Please excuse the modicum of pretension of which you may feel I am possessed in choosing the portmanteau moniker of feminine deities to direct my thinking and writing on this site. My purpose is to come at the world of super heroes, wherever they are, from a perspective contrary to what I had held for so long and with which I sometimes still struggle. There seems to be a vocal group in so-called nerd culture and genre fandom that still maintain old ways of thinking when it comes to equality and representation and that is not something about which I want to stay silent. I believe that content creators should hold themselves to a higher standard and strive to make art that is meaningful as well as flashy and cool. I will endeavor to surround myself with smart, passionate individuals who will help me to widen my perspective on representation of women and all the ill-regarded groups in genre fiction and mass media and present meaningful conversation discussing the failures and successes found there-in.


We mix objectivity with passion. We can look at any form of media, see what it is doing with the tools it has and how well those things are executed and judge it on those merits as well as what it is actively saying and portraying with those tools. There is no fan-pass granting to shows that portray negative, unhealthy, behavior as good or cool, but hate isn’t the goal either. We understand that people make the things we look at and seek to speak to the roots of certain perspectives as well as how they got that shot to work.

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