Two for the Price of One – Ex-Aid 13-14 -RX! 165

Join us as we play a level of Kamen Rider EX-Aid! Can Emu, Asuna, and their allies cure the Bugster virus before it can wipe out humanity? Find out how we think he’s doing as we share our thoughts on:

Kamen Rider EX-Aid

13 – A Predetermined Destiny

14 – We’re Kamen Rider


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Episode Writer: Takahashi Yuya

Episode Director: Nakazawa Shoujiro


  • SONO: My heart feels for Asuna. She’s trying so hard and she just gets ignored. I thought the pink nurse dress was cute. The poor girl just wants some praise. She’s trying really hard, and everyone just kind of ignoring her or shutting down her enthusiasm is starting to wear on me. Someone please show this girl some attention and love.
    • ALEPH: Yeah.  It’s one of those things where–and I know I keep harping on it–but once you know Ohmori’s on-staff, it’s hard not to really drop a lot of stuff like this at his feet.  Poppy/Asuna is a really fun character and while I get the show’s sense of humor, dang it’s hard to see her getting treated so badly so often.


  • Taking Kiriya out of the opening was a knife to my heart, Ex-Aid. A knife to my heart.
  • Okay this is 800% not how medical blood samples work. Okay sure he’s using the magic kamen rider stethoscope to analyze it, and maybe I could let it go on that, but I’m pretty sure you cannot accurately diagnose someone on a sample that small wiped onto a non-sterile tissue.
    • ALEPH: I want to No-Prize this so hard, but also I hate baseless speculation when it’s just one of those leaps of logic I need to go with, but yeah.  Yeah, that’s irksome to me.  I’ve had bloodwork done.  That is not the sample size ANYONE took.  Oh, if only.


  • There’s no sign that Niko is a heroic, antiheroic, or otherwise independent Bugster.  Boo on that fact.  There’s time yet, but… it’s not looking likely.


  • SONO: The degree to with Dan is just skyrocketing himself toward Dr. Doom levels of villainy is maybe one of my favorite things about this show. I still want to punch the guy for taking away my other favorite thing about this show, but man he’s a fun bad guy.
    • ALEPH: I really hate to be nothing but “I KNOW RIGHT” but… I KNOW, RIGHT?  He’s just so massively full of himself and clearly has reason to be and it’s great.
  • SONO: I also just really appreciate them tossing the whole secret identity thing out the window. It never makes a whole lot of sense, and for something this big and public, making it ACTUALLY PUBLIC this early, instead of dragging it out the way Drive did, will at least keep that loose end out of the way.
    • ALEPH: And on top of that, not trying to play it one way or another.  Like, we don’t really know how the rest of society reacts to the knowledge that there are neon-colored superheroes fighting a video game disease that feeds on your anxieties, but they leave most of it to the side because, look: it’s not actually that important one way or another.  PR for the ministry of health is not Emu’s job.  His world is small and specialized.  He’s a… Kamen Rider.
  • SONO: Holy crud Genm’s zombie horde is really cool and absolutely horrifying.
  • SONO: Niko messing with Taiga brings me such intense joy. I feel like I’ve mentioned this but god its just makes me so happy to watch. Also Taiga gets really angry when she calls him out on how thoroughly he examined her for the game illness. Kid doesn’t want to admit he still really cares and is affected by what happened at Zero Day. It’s nice to see some actual character building on him for once.
    • ALEPH: For all I remain frustrated that, apparently, Kiriya had to bite it to spark all these bits where suddenly the two biggest louts in the series were suddenly kinda alright while also not contradicting anything from before.  It’s a really well-done bit of writing/directing.
  • SONO: I love this dumb Mario and Luigi form and honestly I’m not even sorry about it. It’s a really cool idea, and is really driving home the split between M and Emu, which is just becoming wider by the episode. Even if Ex-Aid has some dumb suits, at least it’s form gimmicks seem to be heading in really neat directions.
    • ALEPH: I think that’s the thing I’m ultimately going to love most about the show, being honest.  Because they took this thing where there’s two sides to him, then just totally literalized by the powerup and I haven’t had much of a rant yet in THIS series about loving how well they tell a story just with the powerups, but this is one of the best ones.  One dude who wears powerups gets a powerup and turns into his bifurcated self–the brash, hot-headed Momotar–I mean gamer, the other a chill and calculating doctor–and they’re so night-and-day, they even use different reflexive pronouns, which is just GREAT.
      • ALEPH: Also, taking money that the blue one is revealed to be the Bugster.  Actually I’m not, I don’t have money.  But I will gladly take yours, dear listener, whether or not I’m right.
        • SONO: Yeah that was something a friend brought up to me; that “M” the clever fiery gamer is the human and the more cautious, thoughtful “Emu” is the Bugster. I’m willing to leave it open right now because I want to see where this is going and not dig my heels into any one thing in particular but I wouldn’t be surprised if this was right.
          • ALEPH: I think that’s actually for the best.  I know it’s a thing where nerds (like me) get all het up about an idea and wanna show their work, but I’d be happy either way.
  • SONO: I’m in on Hiiro’s ethics of not forcing a patient to have a surgery. I mean I can see where Emu, the big hearted hero, is coming from. If you can save someone, why wouldn’t you? And I know in the context of the show the game virus and bugster are real, but like… Kids know it’s not real. Cancer is real, and it’s devastating. And this guy has the right to make his own decisions about his life. Even if Shirakawa wants the surgery, Hiiro won’t do it just on Emu’s asking. Shirakawa has to say it. “It’s not up to the doctors to decide.” This show continues it’s hard stance on doctor’s not playing god and deciding who lives or dies and I’m into it.
    • ALEPH: Seriously, it is SO good.  I’m gonna keep harping on this, but the amount to which this series wants to talk about medical ethics–and, honestly, ethics of agency generally–puts such a smile on my face.  Even Ghost, with all its laudable things, didn’t quite touch on this aspect of life in a way quite this powerful.  ‘Cuz it’s one thing to save someone from a thing like a supervillain or a mugger – that’s uncomplicated.  But CANCER?  Man, cancer’s… Whoof.  Good on ‘em for bringing this up and not doing the classic “he’s too stupid to know what he wants” or whatever thing and instead just talk to him like an adult and give Hiiro a chance to act like an adult about it all.  It’s great.

Points of Concern

None this week.

Bonus Content

Dan Kurato is so damn petty. All the lengths he has gone through to be The Game Master…


Patient of the week for Ex-Aid 13 and 14: Shirakawa Kazuki


Poor Asuna, she gets no respect!


Mighty Brothers Double X – Is this a reference to the Super Mario Brothers or Double Dragon?


Saiba Niko may turn out to be a GREAT addition to the show as long as they don’t go skeevy with her. She really seems to make Taiga work as a character.


The spirit of Kiriya Kujo lives on in this show in so many interesting ways. Somehow Taiga is getting more interesting by taking on the investigatory roll that Kiriya had taken from the onset of the series.



Kamen Rider Ex-Aid 15: A New Challenger Approaches!

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