SCORPIONS!! -Space Sentai Kyuranger 03+04 -Laser Knees 37

Join us as we take a trip through the stars with Space Sentai Kyuuranger to fight the Jark Matter with the crew of the Orion! Find out how we think they’re doing as we share our thoughts on:

Space Sentai Kyuuranger

03 – The Man from the Desert Planet &

04 – The Dreaming Android


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Black Holes – Parts of Kyuranger that Suck

  • SONO: My biggest problem is that I can’t pick a favorite from these beautiful kids. This was not a problem I was expecting. I love all of them too much. I mean I know it’s not Lucky, but otherwise it’s hard to say at this point, even with my very clear biases.
    • ALEPH: It REALLY is a shame kid’s there just throwing off everyone’s groove, isn’t it?  ‘Cuz everyone else is actually interesting and then Lucky’s just yelling catchphrases, trying to be an interesting character through sheer volume, but it’s just NOT happening.
  • SONO: So as much as I’m super interested in what they’re going to do with Stinger, why is the scorpion always a villain? Why do they always have to be the bad guy? I know it’s not going to last, and all of my favorite scorpions  also have these really interesting stories behind why they are who they are, and I can’t wait for his… But I just want a nice mom scorpion for once.
    • ALEPH: All I can think is that it comes back to the old story of the fox and the scorpion where it’s not even that the scorpion’s bad, just… well, it’s a scorpion.  It stings things.  It’s a bummer.
  • SONO: Xiao Longbao could use a few more moments where he’s kind of serious to balance him out a bit since he’s apparently leading this rebellion, but he’s only just gotten here so we’ll see I guess.
    • SONO: Also I can’t decide if I like or dislike them just dumping all of the extras out on the table like “HERE YOU GO! HAVE FUN WITH THE NEW TOYS!” I mean it saves a lot of time to do this instead of devoting time to searching for them but at the same time it feels a little lazy?
      • ALEPH: Yeah, they’ve not yet got the balance right with him.  On the other hand, I think he’s great, so at least for the moment, LaserKnees leans toward the pro-Xiao Longbao side.


  • I’m not 100% on how I feel about the show bringing us back to Earth and making it such a big battlefield with some kind of weird secret. It was so cool how large the scale of this show was and how far we were going from home, and now we’re just… back…
  • Again, super frustrated at Lucky interrupting us building up some background on Sparda. He knows about Raptor’s desire to fight, but seems really oblivious as to why she’s acting the way she is. And I still don’t get why he’s so over-protective, especially since he seems supportive when he first stumbles across her thinking about it? Was he the first one to join the team? Did she have to try to help before they could Hammy and Champ and she got damaged? (Thus his line “there will be times when we can’t protect her”?) We had plenty of time in this episode to explore all of this, but instead Lucky just yelled at everyone and made all of the decisions himself.


  • I know that Lucky’s supposed to be the sweet, blunt, common-sense guy, but can’t the guy whose job is to get things Just Right have a little more of a chance to do that?  All I could think about was, like, Gastro-Pubs, where they take these otherwise bizarre combinations of foods and turn them into amazeballs meals by just combining them in new and uncommon ways, so dude could just come to the realization on his own?  Or just have her get in his grill and tell him that, hey, maybe don’t try and reduce other sapient beings to functions.
  • Basically, Lucky didn’t need to be here.
  • But to sorta get back to the show itself: we had a thing where we’re reintroducing the crew from Episode 1, right?  Getting that team together and having a reason why they can only have so many people at a time is neat, but we don’t really talk at all about the dynamic of the team, just everyone falling in line behind Lucky and… Man, I dunno.  I’m not saying I want STRIFE, exactly, but maybe a bit more about how there are some established groups inside this thing, like Balance and Naga, or Lucky and Garu, or even the Hammy, Spada, and Champ trio.

Shooting Stars – The Bits of Kyuranger that Shine



  • I’m glad we at least set up a kind of major short-term goal. Stop Jark Matter from draining the life energy of planets. That’s a nice little anchor thing to get us from place to place.
  • It’s nice that they set these episodes up not only to introduce Stinger and make Raptor AquilaPink, but also built up Champ and Sparda a bit. I’m hoping we keep to that sort of pattern and work on consistently developing everyone to keep us moving at a good pace.
  • Scorpio Voyager is so cute.


  • I just wanna reiterate that I dig on Xiao Longbao and for all he could wear on me if they don’t keep the balance right, dude is at least a welcome shot of charisma that aaaaaalmost balances out Lucky screaming all the time.
  • I like that while Stinger’s being the moody Kyuuranger, we’re also not doing the “oh, is he gonna go bad?  Who knoooooooooows?!” thing.  They’ve pulled the trigger: he’s a jerk.  Right out the gate.  No questions, no suspense, just him.  Bein’ a jerk.  So with that part out of the way, we can just bring him into the good-guy fold and have that be the driving thing.
  • Speaking of robots (or, y’know, mechanical lifeforms), I just dig that Balance takes a sec to point out that there’s a difference and that maybe we could spend some time talking about the relationships between mechanical people and people who get built to serve a purpose.  Of course, some aspects of that get covered in four, so let’s hop right into that, shall we?


  • Raptor writes self-insert fanfic about her being a Kyuuranger and a hero of the rebellion. And she wants to do the Sailor Moon line and pose. She is too pure and good for all of us and we are not worthy.
  • I do love that Xiao just seems to want to dance all the time. It’s kind of weird and endearing. I just wish between little dances he got more serious sometimes.
  • There’s something really nice in Raptor wanting to help fight, but believing she’s supposed to be a certain way and do certain things because that’s what she was built for, and then being able to break from that to follow her dream. It’s a little more subtle than I generally expect from Sentai trying to make a lesson for kids, but it’s nice. And I’m glad one of our girls got to have it.


  • I like that we used this point in time to talk about how the stuff that powers the globes isn’t infinite.  It’s a clear way to give the crew a break ‘cuz actually having nine heroes on camera at all times is a logistical nightmare, but it’s also a neat idea to set up so that later on, there can be, like, brownouts or times when the heroes can’t transform, or are on a time limit or something.  It’s not interesting on its own, but DANG the potential is there.
  • And, okay, small thing?  I like that we’re just being done with the whole “get the band together” thing nice and quick.  Like, okay, we still have to turn Stinger around, but we know where he is and what he’s doin’ and why he’s gonna be around.  Everyone’s a Kyuuranger, we just have to find the chemistry to make it go.
Fun Facts & Miscellaneous

Episode Writer: Mouri Nobuhiro

Episode Director: Shibasaki Takayuki (03) & Sugihara Teruaki (04)

Sugihara Teruiaki did some directing on Zyuohger, and on a Ninninger DVD special, but doesn’t seem to have other credits.

Stinger is currently working for Jark Matter


Meet Jark Matter’s dream eating Malistrate, Yumepakkun. Sparda, our resident chef, is quite put off by Yumepakkun’s culinary preferences


How did Stinger get that Kyu Globe?


Raptor getting the Aquila Kyu Globe was really neat. She is so proud of herself, so thrilled to do her part in the fight against Jark Matter


Scorpio Voyager VS. Taurus Voyager


Raptor is ferociously going after that Consumarz in the Aquila Voyager


Kyuren-Oh featuring the Aquila Voyager


There is a lot of good world building in this show

Champ is an evil empire fighting robot wrestler with a heart whose creator/father, Professor Anton, warns him not to lose that heart while fighting Jark Matter


This team consists of one Android, Robots and Mechanical. All three of those “beings” coexisting is really neat and creates a lot of story potential. [To be pedantic, Androids and Robots are different IRL, but in the show Champ acts as-if he is an Android, not a Robot.]


This whole bit with Toei’s budget the Kyu Energy being limited is really neat

5-Kyuranger-04-Kyu Energy-a5-Kyuranger-04-Kyu Energy-B5-Kyuranger-04-Kyu Energy-C5-Kyuranger-04-Kyu Energy-D5-Kyuranger-04-Kyu Energy-E5-Kyuranger-04-Kyu Energy-F5-Kyuranger-04-Kyu Energy-G

As if the sovereignty violating Shogunate wasn’t already bad enough, now they are LITERALLY destroying worlds. That sure gives the team something to do

5-Kyuranger-03-Jark Matter-Kyuranger-Objective5-Kyuranger-03-Jark Matter-Kyuranger-Objective-Moraimarz5-Kyuranger-03-Jark Matter-Planetium5-Kyuranger-03-Jark Matter-Planetium-B5-Kyuranger-03-Jark Matter-Planetium-C

Shout out to Over-Time for leaving in multiple translations of Jark Matter terms.

5-TL-Changes-Kyuranger-03-Jark Matter-Kyuranger-Objective-Moraimarz5-TL-Chnages-Kyuranger-04-Earth-A

9/10 main characters is daunting and there is a good chance the show won’t handle the massive cast, but on the flip side there is such rich story potential with all these different people interacting

Look at Champ acting as the will of the Laser Knees crew, roughing up Lucky a bit. 😛

6-Kyuranger-03-Champ-Lucky-Will of the people

Champ and Stinger have got bad blood


Sparda and Raptor sure seem to have a history


The next few images were just really fun


NEXT — Space Team Kyuranger 05: The Nine Ultimate Saviors & Kyuranger 06: Fly High, Dancing Star!

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