Welcome to the TOH Network. We put heroes on trial because someone has to.

Here you will find shows discussing various genre fiction. My background is discussing and analyzing Tokusatsu, Kamen Rider in particular. You can find episodes of a long running weekly Rider show here. We have discussed Wizard, W, Kiva and Gaim as well as a smattering of films, including the Holy Trinity of Rider Movies on the unKamenCast-RX!

With the advent of Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger, we have added our very own Super Sentai show, Laser Knees, which you can hear weekly! Release targeted for Thursday.

Sono and I are covering Sailor Moon Crystal Season III. You can hear Moon Speak – Phase II every week. Release targeted for Wednesday.

If you prefer text, you can find bi-montly posts published the Monday after new Sailor Moon episodes (Moon Speak airs the Monday after that). We also currently have an ongoing weekly review of Person 4 the Golden Animation. In time more will be added. News isn’t as important here as is content, so don’t expect to find it here in a timely fashion, but when it strikes a nerve you may see some reactions.

As a rule we prefer to think clearly about subjects and welcome input, feedback and disagreements. Feel free to comment or otherwise contact us with any words we may stir within you.

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One thought on “Home

  1. For postmortem of Ghost. After Drive, I found myself wondering if I was needing a break from Rider for a year. Gladly, I was proven wrong by Ghost. I loved how the cast interacted with each other and all of the general themes worked for me. My main pleasure of the show comes from 2 things, Akari: after Drive’s woeful use of Kiriko, I was glad to see we got to have an intelligent and firecracker of a friend to Takeru… She used her scientific skills to help see and fight the Ganma and didnt become a damsel in distress for Takeru to save.. Grandma Fumi: any show that gets my 14 yr old twin son to say during The Heroic Tale of Alain that he misses her is a testament to the shows writing and cast to make us care for any of the characters on this show. While Ghost wasn’t perfect, I was very happy to watch this show and will miss Takeru and crew..

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