Behind Frenemy Lines- Sailor Moon Crystal Act.31 Infinity 5- Moon Speak Phase-II 29


In this Moon Speak, Sono and Ammit discuss of Act.31 which is Sailor Moon Crystal 32. This episode features tokens of friendship, hints at possession, foreshadowing Saturn cutting into the show and Pluto’s Death Scream.

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Here at the TOH Network, we like to acknowledge the people who work on all the shows we discuss and offer thanks for their effort as we critique the finished product.


Nothing new for this week.

Monster of the Week (Basically)

Tellu level 404 Death Buster of the (formerly) Witches 5 is defeated in this episode. Pluto gets her in one move.


Rough Demandes

Was there anything that rubbed you the wrong way?


This episode was so tight and everything was so good that i can actually think of nothing to complain about except for the fact that Professor Tomoe and Mamoru don’t look very dissimilar.


I’m also pretty good all around. There was a little too much stock footage maybe, but given how much character work and set up for future things went into this episode, I can let it go.


What were some lovely things you found especially catching?


  • Kyusuke who we met at the amusement park gifts Chibi-Usa a Sailor Moon pen holder as a… token of their friendship. She decides to gift Hoatru with the Grail she made as a token of their friendship.
  • The ominous star field now has a fourth star shining brightly. I am sure that the destruction coming alongside the Senshi is actually the quiet surging of this power represented by this wandering star.
  • Hotaru is so sweet. She won’t take the Grail but appreciates it so much. She really is touched by Chibi-Usa’s offer.
  • Makoto cutting the Tellun plant played much cooler and dramatic than it really had any right to. That’s the power of anime!
  • Hotaru wanted the Legendary Silver Crystal desperately as something inside of her seemed stirred as she was stricken by her illness. Is she possessed by Pharaoh 90?!


  • [In reference to Ammit on Hotaru’s sweetness.] Agreed!! This was so cute. Hotaru is the biggest sweetheart. I also thought it was really cute that Chibiusa didn’t want to give it to Mamoru because that would be unfair to Usagi, who also worked hard on it.
  • MAN THE FASHION THIS EPISODE. DANG. Especially Haruka. That outfit is slick as heck and really works for her. Nice to see her in something more feminine, but still very tough and true to her personality. Usagi’s dress was also super cute.
  • Pluto’s entrance was super super cool. And true to who she is, it was in the service of protecting Small Lady.

 Quotable Quotes

What were some of the best or worst lines that stood out to you?


“Who is that? Someone is suffering.”

“Someone very close to us.”

“Our allies?”

-Michiru and Haruka, as Tellu is absorbing power from the girls, and from people with her plants.


“Mugen Botanical Garden is our enemy.”

-Makoto to Usagi after she and the others realize the Tellun plants are part of a Death Busters plot.

“Listen Haruka. We’re all Sailor Guardians. Why can’t we fight together? Why don’t you say anything?”

-Usagi at Haruka and Michiru’s door after chasing them home.

“What superfine energies!”

-Tellu of the Withces 5 upon absorbing some of the Sailor Guardians’ energy.


We talked a bit about Chibi-Usagi’s Moon Rod and how silly her Pink sugar Heart Attack was in the 90’s anime. Sono wanted everyone to see it for themselves.


sm103c05 Link for Context


These are questions sparked by the episode. Sono and Ammit discuss them in the show and want to hear your thoughts too. Please comment on this post to answer or use Twitter, Tumblr or send your replies to the inbox.

  1. Mamoru’s powers are so vaguely defined as to be nigh indiscernible. He is basically Sailor Earth, but where do you think his power comes from?
  2. I noticed Michiru used the word “Allies” when she and Haruka were sensing Tellu’s threatening aura. Are Haruka and Michiru starting to come around on working with the Senshi?
  3. Professor Tomoe implies that he (and possibly Kaori and the rest of the Death Busters set) are non-defective Daimon. He talks about putting eggs in Vessels after taking their Hostes and producing only “defective Daimon.” So are the Death Busters all basically deviled space eggs, then?
  4. Pluto mentioned “incarnation” this episode. Hotaru thought it felt like there was someone else inside of her when she longed for the Legendary Silver Crystal. Usagi struggled to not be taken over by Queen serenity. What do you think is happening with Hotaru?
  5. What do you think triggered Chibi Sailor Moon getting her own Moon Rod?

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One thought on “Behind Frenemy Lines- Sailor Moon Crystal Act.31 Infinity 5- Moon Speak Phase-II 29

  1. I would have been nice to see Chibi-Usa get a decent attack this time around but at least she isn’t as silly and obnoxious as she was in the nineties. Thanks for sharing.

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