It’s A Weird Couple Episodes – Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger 36-37 -Laser Knees 30

5-Laser Knees-2016-LogoJoin us as we start on a wild ride through Dobutsu Sentai Zyuohger! Can Yamato lead his Zyuman friends through an adventure to save the human world from the Deathgalien? Find out how we think he’s doing as we share our thoughts on:

Dobutsu Sentai Zyuohger: Episode 36 – The Prince of Halloween

Dobutsu Sentai Zyuohger: Episode 37 – Champion of Heaven


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Hackles Up! – Problems & Nitpicks – 36/37

  • We gloss briefly over the fact that Amu and Tusk are childhood friends, with no more explanation into that and it’s just one more instance of the show refusing to go into any depth of who Amu is as a person.
  • So just… No one has noticed that Azald has an ENTIRELY DIFFERENT HAND NOW? It’s not even the hand that has the big thing coming out of his wrist that might cover it up. His hand used to be silver and now it’s black. It’s different than the other hand he still has. Come on guys.
  • Also where’s that kid who had a crush on her in the beginning? What ever happened to that?
  • Which is just WEIRD.  I feel like I have something of a handle on everyone except the cats as far as deeper history goes.  And when it comes to Leo, I at least know what he’s about, even if there’s changes to it between writers.  But Amu?  Just… Like, do they hate the super-feminine one or something?
  • I just… I mean, I know we already went over it, but it is REALLY weird how the show just takes this whole thing where a ten year-old has attached herself to you and ignored all your boundaries and instead of a minor confrontation or taking the kid back to her parents, we are going to just let the kid come with us everywhere?  Like, even without the thing where the girl is all “OMG AH LURV YUU”, that’s weird.
  • I’m still just pounding my fist on the desk because there actually was some fun stuff this episode, but why are we only getting to the plot-related stuff NOW?  I know this is an old complaint, but eeeeeesh.

Tide Turners – Some Enjoyable bits from this stretch of Zyuohger – 36/37

  • Leo being excited about Halloween and wanting to trick-or-treat was surprisingly cute.
  • I guess I appreciate them calling back to Kyoryuger by way of the samba theme and the music. Hearing their transformation jingle and seeing the little dance caught me off guard but it was pretty neat.
  • As much as I’m annoyed that the show just kind of glosses over it, I do like the fact that Amu and Tusk have known each other a long time, and it
  • I wanna be the one to say it: Zyuoh Bard (who really seems like more of a high-level rogue; I’ve never seen him use his inspire feature or even attempt to give anyone else a bonus) is the second-best suit in the show and if they would have done some of those color-clash-contrasts with the other suits earlier on, I probably would have liked some of these suits from the off.
  • For all I am less than comfortable at the monsters of the week’s whole deal, I am vaguely sure their faces are modified heads from Kamen Rider the First.
  • Misao showing up all official-like when it was time for him to meet Larri was adorable.  I love that kid.

Quick Reflexes – Questions left by this bit of Zyuohger

Nothing this week.

Fun Facts

Episode Writer: Tanaka Jin (36) & Komura Junko (37)

Episode Director: Katou Hiroyuki (36) & Shibasaki Takayuki (37)

NEXT WEEK —EPISODE 38 The Wings Take Flight!

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