Crescendo – Kiva Class 01 – unKamenCast-RX! 054


In what some might see as a rare turn of events, we discuss
the first 6 episodes of Kamen Rider Kiva and how awesome they are.
Forget what you may have heard about Inoue and look at his work with an
open mind because the quality of this show is almost staggering.
Watching just these less than 3 hours of Kiva has changed MC Pez. Expect
some changes in this show if you have been listening for a while. If
you are new to the show welcome aboard!

Please send us your feedback on Kiva and the shifts talked about in
-RX! Please try to avoid spoilers, but let you voice be heard we want to
know what you think about the show.

This episodes notes are as follows and yet they spawned a discussion over two hours long, and we had more to say!

Father and son (Mother and daughter too, as you will hear.)



Familial shame and guilt


Multiple Motivations

Complex characters

Strong women

(Legitimate) Mystery and Reveals


Need more Kiva discussion? Luckily for you we are dedicated to Riderology, so get yourself schooled now!

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