Kamen Rider 1 Featuring Kamen Rider Ghost – Rider Jump 19

4-Rider Jump -B

Aleph, Cannibal Sarracenian,  and Igadevil got together and had a LONG conversation about a bunch of the Kamen Rider 1 movie featuring Ghost and friends.


If the above player isn’t working, you can go ahead and open up the “Save As…” link below.

|Save As… to Download|Episode Length 3:16:04

Things Mentioned:
Kamen Rider episode 4


Kamen Rider as an authority figure in Drive and maybe even the original Kamen Rider

What a swell fellow Hiroshi Fujioka is

Some Super Hero Taisen movies

Kamen Rider as Benevolent Divine Being

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@NeedsMoreAleph for Aleph,

@CSarracenian for Cannibal Sarracenian

@Igadevil for Igadevil.

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