UnKamen-RX! 183 – The Snake Pit

In this episode, Aleph and Sono take a look at what happens when Sento finds an old friend, Build meets a new enemy, and Ryuga is kind of a toolbox, actually.


|Save As… to Download|Episode Length 1:11:10

Join us as we experiment with Kamen Rider Build! Can Sento, Ryuuga, and their friends Smash the smash and tear down the skywall? Find out how we think they’re doing as we share our thoughts on:

Kamen Rider Build
Episode 5 – Unsteady Identity
Episode 6 – Furious Moonsault

Episode Writer: Muto Shogo
Episode Director: Morota Satoshi


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@NeedsMoreAleph -Aleph

@MamaFriesMeal -Sono


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