To The Moon – Sailor Moon Crystal 10 -MS 09

Join Sono and Ammit as they discuss the Sailor Guardians strengths, the wonderful Queen Serenity and awkward romantic couplings.


Meat and Veggies

-The Sailor Guardians are still living their lives, carrying on with strength and confidence as they move closer to their lunar odyssey

-The strength of Usagi’s emotions growing with the waxing of the moon feels sweetly symbolic of her being ready to face what will come on the Moon and save her love.

-All that exposition from Queen serenity was so heavy.

-The Sailor Guardians pulling the sword from the stone was so boss! Makoto’s enthusiasm initial was great, Mako’s determination and confidence was a great follow up to that.

-The programming that set Queen Serenity to awaken for a final message after the sword was pulled was a nice touch, especially with how present she was.

-It so tragic that this lady was taking her daughter to visit the place which is theirs to tend to and then her daughter kills herself out of grief and yet Serenity has to carry on fighting Metalia.

-I teared-up when serenity killed herself. Thankfully there was no blood, but the composition of the shots and the sound design was so visceral that I think I shuttered. Full disclosure: I am the father of two girls.

-Queen Serenity’s redirection of the Sailor Guardians’ mission has been desperately needed. As much as I have enjoyed the love story and the personal drama, there needs to be a clear mission for our heroes, and now we have it.

-Silver Millennium worked to protect and help progress humanity, when Queen Serenity sealed away Metalia, both the kingdoms of the Moon and Earth were destroyed, at which point Earth’s history re-started. Since then, Silver Millennium has been turned to stone.

-Beryl is using the Four Kings who had served as Prince Endymion’s Knights (see the mirroring there?) to help her and Metalia to dominate the Earth as they once had.

-The Sailor Guardian’s and Endymion’s Knights being in love is a cool, if slightly clichéd touch. What made it work so well was Beryl’s wicked delight in controlling the men to attack their past loves. Usagi stopping their attacks and saving the world from her orbit in outer space is a perfect embodiment of her position as the heir to Silver Millennium and shows how amazing sailor Moon is.

-WOWZA Beryl is going to use Mamoru… who she embraced almost lovingly and called Endymion with a certain velvety tone in her voice to kill Usagi and take the LSC.


If you’d like to comment on our thoughts, or ask any questions our inbox is or we can be reached individually @sonoyourface and @trialofheroes on Twitter. We hope you enjoyed the show and thank you for listening.

The opening and closing for this episode can be found here and here, please check out the other cool work this musician has done.

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Tetsuru Kurata Is BACK! -Special RX! 04

Ammit does a special solo news short format episode drooling all over Tetsuru Kurata.


The good folk at Tokusatsu Network have brought wonderful news of something interesting and very exciting in the world of big screen Kamen Rider. Toei and Bandai have decided that Black RX should be in the next Kamen Rider movie in April 2015.

Top 5 (Likely) Reasons This Is Happening:

5. Tridoron (Kamen Rider Drive) is based on Rideron (Kamen Rider Black RX), the car of LIGHT, so why not put them together?

4. Two Riders in cars are better than one Rider in a car.

3. Sanjo loves referencing Kamen Rider’s past, and he especially enjoys second iterations of a Rider. Minami Kotaro as Black RX is basically his own second iteration.

2. Minami Kotaro’s story of struggle loss and grief can actually be used to good measure to make an impact of Shinnosuke.

1. With the renewal figures for S.H. Figuarts Black and Black RX out some time ago, and the more recent releases of Roborider and Biorider, the coming releases of S.H. Figuarts (Renewal version) Shadow Moon, Rideron as well as 3 Blu-Ray box sets for Kamen Rider Black, it makes a ton of business sense to get Kurata back to charm audiences and raise the visibility and popularity of Minami Kotaro to help sell all the merchandise associated with him. Especially if Black RX BD are next on the list pending the success of the Black BD set. If modern audience are wowed by Kurata and love Black RX, it is possible they will hear about how Black is actually better and be even more motivated to own the stories of the “superior version” of the character. I would be willing to bet though, that the form changing and more fresh introduction to Black RX will will garner a lot of love for Kurata’s Black RX and make potential sales for related merchandise (an RX BD set) about as marketable as that of Kamen Rider Black.

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Crisis Reincarnate-Sailor Moon Crystal 10 Review

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 10- Moon

Queen Metalia and Queen Beryl are among the most devious and wicked villains I have ever encountered. Something great about them is that as much as they are Evil on a grand scale, they are also evil on the petty, human level, see: Beryl’s mockery of the Sailor Guardians and the plot she forms at the end of the episode to get the Legendary Silver Crystal. Her plot is not elaborate and sneaky as have been the past attempts of the Four kings to find and obtain the Legendary Silver Crystal, and while it could be argued that it follows the template of preying on human frailty through trickery it is more base- down and dirty keeps coming to mind as I think about it. Another great thing about their villainy is that it is completely legitimate and scary without being indulgent or sadistic in it’s portrayal. These murderous beings who control people like puppets, delight in ordering those under their power to kill their loved ones and want to siphon human energy, mean serious business and their presence in the brightly colored and mostly up-beat world of Sailor Moon crystal adds a real edge to it that is exactly what is needed to invest the viewer in struggles of the show’s heroes. The dichotomy of the hate-filled, power mad forces of evil and the loving, peace-keeping protectors of Earth who make up the forces of good in Sailor Moon Crystal is clearly distinguished, the sides fulfill their roles more than adequately, but Takeuchi goes beyond that and shows us how the Sailor Guardians rely on themselves and lean on each other to find the inner-strength to face the evil in the world. They continue to smile, not because they have to, but because they can be happy even though the Dark Kingdom is gathering strength and they struggle to stop it for the sake of the things that make them smile and so that others can experience those things too.

I don’t know what could have made it better, so this episode earns 5 of 5 stars.

Protection Over Justice? -Drive 05-06 -RX! 089



Today we’re putting Drive to the test as speedy as we can, as we cover:

05 What Are The Steely Thieves After?

06 For Whom Does The Warrior Fight?

Q1-Do you like the visualization of Shinnosuke’s “brain going into top gear” when he figures out what’s going on with a Roimude’s pattern of behavior?

Q2-What do we think of Justice VS Protection of the Innocent? Are they opposites? How are they related? Did this message get muddled, or is it solid?


Facts-What we know, know about the plot and characters of the show


– Superintendent Kirihara Eiji form Metro Police – Public Security at Police HQ tipped off the SCU to the string of food truck robberies.

-Someone on Eiji’s team predicted the 7th attack.

Superintendent Eiji is briefing Rinna on Density Shift.

-Crush was spared by Brain when Chase was about to “reset” him.

-Rinna is off with Superintendent Eiji a lot and surreptitiously monitoring Shinnosuke fighting as Drive.

-Kirko isn’t given as much focus as before, but is instrumental in establishing a major lead for Shinnosuke to figure out what is going on.


-Somehow all the Roimude bodies are linked to the Viral Cores, which worried Heart and Brain when Crush took a few with him. Brain was particularly concerned that he was going to use too many at once. Heart went from looking at ease, to concerned when he heard this.

-The Front-R Driver Shinnosuke saved as Drive saved him after he escaped from Brain’s Neuropoison attack.

-The Public Safety building is where the Slow Down Report central hub is located, it can be turned on and off from within the SCU’s office.

-Drive can also cause Density Shift.

-Chase recognizes that Drive- that Kamen rider- should not be taken lightly.

-Kirihara and Front-R’s President have a relationship and Kirihara was on the take, and worked to protect the illegal explosives.

-Rinna knows Shinnosuke is Shift and has been involved the whole time as the head mechanic, and they’re are likely more surprises to come for Shinnosuke.

Potential Leads- These are things to keep an eye on, as they may develop into something more interesting or central to the narrative in time


-Mr. Belt HAS to be known of by the higher ups in the Police, because the Superintendent recognizing the SCU for stopping the monster attack, which DRIVE clearly stopped.

-We got another nod to Machine Chaser being a hack of Proto-Drive and as a bonus, in enable him to use the Shift Cars.

-Knowledge opened up Man’s heart to evil, so are the Roimude a chance to start over? Are they a second creation, intended to be superior to humanity? Will that be borne out later? Why were the Roimude created?

-The Shift Cars and Drive’s power sets are somewhat limited by Tomari’s state of mind. The psychology behind this and the Hero’s human struggle is a very interesting dynamic, I hope to see played out more and more.


Other Notes-Things that stick out, but aren’t really important to the narrative


-I may start saying Beta Style all the time!

-I dislike the stylistic choice to de-sync slowdown sufferers speech with their mouth movements. Sometimes there is no correlation at all, as if the dialogue is made up afterwards, it feels a little amateurish to me.

-Do Dump Trucks have Drills? Dumpy doesn’t, but he does live on a farm, so that may explain it.

-STEALING FOOD? That’s a great, simple angle.

Superintendent Eiji and Lt. Otta seem to disagree on the veracity of the Density Shift. Is that an inconsistency?

-Im not sure I liked how showy Tomari was acting at the beginning of the episode, especially when he taunts Chase for trying to be cool. I’m afraid he’ll skew Shotaro.

-The Proto-Drive/Machine Chaser connection enabling crossplay with Shift Cars is a clever and satisfying conceit.

-Tomari calling out the idea of a cliché villain speech was good for a laugh.

-I’m such a sucker for the Weapon mods for a Rider type character. I’m really glad Machine Chaser gets them

-I think Machine Chaser’s gear might be more stream-lined or natural-feeling than Drive’s.


-Was the farce executed by the CSU believable? I liked Rinna’s role in it, but I’m not sure I buy it from everyone, though the “Twinsies!” moment was precious.

-What was Rumble Dump even doing on Wild Drive’s shoulder tire?

-Why would Crush try to kill the President, instead of extort him for more explosive? For the Drama? No good.

-Crush riding the snake was stupid and awesome!

-I was waiting for the Tridoron variant, but didn’t expect it so soon. I like how those extra tires have TWO purposes now.


Next Episode| 07

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In Magic Land- Wizard Kamentary- RX! 088


Sono and Ammit provide commentary for Kamen Rider Wizard: In Magic Land.

RX 088
Check out Rinko doing the kind of stuff she should have been able to do in the series itself. What happened to this show? This caption box isn’t big enough to highlight the disappointments.

Hello there listener, this is Ammit and I am here to deliver a special message! We have no show notes for this episode, because we just opened our minds and let things flow as we re-wathced the movie, but I thought it would be nice to include something textual on which you can ruminate , so here are some excerpts from our past musings on Wizard.


In response to Sora and all the other villains in Wizard being useless, Ammit said the following,

Wizard’s story and plot have been extremely thin, but writers have used him to make things happen in the story. Sora got Phoenix killed so he could get closer to Wiseman and figure out WTH is going on. He has been an audience proxy wondering what is THE PLOT and he has pushed things to discover that.

He has assembled scraps of information such as

1) he and Wiseman are similar with the whole human heart/maintaining humanity thing

2) the Philosopher’s Stone can turn Phantoms human

3) Wiseman needs Mana, NOT Phantoms for the Sabbat and

4) he has figured out that Koyomi is the Philosopher’s Stone or very much connected to it.

When Beast got Hyper, Sora watched and wondered if Wiseman might somehow be like Chimera and need Mana, which seeded the idea early, which is good.

I’m not saying the show is good, but Sora is one of the most interesting parts to me. He has been seriously sidelined in the last few episodes, so it will be interesting to see how he is dealt with for the end.

In response to the idea that being a Wizard in Kamen Rider Wizard is a terrible burden, Ammit says,

This show has not done a good job of showing being a Wizard to be a bad thing at all. Is going through Despair awful? Yes, but it is a normal part of life. Everyone faces adversity and some become stronger while others are crushed by it. The side effect of this for a Gate who has overcome Despair: being able to become a Wizard doesn’t cause them to suffer. Once a Gate lives through Despair, they can either have someone else destroy their magical potential (or the Phantom which is the source of it, like Haruto did with Rinko and Shunpei) or they can take charge of their lives and choose to become a magic wielder. Once a Wizard, a former Gate can do anything they choose. They can fight Phantoms and increase their numbers and success rate or they can choose any other path. Why is that bad?



I’m going to break down the format of Team Wizard for you because it’s simple, but necessary for you to know how I’m looking at Team Wizard to understand where I’m coming from with this.

  • Active Magic – Haruto: Fight Phantoms
  • Passive Magic – Koyomi: Locate Phantoms
  • Active Banal – Rinko: Investigate Phantoms & Gates
  • Passive Banal – Shunpei: Emotional Support for Gates
  • Wildcard – Nitou: Whatever the fuck he wants

(I am using “Banal” here to mean “non-magical”, not “boring”.)

This is a hell of a well rounded team. Everyone has a purpose. Everyone is WELL SUITED to their purpose, and no one else on the team could play anyone else’s role as effectively as the person in that role. (With exception to specific cases that involve pre-established emotional bonds. These specific cases usually center around Nitou.)

After the debacle that was the Fourze cast, as much as I love them, this is very refreshing and nice to see. Everyone’s part in this dynamic leads to successfully rescuing whatever gate we have to protect at any given time. The fact that they all know their role and can cooperate is what makes them able to do this.

Read more.


You can’t save everyone.

This theme ties into a lot of things in Wizard. It’s something central to all of our main phantoms, and to Haruto, Rinko (who serves as a foli for Haurto, and who through the Phoenix arc is really the first one to set this theme in play), and Koyomi. Possibly even to Shunpei and Nitou but I can’t think of how at the moment.

  • Medusa: Sometimes people have changed too much.
  • Gremlin: Sometimes people aren’t who you think they are.
  • Phoenix: Sometimes people are just too far gone.
  • Wiseman: Sometimes people are too focused on their own goals to realize they need saving.

Read more.


If you’re interested in hearing more about Wizard, you can search out older episodes or wait a bit for the Wizard edition of Riderology to be re-published.

Get more magic-related reading form Sono.


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The Future of Riderology- Fourze, Wizard, Gaim and You

Hello there,

the unKamenCrew is at work again to bring you more critical analysis of a bygone Rider. We want to finish Fourze and complete our coverage of the Post-Decade shows, before jumping back to the first 10 shows. Riderology for Wizard and Gaim are more or less complete, but need to be re-packaged ad collated for your listening enjoyment, so those should come out before whatever show we cover after Fourze.

Lesson Plan

Our coverage of Fourze will be broken up into 8 lessons.

  • In the (1) first Lesson of Riderology for Kamen Rider Fourze, we will discuss the themes of the show and the plot in general as well as our likes and dislikes of the first 16 episodes.
  • The next two lessons will cover the (2) middle and (3) end arcs of Fourze.
  • After that we’ll reach for the stars and discuss (4) the top 4 Horoscopes and their dangerous ambitions, followed by the (5) lackluster stars that are Leo and the Laplace Horoscopes
  • Once clear of the forces of darkness, we’ll discuss (6) the portrayal of women in the series and even the Fourze movies.
  • Finally, we’ll wrap up by talking about the guys in the Kamen Rider Club in two parts. First we’ll discuss the most (7) traditionally heroic triumvirate of Kengo, Shun and Gentarou, then we’ll talk about (8) JK and Ryusei being a bit superfluous and ask whether or not the cast was bloated.

Kamen Rider Fourze 1-16 Synopsis

Mr. Utahoshi died on the moon 17 years prior to series start leaving his son Kengo, without a father. 16 years after that, Kengo received a package on his birthday which contained a note and an Astro Switch which he inadvertently activated trying to hide it from Yuuki Joujima who had sought him out because of her passion for space and his lineage. Together they entered the passage inside a locker that took them to the Rabbit Hutch, where Kengo’s father had created the Fourze system and a few Astro Switches. They read through his notes and took the mission upon themselves to stop the Zodiarts from causing harm to humanity. One year later a hole opened up which lead to an increase in the flow of Cosmic Power localized over their campus at Amanogawa High School. That same day Gentarou Kisiragi, an old grade school friend of Yuuki’s transferred to AGHS and joined forces with them to defend the earth and the school from the Zodiarts who are in fact running the school and manipulating the student body to their own ends, the first step of which is to increase their ranks so that all 12 Horoscopes are together.

Let your voice be heard!

We have thought long and hard about the Fourze, but you probably have questions to ask or compelling issues to discuss that we missed, so I ask that you would share and help make this round of Riderology better than the last.

Please reply to this post with your own questions or topics to discuss from Fourze’s first arc. You can also make submissions to our inbox or ask box.

Not sure where to start? Not interested in adding your own question? That’s fine, but how do you answer the questions below? We want to know.

  1. What themes do you see in the first 16 episodes of Kamen Rider Fourze?
  2. What were the highs and lows of the first arc?
  3. Who is your favorite character in the Kamen Rider Club? -Least favorite?
  4. To which clique would you belong at Amanogawa High School?
  5. Who is you favorite Zodiart?
  6. Do you prefer Scorpio or Libra?

Tears To Jewels – Sailor Moon Crystal 9 -MS 08

Join Sono and Ammit as they discuss the revelations of Queen Serenity’s real true identity and get some more Silver Millennium information.


Meat and Veggies

SMC 09 – Princess Serenity

-Usagi’s love for Mamoru breaks the seal on the LSC and her memories.

-Usagi and the others awaken to their memories.

-Mamoru is taken by Kunzite and Queen Beryl after they see the light of the LSC enter his body and possibly mistakenly believe that he has its power now, despite the fact that Usagi still has the tangible LSC.

-I’m confused about what Beryl and Kunzite did and did not see happen with Mamoru, but Usagi’s mention of the LSC not glowing or shining makes me wonder if she somehow transferred its power into him.

-Queen Metalia had fomented a war against Princess Serenity and Silver Millennium by tainting the minds of humans and especially possessing someone who looks like Queen Beryl. That woman struck and it seems killed Endymion, who I believe was the Prince of Earth’s unified Earth Kingdom, who was defending Princess Serenity just as Mamoru was defending Usagi.

-The final scene where Usagi is struggling with the idea of retaining her identity, despite now having these other memories. The others supporting her and reminding her of her strength was a  lovely scene.


-Was there magical travel between Earth and the Moon? That was a little unclear

-Usagi’s body transforms a bit after her memories are unsealed, this is made quite clear when the other Sailor Guardians visit her sometime after Mamoru’s abduction. This leads to an awesome scene in her bedroom, where her knights are acting as a personal court or entourage, hanging with her, cutting her hair which had lengthened and was glowing or at least had turned silver.

-What does Usagi’s bodily transformation after her memories are unsealed mean? I never gave this any thought in Yu-Gi-Oh where no one ever mention the transformation of Yugi to Yami with the power of the Millennium Puzzle, but I think these shows are on different levels.

-Here’s a cultural, societal question with a lot of set up, so please humor me here.

We have briefly touched on the fact that when she has done her Pen Changes, Usagi transforms into a different outfit, but also has a more shapely figure. When she breaks the seal on her memories her hair and bust change, namely they both grow. It seemed like a lot to me, almost to the point of distraction. But then I thought, what would a little girl be looking at? And it didn’t bother me, I was able to put on innocent lenses and just see the drama there for Usagi and I feared for Mamoru.

-Now, as a girl when you first watched, was Usagi’s bodily transformation as pronounced as it is here?

-Is it more about artistic expression of a change in her or is it more literal?

-Is the transformation about womanhood vs girlhood in some way? Do you feel that being buxom, if you can forgive the flightiness of that turn of phrase, is pushed forth as a sign of womanhood in a problematic way at all? I don’t think any girl or woman should feel like that is the standard. Perhaps I should stop talking and let you answer.


If you’d like to comment on our thoughts, or ask any questions our inbox is or we can be reached individually @sonoyourface and @trialofheroes on Twitter. We hope you enjoyed the show and thank you for listening.

The opening and closing for this episode can be found here and here, please check out the other cool work this musician has done.

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Set and SPIKED-Sailor Moon Crystal 9 Review

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 9- Princess Serenity

I have been duped and for that I am so grateful to Takeuchi. This is my favorite episode of Sailor Moon Crystal to date. I was utterly sold on the true identity of Princes Serenity in the previous episode, until the narrative itself dropped clues to the contrary. What I didn’t expect to have such a great impact on me were the telegraphed punches that landed this episode. The twist and the reincarnation device used to obfuscate the truth were competently delivered, if a bit cliché. That may be why my guard was down and I was taken so aback by Usagi’s emotional struggle that followed the revelation of her past memories. Watching Usagi suffer from reliving a history she freshly remembered, withdraw and gain the resolve to smile again and go rescue her boyfriend was wonderful.

The strong thread that has woven nearly everyone together has been managed with great care. Not only is the finished product fairly seamless but it feels about as natural as such a fairy tale can. I am excited about the possibilities that come with knowing how large a part reincarnation plays in this story because it gives me something about which I can speculate aside from enjoying what is actually playing out in the show. The information given to the viewer, including the misinformation from last episode serves the narrative well, without alienating viewers (at least not this viewer). The story has been straight forward and earnest, but with a wink and a nod here and there, to let on that there is more than there seems to be. One could argue that Luna was deceiving everyone this whole time and that Takeuchi has drummed up the drama from this twist in a crass attempt to hawk her manga, but the brevity of the feint, tells me that isn’t true. The real selling point, all the tension and drama has come from character work. I care about Usagi and her friends because they have been well-written and their relationships, which have formed around their mission, are fairly strong and believable. I care about Usagi and Mamoru’s relationship, creepy moments aside. I care so much that after watching this episode in two runs, hours apart, I felt myself getting emotional when Usagi could do nothing but see her love taken away by malevolent forces.

There were some issues however. I felt the usage of reincarnation was a bit much, as if everyone we’ve seen given a name may turn out to be a reincarnated somebody. That would be asking too much to ask of the audience, I think. Another big issue is animation. This is a pivotal episode. The final scene was beautifully animated, if blocked in a slightly distracting manner, Minako’s close-ups come to mind. The problem is that there were a few scenes in the middle of the episode where people were making little to no expression, their faces seemed really off-model and at one point Usagi reminded me a bit of the catch of the day. I don’t mean to be brutal, but the contrast between the final scene and the handful of preceding weaker scenes really casts them in a poor light.


For not relying on cliché to compel viewers and engaging me through weeks of set up and storytelling this episode earns 4 out of 5, despite some wonky animation.