Kiva Class

Kiva 1

Episodes 1-6

In what some might see as a rare turn of events, we discuss
the first 6 episodes of Kamen Rider Kiva and how awesome they are.
Forget what you may have heard about Inoue and look at his work with an
open mind because the quality of this show is almost staggering.
Watching just these less than 3 hours of Kiva has changed MC Pez. Expect
some changes in this show if you have been listening for a while. If
you are new to the show welcome aboard!

Kiva 2

Episodes 7-14

We go right back into Kiva with gusto and have a long-o
convo about the good and bad. A lot of rich discussion about the
writing, gender politics and the human condition in general stems from
this well written show. If you are one of those anti-Kiva or anti-Inoue
people based solely on reputation, you may want to listen to what we have
to say about it and approach the show with an open mind. We go full
spoilers but mostly just refer to what happened without divulging how it
went down, which seems to be a good balance. All you need to know about
this stretch of episodes is: Nago is a demon, Megumi is a beneficent
goddess and Wataru is becoming a man.

Kiva 3

Episodes 15-22

We are almost half way through Kiva at this point and
things just keep getting better! The three hosts go on for almost three
hours and only stopped because they had to. Briefly they go over some of
what was said in the previous Kiva episode. They go on to discuss the
following and more!

Kiva 4

Episodes 23-28

We cover the SLUMP this episode. We discuss traditional marriage roles, old fashioned notion of love, the implication of rape and the way this show changes it characters as the episode count rises. The plan was to discuss the movie also, but that got pushed back so look forward to it being discussed with 29-32 next time.

Kiva 5

Episodes 29-32 + The King of Hell’s Castle

On a second viewing of Kamen Rider Kiva the movie, it is actually very good. It has a lot of strong points to it and captures a lot of the essence of the show. The discussion covers the movie extensively and delves into some very interesting aspects of the 4 episodes. Some hot topics discussed are: Disappointing Parents; Jirou’s return; Yuri and Megumi’s victory, and the sexuality in this show and Tokusatsu in general.

Kiva 6

Episodes 33-36

This is just a taste of what happens in these episodes:

Maya and Otoya work to build his legacy in the form of an exquisite violin. Yuri and wataru become scorned lovers when they see their loves with another. Otoya and Wataru bath some more.

Wataru struggles to accept the changes in his life, embracing lost love and dealing with Kengo’s returns as a full and bitter member of the Blue Sky Party.

Nago loses IXA to Kengo. Otoya rejects Yuri for the sake of protecting the music in everyone’s heart and Wataru resolves to find his own music and make people happy.

Mio share her true feelings with Taiga and Wataru. Taiga’s facade is cracking and Wataru shows he has the courage to face conflict head on as himself.

All this and way more aired as two hours worth of material and we present to you a deep biting analysis of near equal length. We are all feeling so much love for the show and are excited to keep bringing you our thoughts. We welcome your input no matter how you perceive the show.

Kiva 7

Episodes 37-42

This is the lost episode.

Our poor lost Kiva episode. This one covers Kiva 37-42 in a less than desirable format

Kiva 8

Episodes 43-46

This episode covers Kamen Rider Kiva 43-46. This is very exciting for us as this is our penultimate episode of Kiva proper. Claire lead an episode discussing the entire series with a selection of interesting guests, which will come out after we finish discussing the series next, You can expect our episode discussing the finale next Friday.

Kiva 9

Episodes 47-48

This episode covers Kamen Rider Kiva 47-48. This is the end of the show and the beginning of the rest of life for these characters with whom we have spent so much time. Listen in as Kika gets a loving send-off which touches on its Aurthurian flavor and sets it among the highest ranked Kamen Rider series. If you have something to add to the discussion please feel free to challenge any points raised or heap love upon the body of work.


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