No Greater Love- Sailor Moon Crystal Act.37 Infinity 11- Moon Speak Phase-II 34


In this Moon Speak, Sono and Ammit discuss Act.37 which is Sailor Moon Crystal 38. This episode features uncontrollable emotions, lots of tears and a brief discussion of the Sailor Moon Crystal dub.

SMC38-Act37-3-SailorSaturn |Save As… to Download|Episode length: 1:10:21


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Nothing new for this week.

Monster of the Week (Basically)

Pharaoh 90 makes an appearance… mostly. It’s a very odd thing. Even Usagi and Chibi-Usa are taken aback, even after all the stuff they’ve seen.


Rough Demandes

Was there anything that rubbed you the wrong way?


  • I sure wish they hadn’t replayed a good deal of the concluding scene from last episode.
  • It seemed a bit odd that Usagi was calling upon the power of the Nine Planets, given that Hotaru is dead at this point.


  • There seemed to be a lot in this episode that was there just to fill time. A lot of animation from previous episodes and reaction shots. I know reactions shots help the drama but there were parts where there was two cycles of reaction shots from all ten-ish observers for every one thing that happened.
  • Hey, Ammit: Nine guardians, not nine planets. I figured she was either counting herself or Chibiusa.


What were some lovely things you found especially catching?


  • Everyone combining their attacks was so epic!
  • Pharaoh 90 absorbing their attacks and breaking out was a sight to behold!
  • That ROCKING METAL in the back ground as Pharaoh 90 was getting the upper hand was SO amazing.
  • Usagi’s resolve to protect everyone and sacrifice herself if need be was so beautiful. Her memories and her soliloquy hit me SO hard.
  • Sailor Saturn’s costume is fantastic.


  • Even Mamoru got to get in on it with Tuxedo La Smoking Bomber!
  • I love the Double Rainbow Moon Heartache, and I love how they chose to animate the stock footage for it. Usagi and Chibiusa look so fierce. And I always love a good double attack.

Quotable Quotes

What were some of the best or worst lines that stood out to you?

There were too many tears this week.


These are questions sparked by the episode. Sono and Ammit discuss them in the show and want to hear your thoughts too. Please comment on this post to answer or use Twitter, Tumblr or send your replies to the inbox.

  1. We’ve talked about Usagi basically being G-d. Do you think her sacrificing herself to save the others is a part of her apotheosis or an expression of her heroism?
  2. What are your thoughts on Saturn’s debut? How do you read her?
  3. What do you suppose caused the twist in fate? Is Hotaru living part of what brought Earth to Pharaoh 90’s attention?
  4. Does the time-logic make sense in all this? Should everyone take for granted that they will make it through this and Usagi will be fine?

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