ALL ABOARD the Train to Manpain! – Ex-Aid 06-07 -RX! 161

Join us as we play a level of Kamen Rider EX-Aid! Can Emu, Asuna, and their allies cure the Bugster virus before it can wipe out humanity? Find out how we think he’s doing as we share our thoughts on:

Kamen Rider EX-Aid

06 – Carve That Beat In the Heart!

07 – The Darkest Depths of Some Lie!


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Episode Writer: Takahashi Yuya

Episode Director: Nakazawa Shoujiro (06) & Morota Satoshi (07)


  • I know I talked in the Rider Jump about it and kind of above but beyond the fact that what they’re going for with Hiiro was executed lazily, just… fridging a girlfriend is so “Safe” and easy as far as writing goes. It’s so boring and doesn’t give anything to anyone but Hiiro. I’m just so bugged by it on a writing level and on a level of STOP FRIDGING WOMEN.
  • All that aside, this is literally the same thing that happened in the FIRST Hiiro episode. Girl breaks up with a guy and it causes him stress. And having him dealing repeatedly with the same type of issue that’s tied to his larger internal trouble is interesting, but does it have to be just this constant damsel in distress thing that is mostly punishing the women for leaving? Ya’ll know in my years on this show I’ve been the one to say “Come on maybe it’s not as sexist as we’re projecting.” and maybe I’m just becoming jaded, but they’re making it real difficult for me this time.
  • I’m very confused as to how the ones with the cartridges in them are even made. I’m very confused about these monsters in general really?
  • They did not manage to sell Hiiro eating the cake.  I get WHY it’s there, I get what they’re going for with it and if it had been in a better-written episode, it’d hit.  As it is, it’s an almost-interesting idea floating in space because they DID NOT sell it.
  • This is gonna be a running theme in this show, but holy dang is the design department just… I mean…
  • Like, at least it’s all aesthetically connected, even if it’s all just bloody awful?  The Level 3s are just… I mean, I thought Decade Complete form was a wreck.


  • I might be developing a crush on Graphite. He’s easily the most interesting on on the villain side. Maybe it’s just that he feels like some kind of offspring of Phoenix and Medusa and I’ve been waiting for that to be done successfully for years.
  • I love the little rhythm game remix of the OP. That whole first rhythm game sequence is actually really entertaining.
  • The dude playing Kiriya sells this character’s emotions FANTASTICALLY. He’s got this eye movement when he’s panicking over his lies, and he can shift his emotional tone so seamlessly. His facial expressions in 7 are basically perfect.
  • Also the extra building of it not being the Bugster that killed his friend directly, but his reaction and panic caused an accident, and since he was never actually diagnosed with the Bugster virus, that adds to the lie-not-lie being placed on Kiriya’s back. It just adds to the broken trust that comes off of “No lies today. I promise.” and because of that he doesn’t even WANT to try explaining himself. He’d rather just throw his hands up and say “Yup! Caught me again! HAHA SUCKERS!” and bury how much it’s hurting him.
  • I hope this won’t be a thing we need to fight about, but I kind’ve adored the CPR as rhythm-keeping thing.
  • And, hey, at least we got to see that infector-gun at work, right?  I thought that was cool.  Lotta fun “evil twin” jazz going on.  Episode may be five miles of unpaved road in the story section, but at least the lore is neat?
  • I really dug on them actually having surgery in the hospital.  Still over those poop monsters but it was cool to see that there is actually a kind of Standard Operating Procedure in place for these things.  Adds something to this whole idea that they’re a medical team AND ALSO explains why you’d even want to have stage select built into the belt other’n how it’s cool and video gamey.
  • And, look, I know we try not to double-up on things we loved and things we didn’t for any given episode, but on this subject, much love to the fella playing Kiriya.  That character’d feel at home in Kuuga.  Maybe not the Rider form, but the character himself?  Fit perfectly and that’s high praise.

Points of Concern

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Bonus Content

Kamen Rider Brave Level 3


Kamen Rider Lazer Level 3


Patients of the Weeks


Bugsters of the Weeks



Big Fat Liar with a Heart of GOLD


Has anyone gone into the scripts yet to swap out “dark” for “dick” Ex-Aid when the President is suited up?


She should be a person, NOT fodder for Hiiro’s Manpain



Kamen Rider Ex-Aid 06: Carve That Beat in the Heart!

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