Diamonds Are The Hardest Substance On Earth- Ex-Aid 04-05 -RX! 160

Join us as we play a level of Kamen Rider EX-Aid! Can Emu, Asuna, and their allies cure the Bugster virus before it can wipe out humanity? Find out how we think he’s doing as we share our thoughts on:

Kamen Rider EX-Aid

04 – Begin Operation Dash!

05 – Gamers Assemble: All Out Crash!


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Writer: Episode 2 and 3: Takahashi Yuya

Director: Episode 2: Nakazawa Shoujiro; Episode 3: Sakamoto Koichi


  • Grabbing the guy’s sister and spraying the virus in his face was a pretty decent plan. Just getting kind of bored with “Let’s kidnap girls to stress guys out.” Like c’mon be a little more creative with it.
  • This show is going a little heavy on that jumpy “Here’s the joke” editing and my patience for it is already wearing very thin. I hope this will be a similar case to Onari where once the show’s got it’s feet under it, they ease that back out because the kids are already hooked and they don’t have to rely on it.
  • On that note Asuna was unfortunately pushing the limits of obnoxious this episode as well, and I’m really hoping they tone that down too as time goes on.
  • Y’know, not long ago I went on a thing talking about how I almost miss Sakamoto as a director.  There’s a part of me that blames him for exactly that because boooooooooooo.
  • Also got so many weeeeeeird vibes off the patient this episode.  Like, he’s not BAD or nothin’, just feel like there’s some shorthand being put in there that I didn’t quite get and that felt vaguely unsavory to me.  I might well be wrong, but that’s okay.
  • I was going back and forth about the bike-armor Level 3 on Genm but I just feel like it’s stretching a bit much with the wheel-as-weapon.  At least if it’s gonna be used like that.


  • I’m really into Kiriya’s henshin posing. The little spin is neat and tight and kicking his character select is pretty boss.
  • Whoops they won my heart a bit with the Mook Bike. That feeds into my want of this being the Go-Onger of Kamen Riders.
  • Hiiro and Taiga consistently getting so distracted by each other that they lose sight of the task at hand is a nice aspect to them. I really want to see them grow around it.
  • I love Not-Kai looking right into the camera before they cut to behind him and he says Welcome to Level 3. It feels like an ever so slight 4th wall break.
  • I know I mentioned it in the diagnosis, but I love the conflict of this episode, and how much conviction Emu has in treating someone regardless of who they are or what they’ve done. The title for this episode was pulled from my reaction to the President’s conversation with Emu about how he’s “like a crystal” and at risk of “being crushed”. He may be more than just a crystal, and it’s takes a lot to crush a diamond, man.
  • So we weren’t totally off base with our guesses for Mall Goth Ex-Aid, and I’m not totally sure we were wrong, since the episode gave us the reveal of the President, but Kiriya claimed to have seen Graphite transform into him before that first fight, which makes sense given the context of the scene. They may yet still be tossing the belt back and forth.
  • And speaking of world-building, I just A D O R E how the guy who wants to become a superhero to sate his violent curiosity is a coroner.  They’ve got so much character stuff they build right into the character concepts and I really adore it.  Of COURSE the guy whose job at the hospital is quantifying and illuminating the cause of death is the guy who just wants to know what the eff is up.  Similar stuff goes on with everyone, but particularly Emu, who’s the intern pediatrician so OF COURSE his deal is being a shonen protagonist.
  • I just ADORE it, tho.  They do so many little ducks and dodges to make sure they get that reveal and I’m sure a lot of the kids at home were blown away by it.  I should imagine folks called it, but as they didn’t do a whole bunch of “whoooooooooooo is it?  Is it this guy?  Or maybe this guy?!  YOU DON’T KNOW!” and instead it’s just them introducing all the Riders they’d been saying were going to be here.  One per episode to set the stage so we can just have a good show.
  • The coroner having an oxblood-red jacket instead of his bright red one now that we know he’s kind of a toolbox.  Nicely done, show.
  • I did NOT see Graphite having a human form coming and I really dig on it.  I just really, really do.

Points of Concern

1). What is the deal with Emu’s henshin breeze? Since it’s turned up very time he’s transformed, these winds of change (by Scorpions) seem to be a feature?

2). What is a “Taddle”, and why does it need a quest?

3) Bottom line: What are your thoughts on the show’s pacing?

Context for Question 3: The 4 Principle Riders are active and have declared their motivations for continuing to deal with the Bugster: Emu wants to save people, no matter who they are; Hiiro wants to defeat the disease, disregarding the patient; Taiga wants to collect all them Gashats to make a wish and Kiriya wants to learn about the Bugster. We have also seen Dark Ex-Aid or Genmu, the Genm Corporation CEO is using a gamer Driver and is allied with Graphite and Pallad. All this has happened in the space of 5 episodes; how do you feel about the pacing?

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