Revenge is a Feeling – Ex-Aid 08-09 -RX! 162

Join us as we play a level of Kamen Rider EX-Aid! Can Emu, Asuna, and their allies cure the Bugster virus before it can wipe out humanity? Find out how we think he’s doing as we share our thoughts on:

Kamen Rider EX-Aid

08 – Go, men! Fly high!

09 – Beat the Dragon


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Episode Writer: Takahashi Yuya

Episode Director: Nakazawa Shoujiro (08) & Morota Satoshi (09)


  • I know I mentioned this last week, but we’ve had three arcs in less than 10 episodes that all have the same plot. “X is distancing themself from Y due to emotions that would be fine if they talked what they’re thinking for 5 minutes”
  • The entire thing with Hiiro and his dad, where his dad is trying to talk to him about Taiga and not letting Taiga manipulate him and then it turns into a joke. Please don’t do this to me, Ex-Aid. My patience for this nonsense is paper-thin. His dad being something of a joke character on the whole, fine. Whatever. But if the man is trying to have a serious moment of showing concern for his son, let him.
  • I feel like this episode may have handled the “Parent and child in a conflict” better than any time Ghost did it, but I’ve got my back up ever so slightly that Shiori apologizes for not understanding why her father pushed her away, but her father never apologises for pushing away instead of just telling her he doesn’t want her to feel burdened by the factory and to find her own path.
  • Yeah.  It’s so bad that even without the benefit of full-color vision?  I am still just SO checked out on that thing.  I do understand why all the upgrades are all cute robots on top of the suits being adorable little chicken-nugget people but wow goes it fit weird.
  • Also, I noticed in this that the initials on Taiga’s wings are “STG” and all I can think is that “swear to God” is an appropriate reaction to seeing that costume.
  • So this really important guy from the ministry of health is talking to a guy and suddenly collapses, and several people go to help him but no one stops the dude just casually walking away to maybe ask “Hey what happened”?
  • Wow you know what I’m super not into? How much of a jerk everyone was to Director Kagami. The guy is still a licensed medical professional in charge of not only this department but the whole hospital. He’s fit to help diagnose this guy.
  • I’m also not sure how I feel about this “candidate” thing? I guess it depends on how big of a thing it becomes to the plot. I’m not totally against it, and it’s answering some general lore questions, it’s just that there’s already SO MUCH in play RIGHT NOW and having Emu be this “Special case”, be he immune generally or Kyoutarou threw medical ethics out the window and did the operation on him as a kid, that it feels like one more thing to juggle.
  • Nooooo lie.  I know that this is a whole thing where we’re trying to make it so all the young characters have it all together ‘cuz apparently kids want to watch things with teenagers or young adults being awesome and adults being clueless but… I mean, it really does call into question why dude’s even there, then.
  • Okay, and spinning off of sins?  I am really hoping the show doesn’t go into the “power creep”/”The goal is to find all the power-granting gewgaws” thing it keeps threatening to do.  I really want my angry discussions of medical ethics interspersed with the dumbest-looking superhero costumes on the planet back plz.


  • Emu being absolutely livid about Taiga taking the bugster hostage and endangering the patient. Plus the way he was watching the factory workers as they ran off to check on the factory after the attack. I feel like him telling Taiga to stop running off was delivered a little weakly, but this kid absolutely knows how to use his face.
  • The three dudes working at this factory are so sweet. I don’t know how this place operates with only three guys, but they love their job and their boss, and I appreciate tha, and how Okada’s real point of stress, aside from Shiori, was about the livelihoods of the people he was responsible for instead of what he gets from the factory. He’s a good boss.
  • The bit of Kiriya and Kuroto was interesting though, and I’m wondering what Kiriya’s plans are for exposing him and winning his way back into the family. He’s got to have something up his sleeve.
  • Noooo lie.  It’s safe vs. thin with Hiiro and Taiga and I am really over it.  They feel so friggin’ cookie-cutter and like they were brought in from one of the lesser shounen anime series to help Ex-Aid live up to his absurd anime hair when we could deal with Our Young Hero dealing with betrayal while we all enjoy the delicious, delicious dramatic irony of knowing that he wasn’t betrayed at all.
  • I really hope we see more of that, too.  We’ve been spending this last while playing “getting to know you” about the rest of the cast–the heroes, the villains, and Kiriya–and I can’t help but feel we’re well due for Asuna/Poppy to explain her deal because, like, it is clearly a pretty interesting thing, what with being a living vocaloid with an alter-ego as a mild-mannered nurse slash functionary with the Ministry of Health.
  • Seriously, I’d watch that show on its own, now I put it that way…
  • This actually feels like a good time to be getting into the doctor who saved Emu’s life and the effect that had on who Emu became. Tying that into larger story, I do think is a really good thing, and they waited for just the right time. Not too early, so we get to let Emu develop as a person outside the event, but not so late that it feels like they forgot about it and are shoehorning it back in.
  • There’s this like plush cubicle couch thing that Taiga is sitting in at Kuroto’s office and I want like 12 of them.
  • “I wonder who will get the 10th Gashat.” “Lol well it’s not gonna be you, buddy.” That couples with Taiga’s reaction to it are probably up there in the top moments of this show so far.
  • That said, I just adore that even in just its name, it’s a step beyond the next thing, and it’s treated like this out-of-control monstrosity.  I can really get with it on that level.  Also the level where the cartridge has a little dragon head on the base.
  • Also, for all I’ve had my concerns/discussions about Seiji having stuff to do?  That windmilling arm with the “DAI DAI DAIHENSHIN!” bit?  That was golden and charming as heck.
  • OH AND ALSO!  Winds of Transformation AND the smirk are back in 9!

Points of Concern

From Ammit: It looks like Emu may be edging into the uncomfortable Tomari/Takeru territory of one chosen by… some older guy to be “ZA Kamen Ridai!” which was something we discussed in the Ghost Postmortem episode for anyone who is curious about that, shout out to Swirrlyjiffy for calling on the unKamenCrew to explain ourselves on rejecting the former while embracing the later.
What are your thoughts and feelings on this set up occurring again? Is it the same?

Bonus Content

Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Level 5


Kamen Rider Snipe Level 3 Ackwardly handling the Bugster and endangering a patient’s life. No wonder his license was revoked.


Patients of the Weeks- Yoshio (again) and Secretary Hinata who saved Emu 16 years ago and did some shady stuff relating to the Game Virus to him too.


Bugsters of the Weeks

Jet Combat Bugster


Graphite Dragon Knights himself with the Proto Gashat.


We need more of Kiriya’s antics


What is Pallad even doing with his life?


Emu is good-intentioned and flawed. Where might that lead?




What’s Kurato’s deal again?



Kamen Rider Ex-Aid 10: Doctors Out of Line!

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