Stuffing – Rider Jump 16

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No, this isn’t an error, this is Rider Jump 16, NOT 15. I (Ammit) have yet to finish editing our MASSIVE Rider Jump 15, helmed by Cannibal Sarracenian, which I am stubbornly going to document as an ongoing failure of mine to get this thing done in a timely manner by calling it episode 15 whenever I happen to finish it. Anyway, Sono and Aleph got together and had a fun conversation about a bunch of Rider and Sentai stuff including suit designs and subbing wars.


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@NeedsMoreAleph for Aleph,

@MamaFriesMeal for Sono,

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One thought on “Stuffing – Rider Jump 16

  1. This Rider Jump episode was great! I agree that recoloured Kivalas with Kiva and Dark Kiva colours is a cool idea. And Sono, congrats on convincing Aleph to like W a bit more with that happy scene of Terui talking to Haruna. I wouldn’t recommend that entire movie, though, due to some questionable scenes (something about some evil lady giving Chase a feather that messes with his brain).
    Also interesting to hear you talk about Power Rangers: I haven’t watched all of Dino Charge, but I like a lot of it so far. Perhaps it’s because it’s a step up from a couple of recent seasons, but I think it stands all right on its own too.

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