An Adventure Appropriate to a 5th Level Party – Ex-Aid 10 -RX! 163

Join us as we play a level of Kamen Rider EX-Aid! Can Emu, Asuna, and their allies cure the Bugster virus before it can wipe out humanity? Find out how we think he’s doing as we share our thoughts on:

Kamen Rider EX-Aid

10 – Doctor’s Out of Line


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Episode Writer: Takahashi Yuya

Episode Director: Morota Satoshi


  • God I wish this show would ever use Director Kagami as anything more than a joke ever. I feel like it’s getting to a level even worse than with Drive. At least Hinata thinks he can handle this.
  • Oh god Hiiro’s nurses are back, waiting on him. You’re NOT THAT HURT THAT YOU CAN’T HOLD A PHONE, and don’t yell at them! God Hiiro wears on my nerves…
  • This isn’t really a complaint, but the scene where Emu’s tricked everyone to come fight him is on the same set where Narumi had his final standoff with Matsu in Movie War Core and I got a little distracted by the sort of really neat parallel of that and also by the fact that I just really love Message to W. It’s also a BEAUTIFUL set that they don’t use often.
  • Graphite getting got made me less than happy.  He was a good villain, but much love to them for actually having the weird kind of bravery to take out so important a character this early.
  • We have to remember that the cost of being a great man is great man pain.  Hrrrrgh.
  • Also, the voiceover in that bit sounds like the voice of a much older person or mebbe he’s just trying to sound extra Batmanpain about it all.


  • You would not believe how much I love HInata calling out Emu for fighting on his own, and saying that it wasn’t just him who saved Emu, it was a whole team of doctors and nurses working together who all deserve credit and who all need to know how to work together for the good of the patient. Everyone in the hospital is equally important. Even if this show may be doubling down on the annoying humor Drive had, it’s ethics are way beyond anything Drive could have ever hoped to show.
  • I really love Emu’s plan to gather everyone together and make them fight him for the gashat in order to get them all working together. I feel like Emu is the most “Do no harm, but take no crud” Kamen Rider we’ve had in a long time and it’s one of the things I love most about him. I would love to know what his phone calls to Taiga and Kiriya consisted of, with the way he played to Hiiro’s ego. (Appealing to Taiga’s need to be the “one true kamen rider”? Telling Kiriya he doesn’t know who to trust and wants to drop out?)
  • I love how Graphite how baffled Graphite is as he’s transported to the stage against his will. He plays it cool once we shift to a close up, but he’s got no idea what’s happening in the wide shot.
  • Speaking of transformation, though, I am gonna miss Graphite ‘til he comes back (he’s coming back, right?  I have to imagine he is) ‘cuz I have no end of affection for baddies who shove items of power into their hearts.  That’s friggin’ amaze.
  • My partner pointed out as well that the dragon suit explains a lot of the design choices in the suits: all the thigh-high/opera glove details are bits where the toys probably detach their limbs to put on the limbs of one of the upgrades, which is actually kind’ve a fun thing.
    • I just love figuring out how the toys work from the show.
  • Also, I just kinda love Poppy trying to convince the d-bag doctors to come back.  Her high-pitched cute-mascot-girl thing is sometimes a bit frustrating but it also underlines her earnestness in ways that I kind’ve adore.

Points of Concern

Nothing this week.

Bonus Content

Kamen Rider Ex-Aid & Snipe & Brave & Snipe Level 5


Emu stumbled last episode, but it’s nice that the show calls it out.


We salute you, Graphite, Bugster of the Week show so far


Wait, they’re actually done creating data?!



Kamen Rider Ex-Aid 10: Doctors Out of Line!

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