Zyuoh the Final– Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger 46-48 -Laser Knees 35

5-Laser Knees-2016-LogoJoin us as we start on a wild ride through Dobutsu Sentai Zyuohger! Can Yamato lead his Zyuman friends through an adventure to save the human world from the Deathgalien? Find out how we think he’s doing as we share our thoughts on:

46 – The Immortal God of Destruction, 47 – The Final Game

& 48 – The Earth Is Our Home


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Because we’re covering the final three episodes, we’re shaking up the format a bit and knocking out our Instincts and Evolutions segments. We’re going to charge through our Hackles and Tide Turners, and then cover our overall thoughts on the ending and Zyuohger itself in our Quick Reflexes!

Hackles Up! – Problems & Nitpicks

Sono 46
  • Ticked about Azald smacking Naria. It was awful, and also like come on he’s like the only one who’s been cool to her. Don’t take that away.
Ammit 46


  • Azald slapping Naria really made me want to see him thrown into the sun.
  • I’m not sure how I feel about all this last-minute emotional manipulation between the doctor Kazakiri, Yamato and Bard. The Feels are reals, I mean it is emotionally affecting to me, but I’m not sure I like it. I feel as if I’ve been intellectually betrayed.
  • It looked like Amu was going be the one who got to use the Zyuoh Whale Cube-gun, but it turns out it was Tusk handling it after her and then it got passed on.


Aleph 46
  • Smacking Naria was awful on its own and also?  The only reason I cared that Super-Azald bought it because… I mean, it was a neat realization and a use of Yamato’s quick-thinking and vision and wev, but I barely cared about Super-Azald to begin with and him dying did NOT have the punch they seemed to want it to have.  I’m more than a little sure we talked about this last time, but HODANG did the haphazard pacing really take the wind out of that moment’s sails.
Sono 47
  • I’m gonna have some praises of the scene with Yamato and his dad in a minute, because the scene was like 80% satisfying, but I’m a little disappointed that Yamato apologized first. Having Yamato remember his mother telling him that everything in the world, especially their family, will always be connected in the middle of the argument and then stopping short on his totally valid argument and deciding to apologize felt very weird and forced. If his dad apologized first in response to his grievance, then from that Yamato remembered his mom’s last words and THEN had the revelation and apologized in response I’d feel a lot better about it all.
  • How did that terrible robot pull down the Sagittariark? It has no hands.
  • Also it’s great (see also: not great at all) wanting to punch Leo in the mouth right until the 11th hour.
Ammit 47
  • Genis’ last game feels a bit lazy
  • Genis was the last thing on Naria’s mind. Poor lady.
Aleph 47
  • I think I’m just gonna be a pillar of salt about Naria’s treatment overall in this show.  We kept getting SO CLOSE to finding stuff out about her or at least giving her a single relationship that was in any way recognizable, but NOPE.
  • I can’t help thinking that (take a drink) a better-paced show would have ended the episode on the bonkers “totally separate our worlds” plan so that there could have been even a smidgen of suspense about whether or not Our Heroes would go with it or not.
Sono 48
  • Naria’s death was some bunk and she deserves better.
  • Genis being a literal virus should have been a bigger thing in this show because that’s a crazy cool concept and I wish instead of hiding it he’d totally owned it. A virus is ever evolving, ever growing stronger. If he’d been on top of that, and just been absorbing things throughout the show to create “immunities” in himself against the Zyuohgers, that would have been rad.
  • How did Naria never know about Genis though? She’s literally throwing his physical cells into other beings every week. Why is this a surprise to her?
Ammit 48
  • Genis kills her for showing compassion
  • The show has finally gotten back to or two for the first time that gamer negative mentality that we had originally imagined that it would be all about.
  • I don’t think this is superficial, but tell me if it is. I was put off by the transformation scene where they were not wearing their helmets and their faces were all scuffed and bloody and bruised. It just felt off to me and it seemed play less well than other Transformations like that, but I don’t remember if the other ones in the pass with the faces as messed up or not.
Aleph 48
  • I just really wanted all the good ideas they put out here to land. They didn’t.
  • Like, that bit where Misao is all “The Earth accepts me?!”  That bit was good, but it could have been gorram transcendent if at any point we’d talked about how he got to the place where he thinks he’s so bad that the power of the planet despises him.  We could’ve talked about that even once, but instead it was just “lol, you’ve been horrifically traumatized!”

Tide Turners – Some Enjoyable bits from this stretch of Zyuohger

Sono 46
  • Yeah, so I kind of love Amu just totally losing it on Yamato. It’s good to see Amu get so frustrated about this. It feels so much like Amu has had major losses before, that she has regrets,  and that she’s annoyed Yamato would make the same dumb mistakes she did when everyone else doesn’t have family to turn to. I mean this would be even better if they actually gave us more information on Amu to back up her outburst, but this is the end of the show and I’m taking what I can get.
  • It was pretty cool how they tied Yamato, Bard, and Yamato’s father together. I mean, again, it’s a little late but narratively it was a nice little bit that digs into that idea of connections.
  • The shots of Yamato inside the suit fighting were cool.
Ammit 46
  • Naria gloating over Azald being trapped in the Bloodgame was nice for her. She’s bad, but she has charm and style.
  • Tusk, not Leo is de facto leader when Yamato is absent.
  • When Yamato shifted to Zyuoh Whale offscreen the cut of beef helmet for the suit and the acting of the person in the suit was so superb. That look of absolutely cold Ire was beautiful and I loved it.
Aleph 46
  • I feel like you guys covered most of the bases in this’n.  Feel bad but I hit a lot of the same fave moments.
Sono 47
  • Firing the Sagittariark was SICK.
  • Gonna mostly talk about that scene with Yamato and his dad here, since that was really the big focus of 47, specifically about the fact that we have an open verbal acknowledgement of wrong-doing and an apology. Like I said, a little miffed that Yamato had to apologize first, but at least it’s a step in the right direction comparatively.
  • But Yamato’s whole statement to his father, that whether or not he would have understood — And he probably could have. Kids aren’t stupid. — he’d still wanted to and deserved to at least be told. His father never tried to connect to him and that’s where the core of his anger is. It was SUPER solid and it felt really good to see. The scene itself felt very Pro-Yamato (and as such, very Pro-”Talk To Your Freaking Child”) and very in the spirit of why Yamato is and what the show is about, and I can get behind that.
Ammit 47
  • Right on Creatives for having Yamato tell his dad how he had needed him AND for Dr. Kazakiri actually APOLOGIZING.
Aleph 47
    • [RE: the apology from Dr. Kazakiri] For serious and for true, that conversation was so good.  Especially given how much the show seems like it wanted that to be a massive part of what it was and what it was about.  I know we commented on it before, but just this thing where you can actually–with adult’s eyes– see where Dr. Kazakiri’s coming from is really good and creates this space of intense maturity that lets Zyuohger’s highs stand head and shoulders above a lot of other Sentai series.
  • I know I complained about the implementation of it, but look: the sorta nuclear-option plan to use the Zyuoh Whale gun to hide Earth to protect it?  That was a neat plan and I really dug on it AND how it forces Our Heroes to lean on how much they believe in the power of connection, which is a thing I really need from my Sentai.
Sono 48
  • The Link Cube deciding “Haha nah my guys EVERYBODY PARTY TOGETHER” is maybe my favorite thing in this whole show. It was cute and unexpected and very in the spirit of what Zyuohger wanted to be about. And there was just something delightful and charming in it happening and everyone’s reaction to it being “What just happened this was not what we were trying to do OH WELL I GUESS THIS IS OUR LIFE NOW.” It was sweet watching everyone reunite with their families and getting to see Lari and Misao acting to get everyone together on a large scale was really wonderful.
Ammit 48
  • Naria taking on the Zyuohgers at Kaiju size made me happy.
  • The Earth accepting Misao and rejecting Genis as a punctuation to illustrate the difference between them despite their underlying similarities is so beautiful!
Aleph 48
  • The whole last bit with Yamato and the Zyulanders chillin’ and then inviting over the sad kid with the banged-up elbow?  Loved that bit.  Honestly, seeing all the stuff where folks were connecting and reconnecting?  I kinda wish they could’ve made a whole episode dedicated to that.
  • Also, noticed that OverTime translated the animal grouping as a “tribe”, aka a human grouping, which was clever, I thought.
Fun Facts & Miscellaneous

Episode Writer: Komura Junko

Episode Director: Sugihara Teruaki (46) & Katou Hiroyuki (47-48)

I’m sure this cute notion has featured in a dozens of forms of media, but a favorie of mine is Genbu from the second arc of the Yu Yu Hakusho anime.


It’s so nice that Misao’s Crocodile, Rhino and Wolf dads give him a proud send off.


Naria is too charming. What gives?


Yamato and the Zyuohgers staking the moral high-ground against Genis is nice and really well-formed here. Too bad it wasn’t more solidly founded throughout the series…


Genis and Naria turning the Zyuohger’s line and anatomy against them was a lot of fun. It made me think about the phrase “Turnabout is fair play.”


Junko Komura really did a good job working some complex and nuances ideas into the last episode. (Get ready to take a shot, if you’re playing along at home.) Too bad these ideas weren’t spread throught the last bit of the show, oreven over the whole thing.


I feel a tiny bit bad for Genis because he is such a broken person, but the whole “King of the Net Trolls” idea is so cool and it is strangely cathartic to me (Ammit) to watch him get shut down by these good hearted people who are trying to live that #ConnectedLife. It is so satisfying. But for reals, people like him need help and love, but it’s hard to reach out to someone who refuses to examine themselves with integrity and lashes out at those who will correctly identify them for their strengths and weaknesses.


Look at these Social Justice Warriors! The Earth accepts and empowers them to take down this jerk.


NEXT — Space Team Kyuranger

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