This is only the Beginning – Going Ultra 1

Hello, this is Matthew. I am here to do something new for the TOH Network. I will be discussing Ultraman. I am an Ultraman newb who got excited about SSSS. Gridman and decided to talk about it. I am open for comments and question.

Episode Length [14:14]
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Host: Matthew

Topic: SSSS. Gridman 1 Awakening
Overall thoughts on Trigger’s Gridman 01 Awakening available as a SimulDub with a Funimation NOW subscription.
On a scale of terrible to great… pretty good.
Overall the story this episodes was… solid. It hooked me into the mystery.
The setting was very grounded and felt believable.
On the characters
These people who stuck out to me this time were:

  • Akane Shinjo
  • Tonkawa
  • Rikka’s mom
  • Disheveled guy

Our Principals

  • Yuta Hibiki – lost his memory after passing out for about 30 minutes. Gridman tells him he has a calling he has to remember. Sees and hears Gridman on the blank screen of the big, old custom computer the kids refer to as JUNK
  • Rikka Takarada- she seems popular. I like her attitude. She isn’t nice for the sake of being nice and she isn’t a jerk either. She feels even-keeled. She seems like she should be very interesting.
  • Utsumi – He is an Ultraman fan. He mentions the Ultra series and the weak point intrinsic to the Kaiju therein
  • Gridman- The Hyper Agent

Plot Notes

  • I like the conceit that Yuta’s parents are away for business for the next few months. The events of the show could all take place while they are gone. That feels neat and tidy and like a novel way to get them out of the way and out of danger for the series run.
  • With all the sniping and teasing the school setting feels very real
  • What is real and what isn’t? Gridman warns that something is coming to the world. Is it the first phase of the kaiju where some damage is done? Is there something more than that? It seems at the end of the episode that not all of the damage happened like Utsumi and Rikka.
  • Utsumi has the Ultra genre-savvy, Rikka types in the messages to Hibiki. I wonder why that is.
  • I like the wear and tear the whole kaiju attack has on Rikka.
  • I can’t tell why Rikka’s mom was so panicked and why the news showed reports of the school burning when the Junk-trio sees the school the next day. As they said, “Something weird is going on..”


That tweet Mark linked to citing the Trigger and Original Gridman nods

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