Don’t Bite Into the Donut Sailor Moon, It’s Dangerous!- Sailor Moon Super S: The Movie – Moon Speak Phase-III 38

We’re changing up Moon Speak once again. This time, we go monthly and discuss a smattering of Sailor Moon from back in the day as we wait for the next season of Sailor Moon Crystal to air.


Sono and Ammit talk about Super Sailor Moon S: The Movie.
They talk about all the things they enjoyed, then discuss some themes and some of the changes made in the dub script and how they impact the movie.

Sailor Moon Super S-the movie-Usagi-Donut

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Director: Hiroki Shibata

Screenplay: Yoji Enokido

Theme’s Discussed

Reality V Dreams

The Children are our future

Cherishing the Past V Making a Better Future – Ammit may have just made this one up…

Dubs V Subs

Covering up Haruka and Michiru’s relationship and the nod to its sexual nature

Obfuscating the a central theme of the movie from the scene at the start of the movie

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