UnKamenCast RX! 220: Hail to the Bus Driver, Bus Driver Man

In this episode of the UnKamenCast R! X!, your hosts find out the strange truth of that fateful bus ride with that praiseworthy bus driver.  Aleph makes some comparisons to Kingdom Hearts, Sono prays some revelations stick, and both of them question the narrative utility of making everyone think one of our heroes went back in time to shoot an eight year-old.

|Right-click “Save As” to download|Episode Length 1:17:37|

Kamen Rider Zi-O

Episode 27 – The Day It All Began
Episode 28 –
Our Goal

Episode Writer: Shimoyama Kento
Episode Director: Tasaki Ryuta

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Hit up the hosts to talk about Sentai, Rider, and tokusatsu in general.

@NeedsMoreAleph -Aleph
@MamaFriesMeal -Sono


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