Broken Model – Going Ultra 2


Episode Length [26:23]
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Host: Matthew

Topic: SSSS. Gridman 02 Restoration. Available as a SimulDub with a Funimation NOW subscription.

Overall thoughts on episode 02 Restoration

On a scale of terrible to great… Really good

Overall the story this episodes was… so darn compelling

On the setting… it was good. Seeing Akane’s room and home gave a really strong impression that she is affluent and alone. It hints at why she is open to working with Alexis.

Immediate Afterthoughts

This is super interesting. It was a solid showing. I got some answers, even more new questions and the visual and fun elements have been kicked up a notch.

Does Instance Abreaction shift reality to allow Akane and Alexis to erase some people from history?!

Are Akane and Takarada more connected than we know? Their relationship in the ED may just be for marketing…

Should Yuta know, but doesn’t because of the amnesia?

Also what’s with Utsumi and Rikka seeing the atmospheric kaiju now? What do they represent?

Characters Study

Since the show is so short, I am hoping they will keep the plot and character work tight, so these are all the characters who I felt I had to take notes on this episode: Akane, Tonkawa, Samurai Calibur, Yuta, Rikka, Utsumi, Gridman, the teacher and Alexis.

Plot Notes

  • Utsumi and Yuta are all about the Gridman Alliance. Rikka is unsure, but Samurai Calibur helps her figure things out. He also turns into a sword for Gridman, defeating the kaiju which is impervious to the Gridbeam

Trigger Shoots and….

  • Again, Yuta getting suckled into Junk looked so cool.
  • They made Akane very creepy with the shot composition and direction
  • They made the teacher look hollow and apathetic and then not, later on, so I am digging how deftly they can
  • Pretty sure they reused the Junk alarm animation

Silly Stuff

That Primal Acceptor is dope.

Is Yuta’s backpack made to be potential merchandise?

Gridmas Instance: Yuta

What’s the deal with Ramen soda?

Hearing “Acces Flash” made me think of “lashing a drive” or “flashing BIOS” and I wanted to share that computer geekiness with all of you. This link from the SuperUser blog tells all about it.


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