can with Rinna’s anti-Freeze spray.

-Nira gives Shinnosuke a list of places Makage used for various reasons and he and Kiriko go to investigate them to see if they can find Captain Shigeta.

-Heart interrupts their search to increase his JOY by tangling with Drive. He uses the Hyper Density Shift ability Machine Chaser used just before reverting back to his original programming. Drive counters with Type Formula and tells Kiriko she should get out of the frey.

-Kiriko sees Medic and Brain watching the fight in their monster forms and Medic humble brags about having worked so hard on Chase and how she was able to pivot those efforts to helping out Heart.

-Brain is jealous about his apparent lack of utility and attacks Kiriko demanding to know where Gou is. Kamen Rider Chaser stops him and calls for a reteat. They all wonder where Gou is and how exactly Heart found them right away. Chase is confident Gou is just trying to figure out what to do next and Shinnosuke suspects Heart found him somehow through the use of Nira’s list.

-The Dr. Banno AI asks Gou if he knew who he was when he “rescued” him from Brain’s possession. Gou’s response: “Of course, dad.”

-Brain and 106 questions the captured Captain Shigeta. They want to find the gun that shot Tomari Eisuke as the one that is in evidence isn’t the right one. Makage had Shigeta hide the evidence. Honganji shows up and baits the Roimude to attack him. Drive counters and knocks the Roimude and Nira separate from each other.

-Shinnosuke and the others tracked Nira with a transmitter in the bottle of Anti-Freeze 2.0 they gave him as a ruse to find out his true involvement with the Roimudes

-Brain listens to a delicious tale of jealousy as Nira explains why he hated Eisuke so much and how his envy over his colleague led him to murder him when Negishi and Maruya failed to shoot him during the bank robbery.

-Makage covered up Nira’s involvement in the shooting and took his gun as a surety that Nira would work for him.

-Nira laughs at Shinnosuke for still not getting it and brain sends 106 to go merge with him again… while he is holding the Red Viral Core… So Shinnosuke shifts into Turbo and uses Type Tridoron.

-Brain and Nira aren’t enough but Brain takes Nira with him as Shinnosuke has to deal with 106 who has turned into a giant bat car.

-Back in the Metro PD Forensics lab they find that the gun is missing, but Minowa assured everyone that is should be easy to find out what happened because they’re in a forensics lab. She proceeds to check Kiriko with an elbow nudge.

-Brain embraces Nira and tells him he wants to merge with him and be reborn as the Thief Roimude. Nira holds up the (red) Viral Core and they merge, but Brain quickly comes out hot, and glowing yellow

Potential Leads- These are things to keep an eye on, as they may develop into something more interesting or central to the narrative in time


-HOW exactly do the Viral Cores and Roimudes work again? I thought the human was possessed by a Roimude that came FROM a (red) Viral Core, but Nira was holding one when 106 was leaving with Brain. Has something changed with the way the Roimudes work?

 Other Notes-Things that stick out, but aren’t really important to the narrative


Best Line?

Nira: This is human Nature, boy. Every person has a monster on the inside!”

Shinnosuke: don’t assume everyone is like you.

Facts-What we know, know about the plot and characters of the show


-Nira is trying to kill Yukari and ensure that he is legally able to slide on murdering Eisuke.

-Gou pushes Chase away when he asks him to help him out by using the dr. Banno AI like he did with Shinnosuke and reminds him to keep Kiriko from learning about AIBanno

-Brain mocks Medic and tells her she has to respect his authori-tay and brutalizes her when she refuses to.

-Heart stops Brain from killing Medic by coming along and telling him how happy he is that he has achieved his ultimate evolution.

-Brain laps up Medic’s jealousy and says he’s out to got some from Shinnosuke next…

-Honganji and Shinnosuke talk on the roof, where Shinnosuke learns that his dad would look over the city the same as him and Honganji does it when he’s stuck on a case too. Honganji says he regrets that he neglected to tell Eisuke that his fortune was “Very Bad” on the day he got shot. The captain admits that he lost his way over the 12 years and warns that Nira will be very dangerous as Shinnosuke closes in on apprehending him.

-Nira holds a press conference wherein he tells of Makage being 001 and the killer of Tomari Eisuke AND uses the close interactions that the SCU has had with Roimudes as evidence that they have been assisting Shinnosuke in a power struggle over the Roimudes. He and brain lay out all the claims, then Nira vows that the police will restore their honor by dissolving the SCU and capturing all its members.

-The SCU members help Shinnosuke escape while they are all captured. While on the run he encounters Mr. Belt who has called upon the Shift Cars to make himself in to a slightly more mobile quasi-mecha. He encourages Shinnosuke to fight for his friends and Thief shows up baiting him to pursue.

-Thief starts getting the upper hand in the fight but Chase smolders his way on to screen and defends Drive. He even takes on evolved Brain so that Shinnosuke can catch Nira who has run into the SCU office.

-Nira lulls Shinnosuke into not taking him seriously by singing children’s songs at him while he is fleeing and aims a gun at untransformed Shinnosuke when they’re alonse in the SCU office.

-Chase asks on our behalf about the Promised Number and Brain responds by toying with him and leaving him prone with the cryptic message that he will serve a purpose to the Roimudes when the time is right.

-AIBanno asks Gou about Shinnosuke as he is about to leave to help him, but Heart shows up to take AIBanno and puts the brakes on his plan

-Yukari has fallen ill after the green glob on her arm grows when she hears that Shinnosuke is holding someone hostage at the Kurama driving school.

-Nira tells Shinnosuke that he has fallen right into their trap and that he’ll be dead in one hour after the police who are surrounding them close in.

 Potential Leads- These are things to keep an eye on, as they may develop into something more interesting or central to the narrative in time


-When the chief yelled out arowana and all the cops freaked out, I googled a bit and I’ve decided the Yakuza may play into the final leg of the show… somehow.

-Are we getting a Final showdown between Brain and Chase and some point?

 Other Notes-Things that stick out, but aren’t really important to the narrative


-I love it when transformation apparatus is used defensively or offensively , i.e. the Shadow, Spike whateves Tridoron como being used to blow Thief’s gas back at him

-Kyu wincing at seeing that unattainable footage of RoKyu was kind of adorable.

Facts-What we know, know about the plot and characters of the show


-Nira clarifies that he wanted to take everything away from Shinnosuke before killing him, with the same gun used on his father. As Thief, Nira and Brain poisoned Yukari and are using her imminent death to force Shinnosuke into a dilemma that will keep him from being able to take action.

-ProtoDrive Shift wakes up Chase so he can help Yukari, but Mad Doctor doesn’t work on her. Chase takes Yukari with him after seeing a countdown clock appear on her forearm.

-Heart fights Mach and says he’s not good enough even though Mach, not Drive, made the Dead Heat break through. It may be justified as he beats Mach, but AIBanno sucker punches him.

-Thief is able to just take off Mr. Belt, leaving Shinnosuke vulnerable.

-Medic wakes up Heart after AIBanno knocked him out and he exclaims about the power or Dr. Banno Tenjurou

-AIBanno ignores his sons thanks for saving him and responds that he can help Shinnosuke at the risk of irritating Krim. Chase rolls up with Yukari and AIBanno goes to work as the boys fight. They have minutes left until Yukari and Shinnosuke are supposed to die, but AIBanno silences them saying they should have faith in his power.

-Nira is alone with Shinnosuke. Brain went out of the SCU office as a hostage and spun the tale of Shinnosuke’s wrongdoing while Nira continues to provoke, taunt and bait him into drawing his gun. Shinnosuke has no weapons left beside his gun, his intellect and resolve.

-Nira tells Shinnosuke he brought Yukari into the affair to kill her and make Eisuke’s death have been in vain. Shinnosuke shoots at Nira after she is supposedly dead, but misses. Nira shoots him and calls a press conference to lay out the narrative.

-Kirko presents Yukari, Brain exclaims his poison should have killed her, Shinnosuke walks into the room and explains the situation, along with Gou, AIBanno and Chase and calls gor Nira to be arrested.

-Nira and Brain fuse to become Thief again and attempt to flee along with three Roimude henchmen, but the 3 Rider go in to action to stop them. Thief summons more Roimude and the Riders henshin to dispatch them. Nira separates from Thief and gets Brain slapped.

-Brain threatens to defeat the 3 Riders and knocks them all down with an Ultimate Evolution Brain Blast, but shinnosuke recovers and lets Krim take the wheel for a few seconds until the 3 are ready to Rider Kick him out of his body. The 003 Core flies away screaming.

-Nira is arrested and gets the last laugh by taunting Shinnosuke some more after he was able to say it’s all over to his dad. Nira says he’ll be watching the fight between the Roimude and the Riders with great interest.

-Medic finds Brain’s Core and starts messing with the terrified number as Heart waxes about dealing with AIBanno

Potential Leads- These are things to keep an eye on, as they may develop into something more interesting or central to the narrative in time


-Yukari is going to become the big bad.

 Other Notes-Things that stick out, but aren’t really important to the narrative


-Uhhh… AIBanno ate and spit out another Yukari. Is that freaky to anyone else? Could she be the final boss or lead to AIBanno freeing himself from his tablet prison?

NEXT EPISODE| 37 Who Pursues the Ultimate Flavor?

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Dispensing the Pleasant Tease- Sailor Moon Crystal 25 Review

Sailor Moon Crystal 25 – Showdown – Death Phantom

I move to nominate Takeuchi to win two awards, the first is for Most Inexact Titles and the second is for Best Use of Split Focus in a Webcast episode. Showdown – Death Phantom is the work I would submit as proof of her accomplishments in both categories. Even though I’m poking fun at those features of the episode, they aren’t actually issues. How much should the title matter anyway? I’m not sure, as long as it isn’t distracting it shouldn’t, I suppose. The inexactitude of the title didn’t stop this episode from being really enjoyable. The split focus I alluded to earlier was actually part of what made the episode so good. In the past few episodes, the action has been ramping up and the conflicts have become more defined until now where there is a fantastic amount of momentum established and there is nothing else to impede the final conflict. I feel like going into the finale is going to be so much more enjoyable because of where the episode left off: Usagi and friends are at the precipice of battle and the stakes have been raised for the Sailor Guardians VS. Wiseman round two. Death Phantom seems like he could be unstoppable, but Sailor Moon just seems to keep growing more powerful. Our heroines have risen from a pit, but now must take on a foe they thought they had defeated. Again: this set up is really exciting.


Going back to the split focus of the episode, Takeuchi has done this before in Act 13. Queen Metalia is finally defeated and the Guardians go back to their normal lives until Chibi-Usa drops from the sky and ruins Usagi and Mamoru’s tender moment. This technique reminds me of the caesura used in poetry, where there is a break in the middle of a line. I feel like Takeuchi uses it effectively in both instances. Originally she used to allow for an intensely dramatic finish to the fight with Metalia, it was almost as if her fight spilled into Act 13 which was meant to serve as denouement for the Dark Kingdom arc and set up what was to come. In Act 25 the caesura is used in a reversed order. There is a quiet and cool period for the first 12-13 minutes that pauses the action to help build up to a climactic confrontation. Pluto transgressing the third taboo allowed for the break which stopped the action and allowed for a resetting and restoration of elements to a condition where they are most effective for moving the story forward. The best thing about the resetting is that it took the form of heartbreak, internal struggle, bitter-sweet realizations and a dramatic assertion of resolve.

In Conclusion

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 25 earns a 5 out of 5 for misting my eyes, while pumping me up for the grand finale.