Is This Some “The Secret” Biz? -Space Sentai Kyuranger 05+06 -Laser Knees 38

Join us as we take a trip through the stars with Space Sentai Kyuuranger to fight the Jark Matter with the crew of the Orion! Find out how we think they’re doing as we share our thoughts on:

Space Sentai Kyuuranger

Episode 05 – The Ultimate 9 Saviors

& Episode 06 – Take Flight! Dancing Star!

1-Kyuranger06-Hammy-Wants real leadership

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Black Holes – Parts of Kyuranger that Suck

  • SONO: Kotaro and Jiro repeatedly calling Hammy and “old lady”. Can we just… not? Please? For once in our lives? Her actress is EIGHTEEN. She barely looks sixteen!! Can we just not do this? I know there’s some kind of cultural joke there but it’s bad.
    • ALEPH: Yeah, I don’t… Like.  I don’t even have words.  It’s boring.  And stupid.  And basically gets me real close to wanting those kids to have their hearts’ desires devoured real quicklike.
  • SONO: Okay look I love Stinger and his whole story he’s got going on and I’ve got like zero narrative complaints about it but did they REALLY name his brother Scorpio? They couldn’t get SLIGHTLY more creative? Like look, I’m not going to pretend to know Scorpion-People Alien Culture™ and it’s naming conventions but “Stinger” is already pushing it. But I can get it. You want to make your kid seem tough in what looks to be a nomadic hunter-warrior society. But you named your older son “Person” basically. C’mon.
    • ALEPH: Person Humanman, that guy we all know.
  • SONO: I hate the scene where Tapir Monster is like… trying to eat Lucky’s dream and it’s just too big for him to handle. Look I didn’t even like that when they did it with Eiji in OOO and this wasn’t even a fraction of a percent as good as that.
    • ALEPH: We’ve gone back and forth about how and IF that worked in OOO (your mileage may vary, dear listener), but this one?  This one failed on that by not making that the cornerstone of the episode.  When it happens to Eiji, it’s when he’s in the middle of some existential stuff but barring any late-show changes, Lucky just does NOT seem capable of that.
  • SONO: For an episode that was about Hammy and her insecurities about her skills, this sure was just an episode about Lucky getting a power-up horse friend.
  • SONO: How was this episode not more about the fact that Hammy is a SPACE NINJA and that that’s a THING?
    • ALEPH: NO KIDDING.  I was livid that they start out with Hammy and how much I want to know what her deal is but then it becomes all about how great Lucky is and how we all need to be like Lucky and did you know that Lucky is the smartest, most handsomest guy in the whole universe who all ~normal~ girls want to get with and is in NO WAY an awful gary stu wrecking this lovely show about good-hearted superheroes from across the galaxy teaming up to dethrone the space shogun?  We should all be more like Lucky.  He’s so great.  And, again, smart and handsome and clever and attractive, just like YOU, boys in the audience.
  • SONO: And look I don’t want to be the one going down this road, but after some gross stuff in Ex-Aid, I just want to note that it’s the lady’s hard work getting shut down for this dude’s positive thinking. I’m just saying.
  • SONO: We’ve compared Lucky to them trying to recapture Gentaro a few times, but this isn’t what Gentaro was. Gentaro’s strength and positivity came from his belief in the people around him. Lucky just believes he’s the greatest SO HE IS and who cares about anyone else. He’ll decide all of their futures for them and it’ll be great because he’s the best. I hate this. I hate it so much.
  • ALEPH: Getting back on track, tho: Heck with devoting that whole episode to Pegasus and his whole friggin’ thing, y’all.  They put in all this effort to talking about how great and powerful and wise he is so he could then let us know how great Lucky is AND THEN HE JUST LEAVES?  Get outta here with that nonsense.
  • ALEPH: Also, we totally just bailed on the whole thing where the bad guy’s thing was that he regimented peoples’ lives to the point where they couldn’t dance and instead of talking about the horror of that, we instead concede the bad guy’s point and the point was that Our Heroes needed to also become regimented.

Shooting Stars – The Bits of Kyuranger that Shine

  • SONO: Raptor is so tired of the Kyuulette song. It’s been like two episodes and she’s already completely done.
  • SONO: Yo I love Kotaro and Jiro can we just have an entire show about them throwing rocks at monsters and defending the Earth? They’ve got not time for this alien invasion nonsense.
    • SONO: Of course Lucky also makes their pride and courage about himself, but I’M NOT GOING TO BE BITTER. NO.
      • ALEPH: Well, hey, let’s focus instead on how they’re baby Kamen Rider Black and baby Kikaida.  That’s adorable.  As is them just bein’ like… “Heck with these evil so-and-sos, let’s pelt them with rocks!”
  • SONO: Whoops the flashbacks to Baby Stinger and Scorpion Takatora were super cute. I can’t help being a sucker for a character whose whole deal is that he loves his family and wants to protect them.
    • SONO: It definitely feels like they’re setting up sort of a Joe scenario with him that will hopefully not be as horribly gut wrenching.
      • ALEPH: Which is really… I mean I REALLY dig on that whole bit.  I’m usually kind’ve “meh, whatever” about family stuff, but you bring in horrific betrayal and quests for vengeance and I am ON BOARD.  Especially since, yeah, it really does have a bit of that Joe feeling and… I mean, I’m not made of stone, Sono.  “At least save his soul”, right?  BRB, crying.
  • ALEPH: Should probably hold off on this, but those two monsters who are, I guess, part of the Rider crossover in the next episode and also the Super-Duper Super Hero Taisen or however the heck it’s getting translated?  I friggin’ LOVE them.  The translucent bits, the sense of menace… it’s all REAL nice.
    • SONO: Can we just keep them in the show tho? Like long term? They’re SO GREAT. Their attitude, their dynamic, their designs… They’re SO GOOD? Like I just want to fight them on the reg. Plus one’s a lady. Gimme a good Lady Villain. Y’all know that’s my weakness.
  • ALEPH: In the opening, Stinger’s lost his big beige cape and we see his jacket.  I just think that’s a clever little thing.
  • ALEPH: Also? For all Lucky’s, like, everything gets on my last nerve and the stated moral of the episode is basically entirely at odds with the way the episode went?  I do like a “nobody should be the leader” in an ensemble show. I do wish they’d embody that better, but… I mean, it’s a nice idea.
    • SONO: It felt like a callback to the same idea in Goseiger, but was again handled way worse. In Goseiger, they all (except Alata) took a swing at it, did terribly, and then just let the idea go because they worked better as a “Team” then as “People following 1 person”. Some shots still imply Alata, who had no state in the “competition” was the leader, but it’s not something verbally said.
  • ALEPH: Also Hammy and Sparda’s little failed high five at the end. I really want an episode about Hammy and Sparda, because he seems to be the only one who consistently has her back and she seems to lean to him for support when stuff is blowing up in her face.
    • SONO: Honestly, I just want a full episode about Hammy.  Or just where she, Sparda, and Champ reminisce about the Good Old Days before Lucky showed up and started shouting all the dang time.
Fun Facts & Miscellaneous

Episode Writer: Mouri Nobuhiro

Episode Director: Sugihara Teruaki (05) & Katou Hiroyuki (06)

Jark Matter

Jark Matter sure doesn’t mess around. Their bold and terrible actions are refreshing compared to the Deathgalien’s (more Genis’ really) mode of operation.

2-Kyuranger05-cost of power-1-Jark Matter-Sagitarrius-Menaster Eridrone2-Kyuranger05-cost of power-2-Jark Matter-Sagitarrius-Menaster Eridrone2-Kyuranger05-cost of power-3-Jark Matter-Sagitarrius-Menaster Eridrone2-Kyuranger05-cost of power-4-Jark Matter-Sagitarrius-Menaster Eridrone2-Kyuranger05-cost of power-5-Jark Matter-Sagitarrius-Menaster Eridrone2-Kyuranger05-cost of power-6-Jark Matter-Sagitarrius-Menaster Eridrone

Stinger’s brother Scorpio is a top Jark assassin.

2-Kyuranger05-Scorpio-Stinger's brother

Malistrate Denvil is a villain who also values teamwork, how nice. This is a far out design , look at THAT neck!

2-Kyuranger06-Jark Matter-Mailistrate-Denvil

Best Jark Matter peeps yet. I almost just want a show about Madako, Ikagen and Stinger.


World Building

Xiao Longbao came into the show as part of the established rebellion against Jark Matter which seems to be from Planet Rebellion… which is in the Aquila system, I think. Anyway, he comes in and has all this prior knowledge of things going on; to the point that HE sent Stinger to spy on Jark Matter. It seems silly to say this, but that is a TON of background developed for this show. I hope the Creatives continue to tease out information on each character like this, but it could get ridiculous. Let’s hope they tread lightly.5-Kyuranger05-Stinger-turns down-Lucky-4


I guess the show won’t be leaving Earth too often in light of this. Too Bad.

5-Kyuranger05-Stinger-Xiao Longbao-Earth's Secret-15-Kyuranger05-Stinger-Xiao Longbao-Earth's Secret-25-Kyuranger05-Stinger-Xiao Longbao-Earth's Secret-3


These kids were jerks to Hammy, but they’re kinda cool.

6-Kyuranger05-kotaro-jiro-kids with attitude

I really enjoy characters who irritate the people around them

6-Kyuranger05-Kyulette Chance-16-Kyuranger05-Kyulette Chance-2

Look at all them robots!


Think Pieces

Can they keep Stinger away from the others for a long time. I want to see him and others split up and have their own stories as much as possible. I think it would be better for the show in general and I hope that means we might get two thirds less Lucky.


NEXT — Space Team Kyuranger 05: The Nine Ultimate Saviors & Kyuranger 06: Fly High, Dancing Star!

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