Resistance Is Fruitile -Drive X Gaim: Full Throttle -RX! 109

Today we’re putting Kamen Rider Drive to the test as speedy as we can, as we discuss:

Kamen rider Drive X Kamen rider Gaim: Full Throttle!

Q1:  One of the purposes of the crossover movies is to provide an epilogue or thematic closure to the previous series: do we think the Gaim section managed that?

Q1A:  If you had not watched Gaim, would this make you want to?

Q1B:  How annoyed would you be if you did so?

Q2:  On this show, we’ve criticized Gaim for featuring a protagonist who just rolls over and accepts the rule of a power claiming to represent “evolution”; in this movie, he fights such a creature.  Too little/too late or a welcome bit of pushback to how Gaim ended?

Q3:  A common sentiment on this very program is that we’ve been fond of Kouta when he’s written by people who are not Gen Urobuchi: how did we like him here and how did we like the rest of the returning cast?

Q4:  Does the conflict with Kamen Rider Lupin adequately explore or explain what it is to be Kamen Rider or why there can (apparently) be only one?

Q5:  The “something special” the movie talks about as the reason Shinnosuke can be Drive is revealed, off-handedly, to be confidence and potential: does that imply anything about what the series thinks of the rest of the cast?

Q6:  What do we feel about the Drive section overall as it relates to the show it’s advertising?  Does it fit in with the show we’ve been covering?

Q7:  How did we like the idea of bringing the two shows together through the idea of having the Borg getting curious about Roimudes?  Bit of a stretch, clever connection or something else?

Q8:  Was the traditional crossover-ending cavalcade of CGI nonsense ending with a double-Rider Kick affecting for you this time ‘round?  Did the movie earn the applause it was aiming for?

Sono asked for us to share her notes, so enjoy her screaming at this dumb movie:

Sono: From here on are my notes, which are pretty much raw reactions to the movie as I watched it, minus the swearing and edited slightly to make real sentences out of things instead of just constant run-on’s. A lot can probably be ignored but there are a few points I’ll probably go on to bring up.


Okay so we are starting this with Mai getting kidnapped. Really? REALLY? Kidnap Kota’s bunny friend. Mai has been through enough.

The amount of CGI in this opening scene is killing me. Is this at all necessary? I mean I know it’s Gaim and that its whole budget when into CGI at the expense of literally anything else but come on.

So Earth is threatened because Kouta got caught off guard. Again. Thanks, Kouta.

Wait. Helheim got assimilated and then Megahex (????????) left for Earth. But Helheim still seemed pretty okay? I mean other than Mai being kidnapped which NO ONE HAS MENTIONED YET, but like… It didnt seem to hurt the planet at all? What is Kota so concerned about?

Apparently seeing Micchy still makes me want to vomit. Great. Takatora’s eyeliner is still on point though.


Why are Kota and Megahex even fighting? I do not understand??? This doesn’t make sense. Nothing has been explained so far.

So Kota fell from the sky bleeding magical fruit sparkles, lost his god powers, and turned back into normal Kota. And everyone got hit by a rainbow that formed form the impact. This MIGHT just be a bad skittle commercial. I’m not sure.

The hex flooring cgi can dissolve people. Thats the first time anything in this movie has been mildly threatening and I’m 10 minutes in.

Michi does not care about anyone do not try to lie to me, movie. I’m not stupid.

Okay so it seems like this comes down to the idea of Individuality vs. The Hive Mind. Wasn’t that the plot of the SHOW??? I mean not directly I guess but… Geez. This feels really redundant and awkward.

This did jack all to Heheim. Why is it screwing up Earth so badly?

I’m hardly paying attention to this fight so I’m gonna take this chance to note that Gaim and Baron were dancing together earlier. Are all the teams together now? I didn’t make it to the end of Gaim so please clear that up for me because when I left everyone hated each other. Also Chucky, Rika, and Rat arent’ here. did they flee the city? I hope they did. They deserve better than all of this.


This makes no sense and I think it requires me to know stuff from the end of Gaim (Which isn’t bad, as this is supposed to be closure for that.) and also requires me to care which I do not.

Why are we all gathered at the Team Gaim garage? Why not take MIcchy to your huge house? Or even better, a HOSPITAL????? You are in a GARAGE.

I’m now 15 minutes in and all I’ve seen of Chucky, Rika, and Rat is a photo from before the show when Yuya was alive. This is not working toward winning my favor.

MAI YOU WERE KIDNAPPED. WHY ARE YOU APPEARING TO THIS JERK IN A DREAM hooooooooly hell this is… why? why is this happening? Why did I agree to this? I am too sober for this.

Okay so Mai has been kidnapped. For 15 mintues no one even BRINGS THIS UP, and now Mai is just being totally self sacrificing and going “Nah blow this place up its cool if I die.” I am so not into what’s going on here this is so dumb.

Wait wait wait back up a few seconds. Micchy still has a belt? Takatora said he had the last one and didn’t he just give that over to his brother??? Mai didn’t give him another belt. What the heck is happening here? Where did this belt come from!?


Its hilarious how they’re talking about things being hollow because this whole movie is hollow so far. It probably requires an emotional investment that I just dont have but holy heck, I’m just really not feeling any of this. It’s all the reasons I hated this show come back to haunt me and the few characters I really liked arent even here to make it slightly better.

“I will save you! Thats the only way I can redeem myself!” EX. CUSE. ME!??!?!?!?!

The exposed machinery on Ryouma’s face is actually really cool and is a nice effect in line with the sort of “body horror” we keep talking about with Kamen Rider.

MIcchy did you just shoot Mai?! Why did you think that would go well? But it did it went fine she isn’t hurt at all. I’m so angry he saved her. He doesn’t deserve this. He doesn’t deserve to feel redeemed. He hurt SO MANY PEOPLE this doesn’t make up for jack shit.

Ugh I so hate the idea of machines being opposed to emotions and the idea of “sentiment”. I mean a thing I really love about the Roimudes is that they try to embrace that and use it. This feels like such a step back.

I’m also kind of bothered by these machines that were created to reject nature (re: Helheim) being able to assimilate organic matter so easily.

And once again Mai is left to do literally nothing while the boys fight.

I do really want to believe in Takatora for some reason. Thats a weird thing that’s going on with me in this movie. I dont actually know what went on with him in the later half and his actions were the final straw that knocked me off the Gaim wagon, but somehow he feels so genuine in this. Like he really does have regrets that he lives with and will always live with no matter if he saves the world now or not.

Takatora being willing to die with Megahex to stop him really just backs up what Im feeling about him. He’s caused so much damage that he’s willing to die to keep that damage from happening again. He doesnt want to be redeemed. He wants the safety of the world even at his own expense and I hate to say it but holy hell that’s what a Kamen Rider should be. Takatora’s eyeliner isn’t the only thing about him that’s on point right now.




Okay, okay. Wait. I got excited too soon. Kota got his god powers back, and him existing gives Mai her god powers back? Like that is totally reliant on him? You can’t give this girl FIVE MINUTES of her own agency? She spends this whole movie crying to Micchy and now her god powers are also 100% reliant on Kota having his powers and showing up to save her?!

The Megahex copies show up and all I can think of is that one bit in Steven Universe where they’re fighting Peridot’s marbles over and over and Garnet is like “We can’t fight these forever! Okay, we can, but I don’t feel like it.”


Oh my god are we reusing the slowdown stock footage AGAIN? You couldn’t even be bothered to film new bits for that?! This is so lazy.

Oh my god he runs and holds his cape up so it flutters behind him Lupin is a NERD.

Man the CGI in this movie is bad…

There goes Krim not telling people things again. Krim you know shit is going on why not just explain and then Shinnousuke can do his brain blast thing and we can just skip the fluff?

Krim hints that Shinnosuke has something beyond speed and strength that qualified him to be drive. I assume this is his weird genetic immunity to mental stuff that we recently learned about. Since this movie was pretty early on, that’s kind of a nice drop, but there’s way too much distance between the drop and the payoff.

Rinna builds a thing literally overnight, AGAIN, and no one is impressed. I guess since she does it all the time, it’s not remarkable to them? It should be though. Come on. At least be impressed that she makes this stuff so fast!!

Why is Brain concerned about Zawame CIty? Why does he even know what that is???

Oh my god Otta in the back of the truck. What a gem.

How the heck did the density shift thing get broken?????

Oh my god Shinnousuke did you just ask how Krim knew his hideout was the GIANT CASTLE UP ON TOP OF A HILL???? Where else would it be?!

The explanation behind Krim being a belt is in this movie. Yet another thing that should be present in real canon that is explained via extra-canon material. Great. A+, Drive. At least they’re consistent.

Back up. Tojo looked into Drive’s origins and was literally able to trace everything back to Krim and find the mansion and hijack the robot body? He was able to do this and NO ONE ELSE WAS??? KYU COULDNT???

“A feeble-minded fool who reduced himself to menswear.” oh my god thats so good.

So Lupin wants to be a hero Rider? I mean sure why not? He’s about as qualified as anyone else in this show.

Giving Krim all the credit for snapping Shinnosuke out of his funk is pretty bull.

So Shinnouske is totally by himself without Krim huh? No partner to rely on? No one watching his back and helping him fight? No one looking out for him and making sure he’s focused? No one at all, huh?????? No one?????


VEGAS BRINGING UP KIRIKO’S WORDS OH MY GOD. All the little honks are so supportive. They want to help.


Aww man you’re really not gonna show Tojo in the police skirt? Come on I have earned that after what this movie has put me through.

“Kiriko would never smile to cheer me up. Kiriko only smiles when I’ve done my job properly.” I”d like to factor back to our discussion on Kiriko’s smile and the fact that I think its is a pretty good show of what it means. Shinnousuke knows Kiriko doesn’t smile for other people’s sake. She won’t smile just to make someone feel better. She smiles when she’s proud of him. When she is legitimately happy, Kiriko will smile. Protecting Kiriko’s smile is giving Kiriko reasons to be happy. Not that she can’t find happiness on her own, but that these are people who care about her and want to make someone they care about happy. Kiriko does the same for the. She looks after them. She protects them. They want to do the same for her.

Lupin has a great henshin tho.


“The one who taught me what that name stands for is Kiriko.” There is a lot of verbal acknowledgement of Kiriko’s position in Shinnosuke’s life but wouldn’t it have been better if he SAVED HER FIRST and then she drive the car and helped him launch onto the balloon and then didn’t wreck the magic car and then climbed up on the roof and flipped Lupin the bird??? Disappointed in all of the telling and not showing, especially when Shinnousuke had this big emotional thing about Krim being broken, but seems to not really be showing any emotional concern for Kiriko…

This hot air balloon is not safe…

Oh good everyone is falling to their deaths. Nice.

Mildly annoyed that in his distress, Shinnosuke gains power while Kiriko still needs saving…Not a good parallel.

I hope Kiriko marries this car. Fuck everyone else I want Kiriko to get with Tridoron. Shinnosuke didn’t do jack shit to save her.

Oh look Chase is here thanks for showing up 15 minutes late.

“This will be the only time you have my help.” hahahaha you keep telling yourself that buddy.

KIRIKO SHOULD ALWAYS HAVE TO DRIVE FOR THE RIDER KICK DRIVE SHOULD FULLY BE RELIANT ON HER ACTIONS TO DO THINGS. Shinnousuke’s actions should always require assistance from his partner.


The megahex got ultimate power from a broken roimude? Really?

Did Shinnosuke just drive all the way to Zawame that quick??? Is it the next town over?

Oh my god that conversation between Shinnouske and KOuta was great. “I might be some kind of space god?????” “lol okay whatever buddy lets just kick this guy in the face.”


IM SO ANGRY ABOUT THIS GAIM CAST SPEECH BECAUSE THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT I WANTED THE SHOW TO BE AND THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT IT WAS NOT “Individuality is potential. We dont have to be perfect. We just need to work together toward a better future.” Ugh I’m so annoyed. Gaim doesn’t deserve to deliver a message like that.

aaaaaaaa okay but then the Roimudes show up like “Nahhhhh we like individual personalities in our robot hivemind its fun that way” and omg Brain just like “haha we’re gonna hang out and beat these guys up with you just for funsies.” Good guys and bad guys fighting a badder guy together is my favorite thing about crossovers.

Riders also not understanding how each other’s stuff works is also my favorite thing.

Why would Shinnosuke assume Mai is a goddess? I mean he’s right but what if she’s just some blonde girl with weird heterochromia?

Mai what unholy abominations have you just created???

Oh god Shinnousuke turning the wheel on the sword and just pushing Kouta foward. “Go get ‘em, sport.” How great.

This dual-finisher is the dumbest most beautiful thing I have ever seen.


They can’t get in the car oh my god.


Oh my god Shinnosuke is just going full nerdy dad on Kouta oh my god.

Giant mecha space car dragon. Yeah this is a Rider Movie Wars. Also why do the dragons keep making tiger noises???

These two are both idiots and I have no idea how they plan to survive this.

…They survived by fucking spraying juice in the magic space car dragon’s face I can’t believe it


Mai and Kiriko should have driven the car. This would have been a lot more exciting.

“I suppose the Kamen Riders have earned some applause for today.” And then Heart, Brain, and Chase just turn and walk away good lord that is a level of sass I was not expecting.

How does Kota know what a police officer is? They dont have police in Zawame.

“We should leave without saying goodbye.”


Okay so they can turn off the god powers at will??? Also are they just gonna say goodbye to the B-Team or are they gonna go visit everyone else too? Okay we’re just gonna leave that open. Sure. Why not.

So is Lupin just haunting the Drive Pit now? Is he just hanging out in canon just watching everything go all to hell and laughing about it? Does he get angry when Shinnouske fails because he expects better of his rival? I want to see all of canon from this point through LUpin’s eyes. That would be great.

I like this song but this end sequence is boring as heck…

The new music featured in the inrto and outro is an awesome song, She-Wolf from Valery & the Greedies’ album Where’s Satan? the album is really cool and you should check it out here.

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Good in Her- Sailor Moon Crystal 24 Review


Sailor Moon Crystal 24 – Attack -Black Lady

In the latest Sailor Moon Cystal, Usagi Tsukino: average student and teen-mom shows audiences across the world what love really is. This episode was great. I really wish that certain episodes of TV shows can be made compulsory viewing like books are in American schools at least. I don’t know how it works in other countries, but from going to many many schools I experienced gaps in my mandatory reading and I’m an outlier in some circles where many people have read certain books like Catcher in the Rye or To Kill a Mockingbird and I have not. I always thought the concept was frustrating especially because all of the books are older and they didn’t really appeal to me but there were a few winners among them. I particularly enjoyed The Giver and 1984 as well as Fahrenheit 451. Watching this episode of Sailor Moon crystal I was entertained throughout but most particularly when Black lady and Sailor Moon were talking to each other.

24-C24-DThe interaction so strongly rings of one taking place between a parent and child. Despite the fact that the stakes are ridiculous, the sentiments in the scene were real; so real, that they struck a nerve with me. In my first review of Sailor Moon Crystal I identified with Usagi. I still do and that is why I stated at the beginning that I believe this episode should be compulsory viewing maybe not for students but perhaps for adults or parents. Far too often we become wrapped up in the vicissitudes of the adult or real world and it takes something to shake us from that. Throughout history people have worked to enlighten themselves and make themselves sensitive to the deeper truths of life that got lost in the daily grind. Perhaps the things going on in my life that cause me to strive for introspection and self-correction amplify my perception of the show as so lofty a thing, but I feel confident in saying that this is something worthwhile and substantive. The fact that it is packaged in magical girls, short skirts, shiny attacks and a bit of melodrama does not decrease the effectiveness of the message, this message or any other that Takeuchi has passed on to readers and viewers of Sailor Moon.

In Conclusion

Act 24 earns a 5 out of 5 for making me cry and think about life a bunch making Wiseman amazing villain, giving me hope for Chibi-Usa’s redemption, sfowcasing Usagi’s stunning power and inner-strength and making me root for Prince Demande for a moment or two.

Cob-Ooh-Toe! – Rider Jump 5

4-Rider Jump -B

Dubbing the Path to Heaven

Today we’re covering a little bit of a general discussion on a few episodes of the Indonesian dub of Masked Rider Kabuto. It leads to us talking about G  Gundam and Gundam in general.

The above was made a few years back by Captain Holland’s Comic Vine page

This outline’s our discussion spared by Kabuto

  • Police Brutality? The worm lady apprehension in episode 3?
  • Clandestine Organisations with Lots of Power and How EVIL they are i.e. ZECT Lady to Kagami: We’ll kill the guy if he doesn’t cooperate.
  • Kagami (or Yuri Aso and Megumi Aso… or V3) is Shijima Gou done well
  • Tendou as Kenshin Himura- Not wanting to mess up his tofu and clowning his way through breaking a woman out of jail!
  • Dubbing thou art silly!- do you have a hard time taking the dub voices totally seriously? Who is the best and worst in these three episodes?
  • Self-Righteous Hypocrite or Person of Good Taste?– Is there a problem with me for disliking certain over the top, way too into themselves Riders, but so far REALLY enjoying Tendou who IS that to the Nth degree?
  • The Sun is a massive tool: Thoughts on the cast themselves and/or thoughts on how they were dubbed? (ties into earlier question)
  • The distance of text: Would you react to some of the cornier bits differently if you were reading them as opposed to hearing someone say them?
  • Overall thoughts on the episodes themselves?  Would these first three eps be enough to get you in?
  • Do you watch many dubs/personal opinions thereupon?
  • Paramilitary pay sucks: A member of an elite military organization needs a second job?  Ouch.
  • Tendou respects the eff outta food.  Seriously, don’t smoke after eating around him.  He will wreck your mess.  And in front of children?  Oooooh, you have messed up.
  • A touch of horror: The Worm’s whole deal as body-snatchers leaving their secretion-y lairs behind. Scary or cornball?  YOU DECIDE!
  • Narrator Powers Activate!: I love/hate how the narrator pops in to explain Clock Up

For some more information on Kamen Rider generally and WHERE to find that last movie or show you haven’t yet been able to find, check out this Kamen Rider Guide mentioned a few times in the episode.

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Complex: A Diagnosis of Chibi-Usagi- Sailor Moon Crystal 23 -MS 21

In this Moon Speak, Sono and Ammit look at the latest Sailor Moon Crystal through the lens of an armchair psychoanalysis of a Small Lady whose life dramatically changed when her mother’s past caught up to her. To put it simply: why did Chibi-Usagi go bad?

This episode we forgo our usual structure of breaking down Crystal into two linear blocks of discussion we call the Meat and Veggies and the Frills


Scenario One: It’s All Greek to Me

Is Chibi-Usagi dealing with an Electra complex? Did Chibi-Usagi see her mother emasculated and transfer her feelings towards Mamoru who has taken possession of the Moon Rod and whose power began to display as Usagi’s was fading?

Background on Electra and the Electra Complex

Carl Gustav Jung, not Sigmund Freud coined the phrase “Electra Complex.” Freud apparently rejected the term because it didn’t fully describe for girls what he had come to understand as the Oedipus Complex in boys. As far as I can tell, the conflict was in accurately relating the terms to the myths from which they were derived. Oedipus accidentally killed his father and married his mother; Electra didn’t do the opposite. Freud was comfortable adding negative, or female in front of Oedipus when talking about the development stage in girls. Jung used Electra as an identifier specific to girls and women, for reasons I cannot discern; perhaps to eliminate possible confusion and increase clarity. Electra in mythology conspired with her brother to kill their mother and stepfather who had killed their father. The key for both psychoanalysts seems to be the killing of the same-sex parent.

Freud, who was a senior colleague of Jung in the field of psychoanalysis, developed the Oedipus complex concept as a model to explain psychosexual development and maturation in boys. The idea is that boys know Mother as their world because Father is off doing other stuff and only comes around for a bit every day. The child feels possessive of Mother and sees Father as a rival for affection, thus he wants to kill Father so he can possess Mother. Frued works in body (genital) awareness too as well as the child seeing sex and gender differences and the child recognizing that the segregation of himself from the parental bed when Father comes to be with Mother might have something to do with distinct anatomy and that is where the sex (as in the act) sort of comes in. It isn’t truly incestuous desire the child has for Mother, it is more about attention and affection. The boy and Mather being similarly distinct from Mother sets up competition in the child’s mind where she can only have one male in her life and he wants to be it, because he can’t yet understand that isn’t true. The child identifies and assimilates traits to become like Father for protection from the big guy and possibly to become even more irresistible to Mother.

The model basically flips for girls, but Freud and Jung both spoke of the girl’s distress to some degree at realizing she has no penis. She then realizes that she and Mother share this lack of a penis, which Father possesses and so she sees herself as in competition with Mother and takes the same steps to replace Mother for Father’s love and affection.

In the end though, the Electral/Oedipal complex is actually not about sexual desire, but about maturation and learning to integrate in to society by accepting and choosing to live by its norms. According to Freud and Jung, Moral growth is seen as the result of healthily navigating psychosexual development. Men and Women who don’t have adequate guidance as their bodies grow and develop physically are seen to be moral outliers who rely on sexuality through vanity, charm and seduction to cope with their damaged and incomplete psyches or else become weak and diminutive adults unable to function in society.


Breaking Phall-icies

I hate the idea of swords as phallic symbols and penises as instruments of power, so I don’t mean that literally, but I want to draw on the somewhat crude psychological or psychosexual constructs I just introduced for the purposes of this discussion.

Sailor Moon has been talked up to her by King Enymion, who says she is just like her, so when she sees Sailor Moon as powerless, and beyond help, she wants to save herself and King Endymion. When she embraces Darkness, she becomes a physically mature woman and a Queen who naturally pairs with a King. She already has a King on hand who she has loved for years. She speaks of King Endymion as a possession and attacks Usagi as part of a plan to secure him.

Love Without Bounds

What might happen to a maladaptive person, a child who grew up and was stuck in this weird place of wanting to possess their opposite sex parent through replacing their same sex parent? I don’t want to look into real case studies, but it certainly seems like Takeuchi explores that possibility here.

Scenario Two: She’s Totally Rad

Can Chibi-Usagi joining Black Moon be liked to a Western Youth joining Al Queda or ISIS?


A common factor among radicalized youths popularized in the media is that they often express feelings of not belonging to Western Society. Whether they were treated poorly and then attached themselves to an ideology or were born into a belief system and then marginalized because of that they have reacted to their woes by turning against their birthplace. This has parallels to Small Lady’s experience.

Chibi-Usagi felt she didn’t belong and Wiseman offered her a place to be. She joined him and flourished… literally. Her centuries of stunted growth and undeveloped power ended when she left Silver Millennium and joined Wiseman’s side as the Queen of Darkness. She felt oppressed by her stature in Silver Millennium despite her actual station and when Neo Queen Serenity ejected her form the Crystal palace, it confirmed deep seeded suspicions that she had never really belonged to Neo Queen Serenity anyway. She had felt like an outsider and then was made one.

A World Worth Fighting For

Her time in the foreign place called her home brought her much pain, but a glimmer of hope as well. The one aspect of the world that wasn’t cruel, that accepted her was King Endymion and with him brought near to here she doesn’t care what happens to anyone else who was part of the society that so mistreated her. Her World, is Endymion and she’ll do what she must to secure it.


Ammit’s Favorite Line

“He rebelled against Wiseman and then attempted to escape. He deserved it.”

-Black Lady shrugging her shoulders and basically not giving a glass bead about Wiseman executing Rubeus in response to Saphir and Demande inquiring after their ally.

Sono’s Favorite Line

“I guess this means I’m no longer qualified to enter the palace. I knew I never belonged here.”

-Black Lady when was ejected form the Crystal Palace.

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*Clears Throat* -Drive 33 -RX! 108

Today we’re putting Kamen Rider Drive to the test as speedy as we can, as we investigate:

33 Who Killed Shinnosuke Tomari?

Q1-Did you enjoy how the revelation that Freeze didn’t kill Eisuke was played? Does it make sense in context of the series?

Q2-What do you think about Gou’s long con? Is this a Rider-y thing to do, like with the Double Riders in OOO X Den-O? What about his apology to Kiriko and her affirmation of ardent faith in him?

Q3-What do you think about Chase telling Gou he is finally a Rider because he put his life on the line to protect people? What did he mean by putting his life on the line, when did that happen after he joined the Roimude?

Q4-Do you feel the scenario with Shinnosuke and Krim is too similar to Fourze or W? Does it bother you? Specifically regarding: death and resurrection, two minds in one body?

Q5-How did the Type Tridoron debut go for you from Jump start to the end of the battle? Was there enough tension and drama, did you like how the whole SCU had a part in it?

Q6-Do you take issue with Chase, Shinnosuke and Gou all being very concerned about Kiriko smiling and/or being happy? Is she a proxy for civilians or the world? Should she be?

FULL DISCLOSURE:  Ammit actually REALLY enjoyed this episode of Drive. He might even buy a SH Figuarts Tridorn, despite wanting to boycott all merch from Drive.

We had so much great feedback from listeners this week. We’re thankful for this solid episode of Drive and all your comments on it.

NEXT EPISODE| 34 Who Killed Tomari Eisuke?

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Truth and Beliefs – Sailor Moon Crystal 23 Review

Sailor Moon Crystal 23 – Covert Maneuvers -Wiseman

External and internal Mind Control is in play in a major way in the latest installment of Sailor Moon Crystal. Covert Maneuvers is not only an apt description of what Wiseman has been doing to Prince Demande and the Black Moon all along, but it also reflects something deeper that has been going on in the Silver Millennium family. While Demande and Saphir have been overcome by Wiseman’s power, much of their personality seems to be intact- almost to the point of Demande seeming unaffected. Chibi-Usagi’s manner and appearance differs though in that she seems to be in full control of herself, but with a change in mindset. The brothers are under the sway of Wiseman’s power while the princess believes in him and what he represents.

I won’t suggest just yet that Wiseman (or Phantom) did something to Chibi-Usagi centuries ago that caused her growth to stop or that this was all a part of his plan the whole time, but the dialogue form King Enymion in Act 21 concerning the insane ruler, Phantom (who must be Wiseman, right?) is possibly open enough for it to turn out that he somehow cursed Chibi-Usagi. Whether he would have cursed her so that he could hurt Usagi in a personal way or so that he could hold the key to unlock Chibi-Usagi’s awakening as a bargaining chit to make a move against Neo Queen Serenity is unclear, but I can easily see either or both as his motivation.

Amoral Conviction

The truth is often shaded by our experiences and Chibi-Usagi’s extended childhood and the woes she encountered never fully prepared her to deal with the likes of Wiseman, She is brave despite herself and certainly willful, but one with the mind of a child, no matter how precocious cannot be expected to have a fighting chance against one who uses the truth, with omissions, to make them see the world really is how they perceive it to be in with their limited scope. A conviction is a firmly held belief. Belief is a personal truth. We know the dangers of fanaticism and radicalized belief systems in our world and we get to see Chibi-Usa as that radicalized youth. She even changes her name as so many young men and women have when leaving behind an oppressive home and joining with a force larger than themselves to fight against the world that rejected and marginalized them.

Chibi-Usagi is convinced that all the pain that she suffered in unending prepubescence wherein she only knew love from her father and longing to be like her mother despite the vast chasm between them as people was a sign that she didn’t truly belong to the Silver Millennium. Crystal Tokyo was a prison for her. She couldn’t escape it and live her own life. She was ensnared by her rank and an impossible legacy she couldn’t possible carry on because she lacked something fundamental.


When Wiseman told Chibi-Usa he needed her and he gave her a place where she belonged, everything changed. It was as if she had been returned home, she had been released from the curse on her like a fairytale princess by embracing the Darkness and rejecting her false home and past. She is even willing to destroy the Earth and Neo Queen Serenity because she has her love, the only one who ever truly cared for and loved her. What proof is there that she belongs with the Darkness? Her awakening and growth make her into a woman and a s a woman she is ready to take her place at the head of a monarchy, just like her fraudulent mother.

In Conclusion

Act 23 earns a 4 out of 5 for packing an emotional wallop with a wide variety of ordinance that each serves to characterize the people we’re watching without slowing down the plot for a second. To go by the modern vernacular, one might say: feels + action = WIN.

Formula IS an Emotion! -Drive 31-32 -RX! 107

Today we’re putting Kamen Rider Drive to the test as speedy as we can, as we investigate:

31 Why were the Precious Memories Erased?


32 What Waits Beyond Evolution?

Q1-Are we witnessing Shinnosuke 2.0? Has he always been like this? There has been a change in him and how he is presented, right? If you’ve been disappointed by him thus far does he seem much better to you know?

Minor spoilers there be in Q2-What are your thoughts on Humiliation and therefore defeat being Freeze’s key to Ultimate Evolution? Is this too similar to Warsome Hakase collecting DATA with every defeat; Wiseman wanting Wizard to be really powerful for an actual reason; Gamou letting Fourze and Meteor run free as agitators that would catalyze the student body and Ryubei letting W operate for the sake of DATA <insert evil laugh here> and to unlock Philip’s XTREME capabilities for a legitimate reason.

Q3-What do you think could be the key to the 22 people having a resistance to Freeze’s ability? Why wasn’t Shinnosuke part of the virus/inoculation hoax? When were these people kidnapped? Is the anit-Freeze ability partly genetic, but then strengthened by epigenetics i.e. Eisuke and Shinnosuke being trained as cops?

Q4-Do you accept and enjoy the payoff of Otta’s inability to say “Roimude” and having denied their existence so adamantly early on in the series as well as the police generally laughing at the concept being a result of Freeze’s memory manipulation ability?

Q5-Is it a problem that Kiriko didn’t try talking to Gou when she saw him with Makage and then fighting Kamen Rider Chaser?


Gou is feeling so formula right now. Good thing he has a friend like Shinnosuke to help him with that.
Gou is feeling so formula right now. Good thing he has a friend like Shinnosuke to help him with that.

Facts-What we know, know about the plot and characters of the show


-Shinnosuke and Brain meet at the docks where the two go against their colleague’s advice and fight: the human sans Belt and the Roimude against civilian… err non-transformed Shinnsouke. Mr. Belt comes along and helps out Shinnosuke with a henshin and Gou comes along to stop Drive from hurting Brain. Gou essentially beats Shinnosuke shooting him into a body of water.

I am really enjoying Shinnosuke here. And I’m not sure why. He just feels like such a BADASS! Did he use Rinna’s anti-Roimude rounds against Brain?

-Mr. Belt is mad at Shinnosuke for recklessly going after the Roimudes, especially because, as he tells Kiriko, how frightened he is of 001. 001 was very involved in defeating Proto-Drive and menacingly handled Mr. Belt when he’d been knocked off of Chase.

-Makage exposits to Heart and Medic that they, Brain and he will evolve again from integrating a single human emotion fully into themselves. They have each gravitated towards an emotion: Heart has Joy, Brain has Envy, Medic has Adoration and Makage REFUSES TO SAY until Shinnosuke won’t stay down at the end of the episode, it is Humiliation. Once they achieve their evolution, they will cause a second Global Freeze.

Is Krim part Roimude at all? Will he evolve by owning and integrating FEAR or does none of this apply to him.

-Shinnosuke tricks Nira into revealing to his little friend, Midnight Shadow where Makage is and together they got to confront him. Makage uses Slowdown to hide his identity and sends the two enforcers he got from Medic to attack Shinnosuke. Chase shows up to deal with the enforcers so Shinnosuke can deal with 001, but he gets iced instead.

-Kiriko and Krim arrive just in time to see Shinnosuke fall. 001 mocks Krim and says he’ll never be free of the nightmare of being so powerless the night of the Global Freeze. 001 sends out a flurry and return to his human form and goes on like everything is normal, as do all the people who had just experienced SlowDown.

Did the flurry alter everyone’s memories?

-Chaser defeats the enforcers but is attacked by Mach unexpectedly.

-Shinnosuke just gets up after a minute or two and says he’s going to go after Makage, that he has 001 cornered. Makage tells Shinnosuke he has only met one other person who was unaffected by his ability to alter memories: Tomari Eisuke. Eisuke found out that the Roimude’s activities were being covered up from within the police 12 years prior but 001 became intimidated by his resistance to the memory manipulation and killed him at the bank robbery when the opportunity presented itself.

HOW? All they needed was drive I suppose. Makage sites unshakable will as the factor. I guess it is genetic?


-Freeze leaves Shinnosuke alone after beating him out of his transformation because it isn’t time for his great movement, err… MOMENT.

-The gang reasons that Freeze must have used the keyword “ROIMUDE” on the cops which is why Otta can’t say the word. Kiriko gets irritated with Chase for not yet having shared this valuable information.

Where is Otta’s scar then? Do all the police have the snowflake scars?

-Shinnosuke wakes up from his ice-needle removal procedure a little worn from Mad Doctors care, especially because he wasn’t transformed at the time, and is glad to hear that Rinna was able to make a sort of antidote for Freeze’s ability.

-Otta investigates the friends and families of the missing people and finds that Makage manipulated their memories. Rinna comes in with an antidote and sprays it in Otta’s face as he is prattling on about his duty and manliness to the take on the task. Otta has one of Shinnosuke’s brain blasts and can finally say the word “Roimude.” Rinna hugs him and they have a precious moment.

BTW folks, I’m not a shipper, but I can get behinds RinnaXOtta

-Chase sees Mr. Belt in the Drive Pit and asks why he isn’t with Shinnosuke. Mr. Belt asks Chase if he is afraid of the escalating situation, but Chase doesn’t understand Fear for he is a only a machine.

-Chase reminds Mr. Belt that it is a Kamen Rider’s duty to protect people and Krim asks him to take him to Shinnosuke.

-I’m fairly certain Shinnosuke laced Toruu’s pastry with the anti-Freeze, but they make the claim to Freeze at the secret lab that though memories may be erased, the emotions never really go away.

Did Shinnosuke spray Tooru’s pastry with anit-Freeze?

-Freeze tells Shinnosuke that he thought Eisuke was perhaps superhuman, but discovered through the virus/inoculation hoax from 10-12 years ago that the ability is rare and most potent so far in Eisuke and Shinnosuke. The kidnapees all have the ability to resist his memory freeze, but it doesn’t work so well for them.

-Mr. Belt jumps onto Shinnosuke and says he’s cast aside his fears and doubts and together they’ll beat Freeze.

It’s almost too bad Krim didn’t say “I’m done thinking about it!” This would have been a good time for that line, even in that form which feels ever so slightly problematic to me.

-With Type Formula Shinnosuke and Mr. Belt defeat Freeze causing him such distress and humiliation that he reaches his Ultimate Evolution. He claims invincibility and kills Shinnosuke by shooting him through the gut with an ice blast.

Potential Leads- These are things to keep an eye on, as they may develop into something more interesting or central to the narrative in time


-Shinnosuke takes up the case of a young man (Tooru ) who is looking for his father who went missing either one day or ten years ago. Makage is actively messing with the guy and he is accused of having done a sloppy kidnapping job, so what is going on here is purposely hard to follow

-Shinnosuke asks Krim to help him fight. Mr. Belt reluctantly agrees and they are beaten by Freeze who keeps egging them on to power himself up, perhaps.

Makage said earlier that Shinnosuke would help him to evolve, just like Heart who is probably talking about Gou as he had previously gotten really excited at seeing the guy surpass DeadHeat’s limitations and achieve a greater power, but it is hard to imagine now how Heart could use Gou to evolve himself unless he orders him to attack him all the time so that he grows like the Proxy or Kato to his Starkiller or Pink Panther.

-Freeze wants to do a second Global Freeze…. why?


-Apparently Chase knows that 001’s ability utilizes keywords to manipulate people’s memories and somehow Shinnosuke knows that in the case of the machinist family, “Fujiki Iwao”, the father’s name is the keyword.

When did Chase learn this? Will this show up in another bonus DVD? Will we see more of his restored memories later?

-What is Rinna running on her neck!?!?!?

-Chase and Heart fight until Heart knocks Chase out of his transformation and tells him that he just doesn’t make him happy enough and that only “he” can take him to his apex of Joy in the heat of battle. Chase wonders exactly who it is that Heart wants to use to push his emotion (Joy) to the extreme so he can unlock his Ultimate Evolution.

Will more come of this? Should Chase be able to have an Ultimate Evolution too? What about Krim? Is it because of the Drive Coriar system? Recall that Banno constructed the Roimude but they did not animate until Steinbelt lent him the tech.

-Makage dissed Nira, so he went to the SCU to help them go after Makage. He gives them information on a supposedly abandoned building with active utilities. The Shinnosuke believes the 20 kidnapees are being held and experimented on. He leaves to see Tooru without Mr. Belt.

Honganji VS Nira for the switch throwing and go get em’ was cute

-Mach V Chaser Round 3 without a word from Kiriko as to why Gou is still playing along with the Roimudes.

Is it an issue that Kiriko only said “Gou!” when she saw him with Makage?

Other Notes-Things that stick out, but aren’t really important to the narrative





Best Line?

“I do not understand that emotion. What I do understand is that a Kamen rider’s duty is to protect humans. Krim, that is what you taught me.”

Chase after Krim asks him if he is scared of 001 and the others.


“001, no matter how much power and authority you wield, you’re still just a criminal!”


NEXT| 32 Who Killed Tomari Shinnosuke?

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