Laser Knees 49 – We Really Mean It This Time, We Swear

So, hey, it’s fun when you accidentally tell all the fun RSS functions the wrong url, isn’t it?

Well at long (long, long, long, long) last, here’s the one where we talk about the clip show and also some good stuff with Naga.

Space Sentai Kyuuranger;
Episode 27 – Indaver Panic on the Orion?!
& Episode 28 – The BN Thieves, Disbanded…


|Save As… to Download|Episode Length 56:41

If the player above doesn’t work, you can click on the “Save As…” link just above to get the audio stream.


Episode Writers: Inoue Tete (27), Mouri Nobuhiro (28)
Sugiami Kazuhiro (27) & Shibasaki Takayuki (28)


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