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Join us as we play a level of Kamen Rider EX-Aid! Can Emu, Asuna, and their allies cure the Bugster virus before it can wipe out humanity? Find out how we think he’s doing as we share our thoughts on:

Kamen Rider EX-Aid; Episode 01 – I’m A Kamen Rider


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Writer: Takahashi Yuya

Director: Nakazawa Shoujiro


  • Emu thinks and treats his patients a little too much with his heart and not quite enough with his head. If the director of the hospital is putting this kid in quarantine, and when you see the kid he’s in so much pain that he asks you if he’s dying, you should probably not just take him to a video game launch party? Or at least maybe ask what their diagnosis on him is first to see if he’s contagious at all? Again, I’m sure this will even out with time, but he needs to think a little more like a doctor when he’s being a doctor.
  • That big CG Bugster was… not good to look at. But this is the first episode, so that sort of thing likely won’t be around very long, especially if they want to keep using so many CG effects for the Riders (which I don’t mind, I find those to actually be kind of charming). I can’t wait for the fights to even out into how they’re going to be for most of the show though.
  • I wish he had a hit combo counter when he’s fighting. They have little hit graphics for every time he bonks a monster, so a counter feels kind of natural and it would be a cute way to keep track of just how many people he’s beaten.
  • Yeah, the monster’s first form was dire.  Just skip to the monster’s actual form, plz.
  • And I had a very similar reaction to Emu breaking quarantine.  Like, I realize that maybe dude can’t afford to buy the kid his own copy or sommat, but for serious, just head out, buy the kid a copy, let him play it on your gameboy.  Sure, there wouldn’t be an episode that way but that’d be a lot more safe than breaking quarantine after, again, everyone tells you that this is an impossible new virus nobody understands.
  • I’m gonna be the stick in the mud here about this one thing, but I am not fond of Kamen Riders having secret bases that are, like, full-on NORAD-style bases filled with high tech stuff.  It’s just not my bag.
  • NORAD don’t bother me none, Aleph, but idolizing surgeons sure does! That opening narration was 1) a bit confusing as to who was the subject and 2) sounded like it was making surgeons out to be the gods among men who need to be praised and worshipped from sunrise to sundown.
  • The Director flipping switches in his performance was a bit much. [I’ll elaborate if that is clear as mud]
  • The Truth about 5 years ago… reminds me of Drive’s mysterious inception 6 months, no, 10 years before… as well as W’s. I don’t like that anymore. Wizard did a 6 month after jump into Haruto’s story and that was bad enough. It doesn’t need to keep happening like this!


  • EX-Aid blows on the cartridge when he goes to use his finisher, so this show is already a complete success.
  • I assume the kids Emu is playing video games with at the very beginning are all hospital patients and I think that’s super cute. He really likes and cares for the kids he works to help and wants them to be able to have fun.
  • I like Not-Kai and Graphite a lot. They have a very “Medusa and Phoenix” vibe or a bit of what Heart and Brain had early on in Drive, which is nice to see again. I’m really eager to see how they play out.
  • My biggest thing is that moment when he’s having his flashback and the doctor hands him the video game.  I already said the big things about the scene and its connections to the show’s thesis statement going forward, but it’s really good.
  • Honestly, the serial-fiction nerd in me was just ecstatic because this was a really good first episode.  They have a massive, sprawling cast and tons of mysteries and junk, but they left that aside to focus on the things that matter: what is the threat, what is causing it, how can it be fought, who will fight it, and what that someone’s world is like.  Add to that laying out what feel like some some major thematic elements and strong character stuff for Emu and I am IN.  I was gonna give three episodes before making a decision and maybe the next two will really wreck it for me, but this was a really good twenty-some minutes for me.
  • Also?  It’s another Den-O/OOO/Fourze kind of monster where it’s something IN a person that gestates and gets out of them, so it’s not, like, blowing up people who’ve been victimized and I’m a fan of that.
  • PLUS ONE on that Mighty No. 9 dig, I love thinking that that’s what actually happened as a fun little aside for the creative team.
  • Despite my critiques of the game field generated by… Ex-Aid’s transformation, it was cool to have this wild place for him to be bouncing off of those blocks and breaking stuff out of them. The ITEM GET seems like it could be an entertaining mechanic.
  • The glimpses of Mighty Action X and the design of the Mighty himself are this amazing fusion of Sonic, Kirby and Mario and I would honestly kind of like to play it, if only for a little bit.

Points of Concern

Ex-Aid seems to be taking a lot of visual notes from Drive, such as the weird visual cuts to indicate comedy and the hospital director reminds me a lot of Honganji with his shifting quickly between serious and silly. He’s also a public servant with a secret division working within the facility he serves. How do we feel these compare?

Bonus Content

Emu’s Patient, Souta, who happened to be infected with the Bugster Virus.


The first Mini-Boss Emu faces as Ex-Aid seems to be an established character from the Mighty Action series, as I’m sure Emu couldn’t have seen him in Mighty Action X as it has just been released.


They really are going for the videogame in real life thing. It comes off fairly well.


That hammer is rad!


Emu’s first Henshin.


Asuna Karino is a Vocaloid who becomes a people…



Kamen Rider Ex-Aid 02: Two Geniuses? No Thanks.

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