Paradoxically Yours – Ex-Aid 15-16 -RX! 166

Join us as we play a level of Kamen Rider EX-Aid! Can Emu, Asuna, and their allies cure the Bugster virus before it can wipe out humanity? Find out how we think he’s doing as we share our thoughts on:

Kamen Rider EX-Aid

15 – A New Challenger Approaches!

16 – The Paradox of M’s Defeat


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Episode Writer: Takahashi Yuya

Episode Director: Morota Satoshi




  • SONO: So here we encounter another one of those issues where the movie is very very canon, and it’s always a thing I’m not totally into. I mean at least here, they’re giving complete context for it, so it’s not like there’s any point on which we’re left guessing. It’s just treated as an event in this world’s history that Dan has to explain, and they build it into Emu’s story well enough with his conversation with Hiiro later, but I’m not sure where it fits into anything Kiriya learned about, or how Dan and Genm tie into it. For this being the thing Kiriya was killed for, it sure doesn’t feel like something he found out.
  • ALEPH: It’s probably just me being really, really petty, but it’s a thing that’s upset me since Faiz’s first episode and ever since: don’t show me the lady putting on the Rider belt if she’s not gonna transform.  I know, I know, I know.  There are a lot of really good in-story reasons and it’s not meant as this frustrating THING, I know there’s a lot of real, honest, fair-play stuff going on.
  • SONO: So after both 15 and 16, I still… don’t really understand why Hiiro and Taiga are attacking Emu the way they are. They’re both acting on some level of concern for him. They want to save him from the virus. They want to remove the Bugster from him and destroy it. But instead of telling him and getting it out the normal way, they just want to beat him up? It feels a lot weirder in 15 than 16 but it’s not structured well in general.
  • SONO: Poppy was a little wound up in the beginning of this episode and I need it to calm down again.
  • ALEPH: I just need them to tone down the physical comedy for a little.  I know it’s one of those things you just give to the target audience and that Rider is lowering its target audience age-range a bit as time goes on, but eeeeesh.


  • SONO: Why are Taiga and Nico such a joy to watch? Why is watching this grown man having no idea how to handle this teenager so hilarious? There’s something so deeply entertaining about watching Taiga try to act like he has authority and end up totally ignored.
  • SONO: Also Taiga you moron don’t just leave your belt and magic video games sitting around. It’s a miracle they weren’t stolen before now if you just leave them out on the table. You know there’s a zombie man trying to kill you, right?
  • ALEPH: More than anything, tho, I just liked that Nico, like Yuuki in Fourze, has clearly planned out a henshin pose and ganked his belt to make it happen.
  • ALEPH: Also, for all I complained about it?  The way they showed the consequences of someone without the compatibility surgery OR, apparently, an extant Bugster infection trying to put on the belt.  Explains a bit about what sets our heroes apart from everyone else and gives a nice bit of implicit lore-building, which I am all about.
  • SONO: Nico redecorating CR was really cute and funny. Where did she get all of this stuff though? Did she really have it all in her suitcase?
    • ALEPH: Clearly, she goes to Ama No Gawa High and swiped it from Mr. Kisaragi’s class.
  • SONO: The bit with this ep where we’re wondering if Emu should break off from being Nico’s doctor because she hates him for reasons he doesn’t understand is really good.  The answer is “yes, of course”, but still, it’s a good thing to look into.
  • SONO: The discussion between Dan and Palad about what their individual goals are was a great scene. They’re working together but they sure don’t like each other. The two of them play off of each other so well, and the balance between Palad constantly moving, constantly being in these positions that just don’t work for normal conversation while Dan just stands completely still, was some real nice visual stuff that really showcases them.
  • ALEPH: I also really dig how they contrast it in the very next scene with Hiiro and Emu, leading into more stuff with the Bugster wanting to have Emu’s back.  The whole thing where Emu’s totally unable to hurt the Bugster as if they were on his team was clever in 15 and hearing the gun-Bugster (I don’t care what his name is) explain why this is all agoing on was such a really fun thing.
  • ALEPH: Also?  Really love the bit where Dan plays Henshin Interruptus with Our Heroes.  “I won’t let you level up”?  I always dig on the baddies using the mechanics of a thing against the heroes

Points of Concern


  1. I didn’t want to point this out when we first talked about Ex-Aid, but do you think the redness under Emu’s eyes was a hint from the make-up department and or the head director or even the writer that he should kind of look sick or at the very least, less than optimally healthy. Do you think that could be a real thing. Everyone else looks healthy, but he has that redness. I just looked him up from some appearances before Ex-Aid and he looks fresh, not like in the debut. I think as he has been using the Game Driver, he has been looking better. Taiga and Hiiro point out that there is a personality shift in Emu and we have noted it in the past, so why not a physical change as well? Attached are images of Emu from the debut before he used the Game Driver and one from episode 2 right after he got it. Maybe it is just lighting? Thoughts?
  2. TWO episodes without an opening in a week! How do you think they did that?
  3. Hold the BANG-Banging phone, how was Saiba Niko unable to use the Game Driver, given that she has the Bugster Virus… which is exactly HOW Emu was able to use the Game Driver. If you haven’t already discussed that, what are your thoughts on that seeming contradiction?

Bonus Content

Palad/Parad becomes Paradox further deepening his rivalry with and foiling of Emu and M who becomes two Riders when transformed with Mighty Brothers X.


Saiba Niko will NOT be spoken down to!


RE: Ammit’s question about Emu looking a tad ill.



Kamen Rider Ex-Aid 17: An Abnormal BURGster?

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