In-depth discussion and analysis of various Rider shows. You may disagree with what we have to say about these shows, but listen and learn what we think most people overlook or refuse to see in these children’s toy-selling TV shows.

Kiva Class

Kiva is so~ good. If you don’t believe us and don’t want to jump into watching it right away, listen to the first episode and give the discussion of it a chance to win you over.

*Coming Soon* Double/W

 OOO Course

OOO is a strong series with a great aesthetic, a lot of likeable characters and some touching personal stories. On the other hand, all the stuff with Ankh towards the end and some issues with Hina and Mezul do drag it down. We were fairly divided on this show, so you can jump in and join the debate.


In progress.

*Coming Soon* Wizard School

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