The Kazakiri Crew– Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger 42-43 -Laser Knees 33

5-Laser Knees-2016-LogoJoin us as we start on a wild ride through Dobutsu Sentai Zyuohger! Can Yamato lead his Zyuman friends through an adventure to save the human world from the Deathgalien? Find out how we think he’s doing as we share our thoughts on:

42 – The Fate of This Planet

43 – The Christmas Witness


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Hackles Up! – Problems & Nitpicks

  • So the cubes Bard has are green, yellow, white, and blue huh? Where else have we seen those colors in Zyuohger? Look at those poor upgrades our main team never got because of the bad pacing of this show.
  • My only problem with Zyuoh the Final is that when everyone comes together, no one touches Yamato’s butt. What good is a team canon without half the team touching the Red’s butt?
  • I refuse to believe Mario hasn’t known anything about Yamato and the others being Zyuohgers this entire time. I can buy not realizing that his house guest are actually weird animal people from another dimension, but they have talked about it IN FRONT OF HIM. A LOT. The guy isn’t dumb.
  • In fairness, for as big as most of those upgrade-toys’ focus episodes are, they–much like the other characterization that pops up during those episodes–tend to sort of disappear. Except for mole, I think.  ‘Cuz I’m still waiting to hear why Cube Bear became Cube Panda.
  • Yeah. That was weird and is basically the one thing that’s overwhelmingly wrong with the episode and, really, a lot of Mario’s character this whole time.  I get that he’s kind of a doof, but it’s not like we haven’t been hinting at him getting this for most of the show.

Tide Turners – Some Enjoyable bits from this stretch of Zyuohger

  • It’s adorable that Tusk knows Misao’s scent and can track it basically with no effort.
  • Okay well we’ve confirmed that Yamato’s dad is alive, and I’m glad for that because the conflict between them is kind of interesting to see both perspectives of. Yamato’s got this very reasonable grudge, but his father doesn’t really seem hostile towards him at all and is just letting him feel what he feels and is taking it in stride. I really wish we’d spent actual time exploring this because it’s very different from the normal parental conflicts in Toku.
  • The whole scene with Naria is gold. She wants no mercy, no pity. Just to know Genis is alive and ready to kill everything. Leo shows her pity, because she’s a girl, and she takes advantage of it. And then Sela kicks him in the gut to get to Naria. Everything about this was good to watch.
  • I hate to give anything to Genis, but I sort of love his mentality of “I’ll absolutely let the dead traitor win if I think it’s funny.”
  • Yo it’s so great that this whole episode is about people loving and wanting to do nice things for Mario. He’s had a rough year and he deserves everyone wanting to get him something great for Christmas to thank him for being the best dude who lets random shady strangers just live in his house without questioning what in the world their deal is.
  • I love how they all silently come up with the same plan to get Mario a gift, except Leo who just tried chewing on a rock and then followed them because what else is he going to do?
  • Yeah, hey, how ‘bout that: an actual payoff to a character thing.  Huh.  Yeah.  Been a while, Zyuohger.  See how good that feels when you pull it off?  Sorry, I sound mad, it’s just that it was such a good moment and said so much about both of them in ways neither of their more recent focus episodes even tried to do.
  • Seriously, can Naria just stay on to be the baddie of the next series after they kill Genis?  She deserves that much for being so amazing.
  • A silly little detail I really dug on?  The sales tax bit and also how, apparently, Tusk only asked for EXACTLY how much the sweater cost. (SONO: Agreed that this is hilarious. Poor overly-literal Tusk.) Something tells me he had to talk Amu down from fleecing that baker for all he had because, look, it’d probably be worth it to give them a little more than that so they could all have something nice, too.
    • SONO: They did a LOT of work and saved this store and basically got $17 each for their trouble, looking at the current exchange rates.
      • Well, the dollar IS doing pretty well… but still, that looked like a lot longer than one or two hours work.  That baker got a GREAT friggin’ deal ‘cuz that is SO far below a reasonable hourly wage.  (Insert rant about the utility of a $20/hour minimum wage here because Aleph’s a filthy red)

Quick Reflexes – Questions left by this bit of Zyuohger

None this week.

Fun Facts

Episode Writer: Komura Junko

Episode Director: Katou Hiroyuki

Team Azald’s Gakkarize


Moral Capitalist Zyumen


Kubar’s Terror while terrible for him and the helpless citizenry sure was well played and makes for some great drama.


Sela and Naria did us all a solid. Bless you two.


~Tusk is a nerd like me~


Maybe they should have just told Mario and eased him into this whole thing more gently…


NEXT WEEK —EPISODE 44 – The Champion of Humanity

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