How Toei Ruined Christmas – Ex-Aid 11-12 -RX! 164

Join us as we play a level of Kamen Rider EX-Aid! Can Emu, Asuna, and their allies cure the Bugster virus before it can wipe out humanity? Find out how we think he’s doing as we share our thoughts on:

Kamen Rider EX-Aid

11 – Who’s the Dark Kamen Rider?

12 – Christmas Special: White Xmas Under Attack!


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Episode Writer: Takahashi Yuya

Episode Director: Yamaguchi Kyohei


Sono 12
  • I’m not sure how I feel about Kamen Rider Chronicle but I guess we’ll see where that goes. This is an anniversary show, and I know we tied the KRC into previous Kamen RIders, but it was never anything this direct… We’ll see I guess.
  • This is more of a subbing thing than a complaint about the actual episode. Zombie Genm is “Genm Level Ten”. They say the word “ten” in English. Subbing it as “Level X”, while not incorrect due to roman numerals, feels more like it’s “Level Blank” (similar to XXXholic) as though it were some kind of glitch or something to that effect instead of a number indicating how far Genm has jumped ahead of the other riders, who are at level 5 at best.
  • Y’know what?  Hiiro continuing to be in the show remains a problem I have with the show.


  • Emu wanting to help Shuhei, and remembering how the game helped him, but instead of just handing Shuhei a game, he wants to find out what this kid actually likes. It’s just this nice subtle awareness of “Not everyone likes the same things.”
  • The whole set up for where the plot leads Kiriya is so strong. The whole bit about who Emu trusts, Hinata over Kiriya and why, is just some really nice slick writing, and going at these episodes a second time, it really digs in even harder how upset I am at losing Kiriya.
  • Watching Kuroto playing this long con with Kiriya though is just fantastic. Kiriya is watching him manipulate the truth around him and it just digs his ideals about lies and the truth in deeper.
  • We open this episode with Emu realizing he was wrong and looking for the truth and making amends with Kiriya, and I really love Kiriya just laying his truth out and putting their disagreement behind them. Again, he cares enough about Emu to trust him with the truth.
  • So I know we’re kind of against “OH MY GOD WHAT IS THE MYSTERY LOOK AT IT HERE IT IS” here, but I actually am really digging the sort of mysteries they’re building around Dan and Emu, with Emu’s strange immunity to the virus and the split between him and “M”, and Dan possibly having framed his dad for some horrible crime. Possibly murder? And Dan having “made contact” with Emu 16 years ago. I missed that line the first time, or read it weird and assumed that the “compatibility” had been programmed into him via the games he was playing, but now I’m not 100% there. Though I’m still leaning into it a little with PAlad having had some hand in it. No matter which way, they’re building an interesting timeline.
  • The three games Emu has as a child are tied into the people around him in the present and the one on top is literally just Excite Bike. I’m not sure if Dragon Adventure is supposed to be Hiiro (Taddle Quest), or the four riders together (Drago Hunter X), since the third game (I think I can make out part of the title as “Naro-chan”, but the other half is covered) looks more like it would be something that would correspond to Asuna, as opposed to a FPS for Taiga. But they’re definitely saying something by putting “Excite Racer” front and center.
  • On a lore level, it’s nice to get confirmation that if you die as a video game, you die in real life.  It was always sorta said, but folks get slapped out of the suit often enough that you have to wonder about how it all works.
  • Okay, last time I know I talked a bunch about how much I love supervillains who get extra power by just shoving dangerous glowing things into their chests, but Dan?  Dan did the thing I love more: “I need to understand how death works to get to the next phase.  Well, i guess I’ll die, then.”  Like.  Dang.  I know it was all there with the zombie game (it being all white, which got that strong death/ghost association goin’ and everything), but still.  That is a hell of a thing to pull, especially after we just killed Graphite, so a part of you is almost wondering if that’s it for the dude.
    • More?  Dan’s death is so clearly outlined because he kills what is ostensibly his life’s work just before going to get himself turned into a dead liar (foreshadowing?!)
  • We also open with a distinct lack of opening song, which is always the sort of thing that makes me lose my sugar.  You KNOW stuff is on fire when they just have the title card and go.
  • And while they are DEFINITELY pulling some mystery box stuff, they’re doing it in a way that is really respectful of the audience because it at least gives us something to play with by presenting in-universe facts alongside in-character speculation so we can build our own theory along with the characters.  So we can continue on Kiriya’s noble work of finding the truth.
  • Also, the setup being a slightly-tweaked version of the setup from 11, only this time it’s someone else entirely who gets got?  That’s actually kinda clever.

Points of Concern

Sono: Okay, so this was a question I received via anonymous on Tumblr, and wasn’t specifically posed to the show, but I like the question a lot and want to hear what all of us have to say on the subject…

“Did you feel more for Kiriya’s death in the latest ex aid than Hase’s in gaim? Since they’re both around the same ep and I think you hated the latter iirc I was wondering what you thought.”

Bonus Content

Salty is BACK!


Genm Level 10/TEN/X is magnificent



Kamen Rider Ex-Aid 13: A Predetermined Destiny!

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