1-TOH Network Album Cover - 8b

TOH Network- If you love everything we do, you can get it all as it publishes by using the Network Feed


Trial of HeroesA (quarterly) show where we analyze the morality of super heroes and pop culture characters, and by proxy, the morality of the creative forces behind them.



unKamenCast-RX! the cure for the common Rider show. Weekly discussion that rotates covering the ongoing series with older series (currently working through Fourze), Kamentaries and topical discussions.

RSS | iTunes

5-Laser Knees-2016-Logo

Laser Knees your weekly source for biting analysis on Super Sentai

RSS | iTunes



Moon Speak a bi-monthly Sailor Moon Crystal show discussing the ongoing series. Currently waiting for Sailor Moon Crystal to start airing again.


4-Rider Jump -B

Rider Jump the show about anything and everything tangentially related to Kamen Rider. You can expect about one RJ a month.

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