Burger Time – Ex-Aid 17-18 -RX! 167

Join us as we play a level of Kamen Rider EX-Aid! Can Emu, Asuna, and their allies cure the Bugster virus before it can wipe out humanity? Find out how we think he’s doing as we share our thoughts on:

Kamen Rider EX-Aid

Episode 17 – An Abnormal Burgster

Episode 18 – The Revealed Truth!


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Episode Writer: Takahashi Yuya

Episode Director: Yamaguchi Kyohei


  • SONO: Okay first of all, how dare they kill this beautiful burger son?
  • SONO: I hate to admit it but the lack of an OP is starting to wear on me. I appreciate that they want to use all the time they have to the best they can by cutting out the opening and just having the end credits over the action, but just… I don’t know… It feels weird to just have it happening episode after episode.
  • ALEPH: I feel like it must be a thing where they’re trying to talk about other kinds of games but also wanna keep up the feeling that this is a dangerous world or something?  All I know is that, as I already said, I’m a sucker for precious robots who are willing to die for the sake of their friends so this felt like a very personal attack.
  • ALEPH: Honestly, rewatching 18 before we got recording this makes me think that the feeling of padding and relative ephemerality is a VERY likely source of the discomfort you were talking about because it really does feel like a whole mess of ZOMG BETRAYAL and fights wrapped around a thin skeleton of just plot machinations that lead up to a really good moment.  But the ride there is just a lot of fighting.
  • ALEPH: And, look, it’s not like I don’t love me a fight, it’s just that the emotional stakes of the fights don’t feel really well-presented, giving them a feeling of, loath as I am to say it, trying to make us excited for some stuff that’s just plain not gonna happen for a while instead of just leaving it to little vignettes.  Little bits and pieces can be frustrating, but it’s peanuts compared to building whole big fights around it.
  • SONO: It was all just so much all at once. I  mean being efficient with time is one thing but tell maybe 2 people’s stories at a time instead of like… 5 people’s. Just dial it back a bit. Especially if you’re keeping the whole 3 extra minutes every episode.
  • ALEPH: Even in a franchise rife with clunky intros of new toys, I can’t help feeling like the one with Taddle Fantasy/Brave’s next power-up was a bit forced.  I can’t help feeling like it was there to give them more stuff to work with so the episode wouldn’t be short on time.
  • SONO: It was definitely a moment of “Okay so in like 2-3 weeks, this is going to the other side so that these two aren’t spending all their time at level 1 fighting level 50 dudes. Cool.”


  • SONO: I didn’t expect a Burger Time episode. I don’t know why I didn’t, because I feel like I definitely should have. But here we are with this beautiful tale of a good man and his burger son.
    • ALEPH: Burgermon is too good for this fallen world.
  • SONO: Nico is a gift and a treasure, and this episode really kept building on her dynamic with Taiga and really playing with how they feed off of each other.
    • SONO: I love that Taiga was introduced to us with the idea of him becoming obsessed with the gaming side of this, but apparently he’s just the toxic man-boy call-of-duty gamer who doesn’t really know about other games, and having Nico, a young girl, rip into him on that. Feels good.
  • SONO: Whoops sorry Poppy and Burgmon basically making a JuJu Burger commercial was the cutest dang thing I’ve ever seen and I love it.
  • ALEPH: I want Burgermon to come back so bad, but never so much as when I imagine him and Poppy being Bugster BFFs.

SONO: Tsukuru has a couple of ladies on his dev team! Nice!

SONO: I do appreciate Dan shooting a guy full of disease and then just hanging out there waiting for the good guys to show up. Just sitting there with this biggest grin on his face like a huge freakin’ evil dork.

SONO: I really love just how much like… everyone on the good guy side cared about each other this episode? Nico running into make sure Taiga was alright, and Taiga insisting that he’s her doctor was all just really cute. I stand by that giving Taiga someone to actually care about is really helping his character.

ALEPH: And, hey, I know I was ripping on this ep a bit for feeling kinda padded out (I stand by it), but at least we got to see Dan doing some more Dr. Doom monologuing.  At any point in the show, dude’s like three seconds away from “BEHOLD!  MY DEATH RAY!” which really keeps me warmed up to that murderous so-and-so.

ALEPH: I really dug on the effects they used when Emu was losing his cohesion.  Recalls a lot of Riders (I went to Kiva, but there’s other stuff in there), while also being its own thing and also kind of shocking in its way, finding this really interesting way to illustrate a moment of existential crisis while building on a bunch of previously-established visual hooks.

Points of Concern


  1. There was a lot of emphatic editing in episode 18. How did y’all receive it?
  2. If you didn’t talk about this already, how did everyone lying to Emu work in these episodes.
  3. Given his actions over the course of Ex-Aid 17-18 where does Kuroto Dan stand with you?
  4. Kamen Rider Chronicle is a survival game where everyone becomes a Rider and has to fight to the death. There is a similarity to Gaim in this. What do you think about that?

Bonus Content

Koboshi Tsukuru is the patient for Kamen Rider Ex-Aid 17-18. Father of Burgmon, dedicated Genm employee, trying to help save the livelihoods of his co-workers and keep things together after Kuroto Dan’s mysterious disappearance.


Burgmon is the Bugster featured in Kamen Rider Ex-Aid 17-18. He was Tsukuru’s sweet burger son, gone too soon from this world, due to Dan’s cruel vanity.


The Ju Ju Burger Gashat and Game Screen


Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Ju Ju Burger form!


Nico and Taiga make such a great team. She makes him interesting and fun to watch


Look at Emu being a truly heroic Kamen Rider. It’s nice that this came back from Ghost. I miss Sword Mom though. Good-bye Burgmon, we hardly knew you.


Kuroto Dan and Palad have had this really neat dynamic throughout the show and it is so satisfying to see the rift develop between them and come to this. That punch was coming for so long and was so well timed

7-Ex-Aid-18-anatomy of a sucker punch-1-Kurota-Dan-Palad-villains-divided7-Ex-Aid-18-anatomy of a sucker punch-2-Kurota-Dan-Palad-villains-divided-27-Ex-Aid-18-anatomy of a sucker punch-3-Genm-Paradox-Sucker-Punch7-Ex-Aid-18-anatomy of a sucker punch-4-Paradox


Kamen Rider Ex-Aid 19: Fantasy From Out of the Blue?!

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