Have Your Cake and Shoot It Too- Ex-Aid 02-03 -RX! 158


Join us as we play a level of Kamen Rider EX-Aid! Can Emu, Asuna, and their allies cure the Bugster virus before it can wipe out humanity? Find out how we think he’s doing as we share our thoughts on:

Kamen Rider EX-Aid

Episode 02 -Two Geniuses? No Thanks.

Episode 03 – He Who Came In With a Bang


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Writer: Episode 2 and 3: Takahashi Yuya

Director: Episode 2: Nakazawa Shoujiro; Episode 3: Sakamoto Koichi


  • Who are these two sexy nurses carrying around Hiiro’s Rider Gear and are they really necessary? Are they really? And do you REALLY need one of them to crouch down and put the belt on for you? Please let that stop immediately. Or if he HAS to have Gary Oak cheerleaders for whatever reason, actually give them some personality. I really don’t want to dislike Hiiro, but it leaves a real bad taste in my mouth.
  • At the very end, they did a little bit of that skipping audio thing they did in Drive with the director talking about the apple pie and it was pretty mild, especially compared to how Drive used it, but it still makes me nervous and I hope they don’t amp it up.
  • Is tripping and falling on his face gonna be Emu’s like… “thing”? I”m not sure how to describe it as a trope, but he’s been doing it constantly to kind of show how not totally competent he is, I guess? It just sits a little weird with me. (ALEPH: Yeah, it DOES read very ‘Popular YA novel protagonist’, doesn’t it?)
  • The level 1 bugster was not even a clever design this time it was just a weird terracotta gun.
  • God even in level 1 Snipe is just… the worst. But man I hate his level 2 form. As much as I’m really interested in Taiga as a character, that suit is awful. It’s just the worst. Who thought this was a good idea?
  • You are NOT alone in having a real big feeling of discomfort around Hiiro and his nurses, ESPECIALLY with the belt-attaching.  Like you were saying, it might be possible to make them work (heck, even if it’s just that half the time, he’s got two sexy male nurses) but it’s just… I mean, how about no.  Do not need ladies whose whole purpose is to make a dude look cool then, apparently, disappear into thin air.  If I find out they’re just his crew of personal vocaloids, I am gonna be frustrate.
  • And since I’m still mad at Hiiro, him messing with Asuna by evoking her vocaloid-itude so casually?  Not cool, dude.  Not cool.
  • Mostly, I was just REAL “whatever” on this villain design.  From the ugly gun to this generic “gun”-evoking baddie, it was not one of the better-looking monsters I’ve seen in a while.  Though, again, I will bring us back to Mighty No. 9 because I can’t help feeling that’s a reference to the gun-shaped baddie in that game, but that’s just me really attaching that game to this show.


  • This is my first experience with the OP, and I am maybe a little bit in love with it. I didn’t expect such a Kabuto-esque opening sequence for this of all shows. The song feels really intense and makes me wonder just how hard this show will to end up going once the wheels really start turning.
  • For all that we have the mystery of Mall Goth EX-Aid, I kind of appreciate that it’s not totally obvious who he actually is. There’s a small handful of people that the show gives the normal cues to (In the OP the GENM president is shown in the out-of-suit lineup cuts but Not-Kai is shown contrasted with Emu just before Mall Goth Ex-Aid’s suit is in the OP against the other riders. But also Graphite has the same control screen on his arm that Mall Goth Ex-Aid does.) it feels like it could be any or maybe even all of them. It’s a nice departure from White Wizard and Proto-Drive, where even if it was supposed to be some kind of mystery, it never really was. Also Asuna’s joke about him being a pallet swap was great. His Level 1 form makes his entire existence worth it.
  • I love Emu’s little smile as he starts to transform. He’s got a lot of uncertainty as a medical intern, but one thing he knows he can do is play a game. He’s able to have confidence because he’s in his element and he knows he can help people this way. Taiga catching on to it in episode 3 was also nice. It makes it feel more real and not just something for us to catch as a viewer.
  • Having the kid be scared of doctors was actually a pretty neat set-up, and a nice play on how doctors are maybe not as great as Emu wants to believe.
  • Graphite and Taiga being so cordial toward each other, even though they’re clearly enemies has me kind of interested. They’re clearly ready to fight, but it’s very laid back and there’s some exchange of pleasantries, and Not-Kai is able to diffuse, or at least distract from, the situation pretty easily.
  • The joke about Bang Bang Shooting being stuck in “development hell” was pretty funny, and actually kind of a nice parallel to the sort of mental/professional purgatory that Taiga himself seems stuck in.
  • Okay, speaking of Kuuga?  I was watching the first Blu-Ray subs Midnight Club is doing (they are so gorgeous holy dang) and realized that Godai’s motorcycle goggles and helmet look basically 100% like the mask of Ex-Aid, which just made me smile.
  • I just keep hoping that Hiiro’s love of sweets ends up being a thing where he’s attached desserts to the same sorts of feeling that Emu’s attached video games to.  If fluffy strawberry cake is for him what Mighty Action X is for Emu, maybe I will want that dude to leave the show less.
  • Asuna crawling out of the screen as a friendly version of Sadako from The Ring.
  • Watching the opening, I just noticed for the first time that Emu does the Tron pose (which, come to think, is also Gentarou’s ‘turning into Fourze’ pose) just before the title pops up and I’m glad they’re making that reference.
  • Also? Still in love with Graphite’s little glitching-out effect.  Just needs to be said.
  • Kinda dig not-Black Jack being a guy who actually knows what’s going on.  I mean, look, he’s already basically Black Jack, so that’s some lovely intertextual stuff happening.

Points of Concern

None this week 🙂

Bonus Content

Kamen Rider Brave Level 1 and Level 2


Kamen Rider Snipe Level 1 and Level 2


Bugster Outbreaks vary in quality. See the Virus Castle and the… poop gun.


Look at all these character with strongly stated feelings that make for solidly founded conflict regardless of genre.


Hey look, Ausan is a Raidaa!

It’s neat that they’re figuring out the Bugster’s Vector together. That feel sufficiently medical drama-y.


Pallad and Graphite share a history with each other and at least Taiga. It’s interesting to see how they’re on the periphery of the show but still having a fairly decent impact.


Has anyone called Graphite an homage to Ankh yet?



Kamen Rider Ex-Aid 04: Begin Operation Dash!

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