Laser Knees 75 – All The Sinners Saints

Sometimes the line between right and wrong can be blurry.  Circumstance, context, and framing can make even the most heinous crimes seem reasonable; which is why your humble(?) hosts are here to set everything down in simple binary terms because simple binaries are totally things we’re about, right?

Look, we have to find our laughs where we can.

Helping that hunt for humor are these two episodes of LuPat, in which Aleph and Sono discuss:

  • Visceral aesthetic reactions.
  • The frequency of “people can’t change” narratives.
  • Gaim flashbacks.
  • The value of professionalism.
  • Of COURSE Sakuya wants to be a professional YouTuber.
  • A monster that’s a meta-sentai.
  • A callback to “Who gives a crap about your justice?”
  • Keiichiro’s complicated ethical evolution.

All this and more on this episode of Laser Knees!


|Right-click “Save As” to download|Episode Length 1:10:21|

Thief Sentai Lupinranger
Police Sentai Patranger

Episode 31 – The Repentant Gangler
Episode 32 –
A Challenge to a Duel


Episode Writer: Yamatoya Akatsuki
Episode Director: Watanabe Katsuya


The Lupin Collection:

As Mentioned:

YouTube-ing as a kind of nightmare hellscape of employment and the nature of the self:

Trading Places, a classic film (though there’s some blackface in it at one point which… ew, why are the 80s so 80s?)


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