Uchuu Kitaa!! -Space Sentai Kyuranger 01+02 -Laser Knees 36

5-Laser Knees-2016-LogoJoin us as we take a trip through the stars with Space Sentai Kyuuranger to fight the Jark Matter with the crew of the Orion! Find out how we think they’re doing as we share our thoughts on:

Space Sentai Kyuuranger

Episode 01 – The Super Stars of Space &

Episode 02 – Let’s Go! Phantom Thief BN Team!


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Black Holes – Parts of Kyuranger that Suck



  • I’d really love Lucky to just tone it down a bit. The Energetic Red is always nice, and he reminds me a lot of Ban, which is fun, but does he really need to be screaming “LUCKY~!” every 15 seconds?
  • We really need a Hammy episode as quickly as possible, because right now she feels so flat. I could probably say the same of Sparda and Champ, but like… They at least feel like they have something? Sparda likes to cook. Champ is a giant robot bull man. There’s stuff right there that I expect them to build on. Hammy… laughs at people a lot? For some reason? There’s really nothing there I can to latch on to. For a character that is so clearly playing to my biases, she’s the least interesting person in the first two episodes and it makes me want to scream.
  • I hate the ending song. That’s it I just hate it.


  • For me, the weak link is Sparda.  He might have a hook you can hang a story or two on, but in suit or out, he just feels like a whole lotta nothin’.  Maybe it’s just that he’s supposed to be this really restrained counterpoint to Lucky’s none-restraint.
  • Small thing: I think with Garu, one of my problems going forward is gonna be that while he feels like he’s characterized as the grizzled old warrior who’s seen some stuff… like, y’all, he looks like someone’s angsty OC.  Again, that’s not to bust on the design, it’s just that when I see whimsical tattoos on a blue wolf with silver emo-hair and an angsty past, I think a bit more, like, teenager with a chip on his shoulder than gruff-voiced berserker.
  • Okay, probably my biggest complaint with these two is that I really hate the “Oh, I have superpowers and automatically understand how they work so I can be a super-hardcore-amazo-person?” sort of plot.  It’s just not a thing I dig on.  That said: I can handwave it away by reminding myself that they’ve got something like 50 episodes to do with 9 main characters, a probable extra character or two, plus villains, plus the commander, so they gotta get all the setup–characters, mechanics, basic toys, etc.–out of the way ASAP.  Still: it ain’t great.

Shooting Stars – The Bits of Kyuranger that Shine



  • It’s pretty cool that we’re set entirely off earth. It gives the team a chance to really play with their settings instead of confining us to one city, and I like how they managed that within the first two episodes. Has sentai done this on such a large scale before? Dekaranger would travel to other planets every now and then, but was mostly localized? The Boukengers were going all over the Earth supposedly, but even that is a very scaled down version of what Kyuuranger is trying.
  • It took me a bit to come to where I really understood the suits, but after stopping on the final still of them in the opening, they’re a lot better than I thought when I first saw them bouncing around. I really appreciate the amount of detail that went into these. The glitter visors are fantastic. Garu is a wolf man, so his suit is a sort of velvet texture instead of spandex (ALEPH: I was gonna say someone sewed it with some blue carpet). Champ is a giant robot bull man, so his suit is more heavily armored. Dorado can stab a guy with his face. (In fact, in episode 2 he does, which means all of this was worth it.) Scoprion guy has a little tail which is the greatest thing I’ve ever seen in my life. This is thoughtful suit design, instead of just color swaps and slightly different helmets, and I’m so here for that.
  • Raptor is voiced by Mao, and it’s nice to have her come back in a role where I feel like I’ll probably like her a lot. I hope she gets to do a little face acting so I can associate her visually with someone other than Luka.


  • Since we’re talking about songs, though?  I really dig on the opening theme.  It’s not ToQGer good, but it’s got some pep.
  • Okay, and because I think I could explode for hours on just the design this show’s got going for it, I also wanna throw out that one of my favorite things is how they’ve tried to unify everyone even out-of-suit with the team jackets, but they found a couple places where there’s some character-revealing novelty to how they did it while also breaking up how everyone looks out-of-suit:  Balance gets a new paintjob, showing that he’s just way too into being a robo-nudist, and then Champ just clearly showed up at the Satellite of Love as the black Kyuuranger and they had jackets from S to maaaaaybe 2XL and just as someone’s offering to make him a bigger one, he just rolls his eyes, tosses it over his shoulder like a cape and is adamant that he’s ready now.
  • Also, in these two episodes, I kinda love the big bad monster.  Also, the footsoldiers are just gorgeous.
Fun Facts & Miscellaneous

Episode Writer: Mouri Nobuhiro

Episode Director: Shibsaki Takayuki

Look at these other poster here. The inclusion of these other character who we are likely yo never see again is a lot of fun and makes the universe of Kyuranger feel more alive2-Kyuranger-01-World-Building

If you look closely and compare the subs Over-Time paired with the on screen translation you can see what the original Japanese terms are as well as enjoy the puns they formed for the dialogue.2-Kyuranger-02-Jark Matter-Power structure

The Crew of the Orion


The broad scope of Kyuranger offers the opportunity to showcase how different planets, with different life forms can have different natural talents and abilites


It’s nice that these heroes have their priorities straight


These mecha feel like they are going to be very flexible and fun

6-Kyuranger-02-Kyuren-Oh-26-Kyuranger-01-Kyuren-Oh-Chamelion6-Kyuranger-02-Naga-Balance-Orphiucus-Libra-Voyager-Both of you dance like you want to win6-Kyuranger-02-Kyuren-Oh-Orphiucus-Libra

The Jark Matter Shogunate is not only sinister, but as Aleph and Sono point out in this episode of Laser Knees they are really scary because they have ALREADY won


NEXT — Space Team Kyuranger 03: The Man from the Desert Planet;
Space Team Kyuranger 04:The Dreaming Android

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