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092 Slow Burn

Today we’re putting Drive to the test as speedy as we can, as we cover:

09 How Can He Use The Cool Body?

10 What Happened In The Belt’s Past?

Even though the story is really going to conclude in the next episode and TECHNICALLY episode 9 could have been covered as a stand alone and- sudfsdnflnflEG…. never mind. Please enjoy our exploration of these questions and more.

Q1-Do you like Takaiwa’s semi-robotic movements in the Technic suit?

Q2-What kind of data do you think Kyu lost?

Q3-Why was Steinbelt working on downloading his consciousness to a machine?

-How was Mr. Bellt able to complete Proto-Drive?

-Was someone in the Proto-Drive suit?

Q4-Steinbelt knew that his Drive Coriar engines + Roimude bodies would somehow = Density Shift…

  •         HOW is that possible?
  •         Should he have been given a harder time about it?
  •         Why is Shinnosuke not saying anything about it?

Q5-WAIT!!! This needs to be researched! Is this in Secret Mission Type 0? 001, 002 and 003 went rogue 15 years ago. WHAT?! So it took him 14 years and some change to complete Proto-Drive just before the Global Freeze?

091 Mach Talk

Today we’re putting Drive to the test as speedy as we can, as we cover:

Spoilers for Kamen Rider Drive! Specifically we discuss the announcement of Kamen Rider Mach’s out-of-suit identity. Thanks Mike Dent from TokuNet for sharing the news. A lot of general Rider talk ensues, touching on:

  • Kuuga
  • Agito
  • Blade
  • Faiz
  • Ryuki
  • Kabuto
  • Hibiki
  • Den-O
  • W
  • OOO
  • Gaim

Q1-What are you thoughts on Kamen Rider Mach’s connection to the SCU? Would you have preferred someone else?

090 Straight Shooter

Today we’re putting Drive to the test as speedy as we can, as we cover:

07 How Was the Key Moment Photographed?

08 What Is The Secret That They Hide?

Q1-Is Shinnosuke abusing his authority in confronting the photographer who was following him?

Q2-How dumb is everyone not to take note of the Drive Brace, Tridoron and the proximity of the Shift Cars to Shinnosuke and Kiriko?

Q3-Do you like the Door Gun? Does it make Rinna seem too silly?

Q4-HOW might the ethic of risking oneself for truth or an IDEAL play out in the future?

089 Protection over Justice?

Today we’re putting Drive to the test as speedy as we can, as we cover:

05 What Are The Steely Thieves After?

06 For Whom Does The Warrior Fight?

Q1-Do you like the visualization of Shinnosuke’s “brain going into top gear” when he figures out what’s going on with a Roimude’s pattern of behavior?

Q2-What do we think of Justice VS Protection of the Innocent? Are they opposites? How are they related? Did this message get muddled, or is it solid?

088 In Magic Land – Wizard Kamentary

Sono and Ammit provide commentary for Kamen Rider Wizard: In Magic Land.

Hello there listener, this is Ammit and I am here to deliver a special message! We have no show notes for this episode, because we just opened our minds and let things flow as we re-wathced the movie, but I thought it would be nice to include something textual on which you can ruminate , so here are some excerpts from our past musings on Wizard…

087 Shifted Focus

Today we’re putting Drive to the test as speedy as we can, as we cover:

03 Who Took Her Smile? and 04 What Does The Proud Hunter Want?

Q1– Was the situation set up with Asaya attacking all these women and Kiriko being his favorite because of how terrified she was good or bad? Was it sexist or misogynistic?

Q2– What did you think about Vegas paralleling Shinnousuke and Kiriko? Did it add to or take away from their stories and the seriousness of the Roimude’s attacks?

086 What is a Kamen Rider

We’re putting Drive to the test as speedy as we can, as we cover:

Q1. How far is Shinnosuke from being a Kamen Rider?

Q2. Does a Rider need a bike?

Q3. What is the core of Riderhood?

085 False Start

Today we’re putting Drive to the test as speedy as we can, as we cover:

Q1. Why is this Rider different from every other Rider?

Q2. Does the first episode accomplish the series’ stated goal of marking a new chapter in Kamen Rider history?

084 Gaim Taim

Tod and Rob (who was previously on the show to discuss the Gaim ToQ crossover) take a some what lighthearted run at the last two episodes of Kamen Rider Gaim, 46 and 47.

083 FU Gaim

Aleph, Ammit and Jonathan discuss and review Kamen Rider Gaim 46 with special guest Hannah!

082 We Want Drive

Aleph, Ammit and Jonathan discuss and review Kamen Rider Gaim 45. Aleph steps out feeling a little under the weather, but Jonathan and Ammit stick around to slobber all over the extended Drive trailer.

081 Into The Hornet’s Nest

Aleph (who comes on after a while) Ammit (who leaves somewhere in the middle), and Jonathon (the anchor of this episode) discuss and review Kamen Rider Gaim 44, and some listener feedback.

080 Done With Gaim

We’ll cover the rest of it, so don’t worry about that, but emotionally the show is over for some of us.

Ammit and Jonathon discuss and review Kamen Rider Gaim 41-43, which leads to a lot of pleas for comments from listeners explaining what is good about this show and this set of episodes in particular.

079 Kamen Rider Drive NewsDrop

The Kamen Rider Drive press conference was yesterday and a lot of preliminary information is out. Remember Gaim’s press conference was… not deceitful, but it didn’t accurately represent what the show would be, so don’t be shocked if some of this changes in the show proper. Sono and Ammit discuss all the juicy news that.

078 Kouta’s bogus Journey

Ammit and Jonathon discuss and review Kamen Rider Gaim 40, which leads to a lot of discussion concerning philosophy and religion and big tech companies. It sounds weird, but it all makes sense.

077 Kiva The Final Movement

This episode covers Kamen Rider Kiva 47-48. This is the end of the show and the beginning of the rest of life for these characters with whom we have spent so much time.

076 There’s Something About Mio

This episode covers Kamen Rider Kiva 43-46. This is very exciting for us as this is our penultimate episode of Kiva proper.

075 That Face

Aleph and Ammit and Nejireon discuss and review Kamen Rider Gaim 39.

074 Rotten

Aleph and Ammit discuss and review Kamen Rider Gaim 37-38. Of course they call out the bad, but they also talk about a some of the good in these two episodes. One of the best is the Inves in 37.

073 The Lost One

Our poor lost Kiva episode. This one covers Kiva 37-42 in a less than desirable format

072 The First Kamentary

Join Aleph, Ammit and GomessQ for a running Kamentary on Kamen Rider the First! We cover this 2005… badassified soft re-boot/alternate telling of the 1972 classic story by Shotaro Ishinomouri. It is definitely an interesting thing to discuss.

071 Pushing Through The Gaim

Aleph and Ammit discuss and review Kamen Rider Gaim 36, touching on some of head writer Gen Urobuchi’s writing philosophy.

070 Fight With Us

Subject: Kamen Rider Gaim 34-35

Hosts: Aleph, The Imposter, MC Pez and Nejireon

More attacks on the potential Dark Knight and Dark Knight Rises rips are lobbed this episode. We wonder just how can this show keep going with likely 11 more episodes on the way and we answer some listener questions

069 Fruit Shogun Rises

Subject: Kamen Rider Gaim 31-33

Hosts: Aleph, The Imposter, MC Pez, Mewzard

Is this last leg of Gaim a riff on Nolan’s third Bat-Flick? It could be. Mewzard stalwartly defends the show while the rest lob some sharp blows and sum up that they’ll continue watching even if it is to see the show fall on its face.

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068 Gaim Wizard Futile War

Subject: Kamen Rider Wizard X Gaim X the Fateful Sengoku Cash Grab

Hosts: The Imposter, MC Pez, Mewzard, Sono Your Face!

We do a little Kamentary on a a crossover complete with deep thoughts on Wizard, playful jabs at Double (and defenses that could not be excised without damaging the quality of the overall episode :P) and discussion of how the current events of Gaim change our perspectives on what is going on in the movie.

Check out some extra content on the Tumblr

Check out what Claire’s has been doing with Rider Cook! a BONUS!

067 Maya is Boss

Subject: Kamen Rider Kiva 33-36

Hosts: GomessQ, IllustratorClaire and MC Pez

This is just a taste of what happens in these episodes:

Maya and Otoya work to build his legacy in the form of an exquisite violin. Yuri and wataru become scorned lovers when they see their loves with another. Otoya and Wataru bath some more.

Wataru struggles to accept the changes in his life, embracing lost love and dealing with Kengo’s returns as a full and bitter member of the Blue Sky Party.

Nago loses IXA to Kengo. Otoya rejects Yuri for the sake of protecting the music in everyone’s heart and Wataru resolves to find his own music and make people happy.

Mio share her true feelings with Taiga and Wataru. Taiga’s facade is cracking and Wataru shows he has the courage to face conflict head on as himself.

All this and way more aired as two hours worth of material and we present to you a deep biting analysis of near equal length. We are all feeling so much love for the show and are excited to keep bringing you our thoughts. We welcome your input no matter how you perceive the show.

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Check out what Claire’s has been doing with Rider Cook!

066 Gaim Kaider

Hosts: Aleph, MC Pez and Mewzard

Topics:  Kamen Rider Gaim 29-30 and Ishinomouri’s Kikaider Volume 1 Join us as we discuss what it means to be human by quoting a vampire in reference to the guest appearance promoting the techo-Pinnochio revival film on a show about fruit armored pad-lock samurai and their quest for immortality. As unbelievable as it may sound, we all enjoyed Gaim this time especially 30 which is the Kikaider crossover. Only one way to find out why. Join the conversation and let us know what you liked and disliked about this stretch of the show. Check out the Kikaider manga available through Comixology. It is approvede by all 3 hosts on this episode who highly suggest you buy it.

Check out some extra content on the Tumblr, including this piece on the Kikaider manga.

Check out what Claire’s has been doing with Rider Cook!

065 Gaim 3rd Lump

Hosts: AlephThe Imposter/Jonathon, MC Pez and Sonoyourface

Subject: Kamen Rider Gaim 24-28

This episode: the airing of grievances.

Sono, our (Artist) Hesei expert, brings up her assertion that Urobuchi is rehashing Hesei particularly Faiz and Ryuki.

Jonathon the host of Where’s My Henshin Belt, the first person on the show to have actually watched Madoka Magica, defends Gaim which he enjoys for reason he does not know.

Aleph talks about Takatora’s cheek bones and what he would do were he Triumphant.

Topics discussed:

-Urobuchi might be a one trick pony.

-The structure of this show presents a Sisyphusian challenge to the viewers, as nothing substantive has happened for quite sometime.

-Judging shows week to week vs marathon viewing.

-What is Gaim about? What is the theme or point?

-Sidelining Mai.

-Sidelining Pierre and Jounounichi and poor comedy via gay stereotypes and misogyny.

Check out some extra content on the Tumblr.

Check out what Claire’s has been doing with Rider Cook!

064 Kiva 5

Subject: Kamen Rider Kiva The King of Hell’s Castle and 29-32

Hosts: GomessQ, IllustratorClaire and MC Pez

On a second viewing of Kamen Rider Kiva the movie, it is actually very good. It has a lot of strong points to it and captures a lot of the essence of the show. The discussion covers the movie extensively and delves into some very interesting aspects of the 4 episodes. Some hot topics discussed are: Disappointing Parents; Jirou’s return; Yuri and Megumi’s victory, and the sexuality in this show and Tokusatsu in general.

Check out some extra content on the Tumblr like this article on Yuri and Megumi.

Check out what Claire’s has been doing with Rider Cook!

063 Kiva 4 The Slump

Subject: Kamen Rider Kiva 23-28

Hosts: GomessQ, IllustratorClaire and MC Pez

We cover the SLUMP this episode. We discuss traditional marriage roles, old fashioned notion of love, the implication of rape and the way this show changes it characters as the episode count rises. The plan was to discuss the movie also, but that got pushed back so look forward to it being discussed with 29-32 next time.

Check out some extra content on the Tumblr like this piece on Otoya.

Check out what Claire’s has been doing with Rider Cook!

062 Gaim To Q

Hosts: GomessQ, IllustratorClaire, Robethz and Sonoyourface

Because Pez hates the look of Tokkyuger and was really hating Gaim at the time (Spoilers: He still hates it) and couldn’t be bothered to catch up, you dear listener, get a taste of something new. An unplanned crossover to cover a crossover! There were some audio issues, which is made obvious part way through, but the content is good and rousing as you should expect by now.

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Check out some extra content on the Tumblr

Hosts: GomessQ, IllustratorClaire, Robethz and Sonoyourface

061 Gaim Slice 2

Subject: Kamen Rider Gaim 19-23

Hosts: Aleph, GomessQ, Grimmhelm, Mc Pez and Professor What

Wow. This show. Do you like it? We mostly don’t. If you do, please let us know why.


059 The Good, the Bad and the Wacky- Part 5

Subject: Kamen Rider OOO Q4 Episodes 39-48.

Hosts: Grimmhelm, Mewzard, Ammit, and Professor What

It’s time for us to judge all the show that Kobayashi and crew could muster and throw at us. It isn’t that we don’t appreciate the effort taken to produce a gargantuan show like this, week after week, after week, but that doesn’t mean we won’t call out its flaws and failings. Join us for the mostly positive but appropriately critical final analysis of that power animal, alchemical power using Shaman Rider OOO!

058 Kiva Class 3

We are almost half way through Kiva at this point and
things just keep getting better! The three hosts go on for almost three
hours and only stopped because they had to. Briefly they go over some of
what was said in the previous Kiva episode. They go on to discuss the
following and more!

-Nago’s descent into madness

-Wataru’s Identity Crisis

-Yuri’s Revenge

-Yuri and Megumi’s fear and deficiency

057 Nago Is The Worst!

Subject: Kamen Rider Kiva 7-14

Hosts: GomessQ, IllustratorClaire and MC Pez Feat. Nejerion

We go right back into Kiva with gusto and have a long-o
convo about the good and bad. A lot of rich discussion about the
writing, gender politics and the human condition in general stems from
this well written show. If you are one of those anti-Kiva or anti-Inoue
people based solely on reputation, you may want to listen to what we have
to say about it and approach the show with an open mind. We go full
spoilers but mostly just refer to what happened without divulging how it
went down, which seems to be a good balance. All you need to know about
this stretch of episodes is: Nago is a demon, Megumi is a beneficent
goddess and Wataru is becoming a man.

056 The Good, the Bad and the Wacky- Part 4

Subject: Kamen Rider OOO Q3 Episodes 29-38 + OOO Wonderful.

Hosts: Grimmhelm, Mewzard, Ammit, and Professor What

Deeper into OOO we go as misgivings start to emerge for Ammit who is still overall positive on the show. Professor What, Mewzard and Grimmhelm have all finished the show and fondly recall their experiences with this stretch of episodes as well as trace lines that connect the beginning and end of OOO that they can perceive thanks to their having already finished it.

055 The Good, the Bad and the Wacky- Part 3 SPECIAL

Subject: Kamen Rider OOO Q2 Episodes 27-28 and Den-O, OOO, Let’s Go!

Hosts: Grimmhelm, Ammit, Mewzard, and Professor What.

OOO is celebrating Kamen Rider’s 999th and 1000th episodes with some craziness.

Spoilers: We are less than thrilled.

Unspoilers: We have an interesting discussion about how effective it all was.

054 Crescendo

In what some might see as a rare turn of events, we discuss
the first 6 episodes of Kamen Rider Kiva and how awesome they are.
Forget what you may have heard about Inoue and look at his work with an
open mind because the quality of this show is almost staggering.
Watching just these less than 3 hours of Kiva has changed Ammit. Expect
some changes in this show if you have been listening for a while. If
you are new to the show welcome aboard!


043 The Good, the Bad and the Wacky- Part 2

Subject: Kamen Rider OOO Q2 Episodes 15-26

Hosts: Grimmhelm, Mewzard and Ammit.

OOO is getting better and better at this point. Some relationships develop, Ankh and Eiji reach an agreement by episode 16 that they continue to work on throughout the rest of the quarter. Gouto comes around to being a little nicer and Kamen Rider Birth debuts. A lot of intersting things start getting set up in this part of the show and we all really enjoyed talking about it.

042 The Good, the Bad and the Wacky- Part 1

Subject: Kamen Rider OOO Q1 Episodes 1-14 + Movie War Core

Hosts: Grimmhelm, Mewzard and Ammit, featuring GomessQ!

So, after a long break from Quarterly episodes, the unKamenCrew is back to go in depth on discussions of Medallic monsters, formerly wandering heroes, and happy birthdays. As with W, Ammit is new to the show so, you get to laugh at his ignorance of future events or be thrilled and delighted by the prescience of the perceptions he draws from Kobayashi’s writing. Grimmhelm and Mewzard lovingly sigh over the glory that they now to be OOO and share some deeper insights based on their foreknowledge. One last thing, Ammit says Ankh is a huge jerk.




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