Anime Was a Mistake – Going Ultra 5

Episode Length [24:22]
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Host: Matthew

Topic: SSSS. Gridman 05 Provocation. Available as a SimulDub with a Funimation NOW subscription.

That kaiju is huge!

They did a great job showing off the scale

Buster Gridman

Mrs. Takarada wears a single earring. Also I’m glad she is definitely making money off these folks.

I like seeing more of Anti’s abilities on display, especially how his body shifts to make it happen. Cool stuff!

I love how Borr can do rescue stuff, not just destruction

Is this a gag, a nod to a trope or foreshadowing for something? It’s funny that leaving the city knocked out our heroes.

You can do cute without being pervy…

What is going on with these two?

I like how devious Akane is. She makes a good villain.

Is that Akko from Little Witch Academia?!

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