Laser Knees 116 – Round and Around

Hey, Laser Knees is back, too!  With two full episodes, no less!

So that means the return of your third- or fourth-favorite team of 2020 masked heroes*, the crew of Laser Knees!

And… well, it’s kind of a mixed bag.  But to say more would be to spoil all the discussion, SO!

In this episode of Laser Knees, Aleph appreciates the weird goth kid, Sono appreciates some suit acting, and nobody’s happy about the new guy.



*For certain values of “hero”

|Right-click “Save As” to download|Episode Length 1:24:03|

Machine Sentai Kiramager

Episode 11 – The Twisting Time
Episode Writer:
Inoue Tete
Episode Director:
Watanabe Katsuya

Episode 12 – The Nice Guy With The Wonder Drill
Episode Writer:
Arakawa Naruihisa
Episode Director:
Watanabe Katsuya

It’s very hard not to add a “™” to the title of Episode 12.

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Hit up the hosts to talk about Sentai, Rider, and tokusatsu in general.

@NeedsMoreAleph -Aleph
@MamaFriesMeal -Sono

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