UnKamen RX! 219 – This One Ain’t On Decade.

In this episode, Your Humble-adjacent Hosts give Zi-O a bit more of a side-eye because there’s some hinky narrative stuff going on.  Sono hones in on some uglybad victim-blaming, Aleph is excited by Geiz Revive, and a new character doesn’t live up to his potential.

Mostly, it’s just becoming apparent that while many things are certainly Decade’s fault, there’s a lot going on here that has little-to-nothing to do with everyone’s* favorite* over-crossing troublemaker.



|Right-click “Save As” to download|Episode Length 1:36:18|

Kamen Rider Zi-O

Episode 25 – Another Zi-O
Episode 26 –
Geiz Revive

Episode Writer: Shimoyama Kento
Episode Director: Morota Satoshi

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