Laser Knees 52: Laser Knees & Thruster Hair

Orion refuses to pick a side in the “Ship or Dude” debate, Champ wears a luchador mask, and we get pumped for the endgame.


|Right-click and hit “Save As…” to download|Episode Length 49:02|

Join us as we take a trip through the stars with Space Sentai Kyuuranger to fight the Jark Matter with the crew of the Orion! Find out how we think they’re doing as we share our thoughts on:

Space Sentai Kyuuranger

Episode 33 – Launch! The Battle Ship Orion!
Episode 34 – The Mysterious Masked Man Arrives

Episode Writer: Mouri Nobuhiro
Episode Director: Takemoto Noboru

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Hit up the hosts to talk about Sentai, Rider, and general tokusatsu.

@NeedsMoreAleph -Aleph

@MamaFriesMeal -Sono


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