UnKamen RX 209 – Getting Our Fourze/Faiz Fix (456)

Hey, a few things happened in personal times but we’re entering a new holiday blitz of RX and LK podcasts to get us all caught up for the new year!

So apologies for the lack of visual flair here and there.

In this episode, your friendly hosts take a friendly look at the frankly freaky friendships in this, the strangest and fanficciest Kamen Rider episode so far!

|Right-click “Save As” to download|Episode Length 1:11:31|

Kamen Rider Zi-O

Episode 5 – Switch On – 2011
Episode 6 –
555-913-2003(or; Jenny 867-5309)

Episode Writer: Shomoyama Kento
Episode Director: Koichi Sakamoto

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Hit up the hosts to talk about Sentai, Rider, and tokusatsu in general.

@NeedsMoreAleph -Aleph
@MamaFriesMeal -Sono


One thought on “UnKamen RX 209 – Getting Our Fourze/Faiz Fix (456)

  1. To be fair, watching Faiz, Takumi is surprisingly considers Kusaka his friend, and is quite angry when Kusaka dies. Takumi considering Kusaka his friend while Kusaka hates Takumi is present even in Faiz.

    On top of this, Kusaka helping out in this situation makes sense – he was a jerk, but he had reasons behind what he did, and many of them were about helping humans and murdering Orphnochs. In a universe where many of the things that made Kusaka as vile as he becomes in the show, to the point where it’s explained that Orphnochs never existed, him helping out with no real ulterior motives works “Fine”.

    It’s more of a failing in how they use their returning heroes than a specific failing on using Masato.

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