Expanding the TOH Network with SSSS. Gridman – Going Ultra 0

Hello, this is Matthew. I am here to do something new for the TOH Network. I will be discussing Ultraman. I am an Ultraman newb who got excited about SSSS. Gridman and decided to talk about it. I am open for comments and question. Anyway, click on below to listen to Going Ultra episode 0, wherein I tell you a bit more about myself and how I intend to cover this Studio Trigger/Tsubaraya collaboration.

Episode Length [8:03]
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Host: Matthew

Topic: Intro to Matthew and general hype about SSSS. Gridman


Mark the artist who helped me get hyped for SSSS. Gridman

Anno and Ultraman

Return of Ultraman

Top 5 Favorite Tokusatsu

Original Gridman WIKI

My G Gundam Podcast

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