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Join us as we take a critical eye to Kamen Rider Ghost. Will Takeru save himself and the Kamen Rider franchise in the [1] days he has left on this blue planet? Find out how we think he’s doing as we pass judgement on:

Kamen Rider Ghost 49 Infinite! The Power of People!


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Writer: Fukuda Takuro

Director: Morota Satoshi


  • Takeru’s mom got SO little screen time and we don’t even know her name. Honestly, i’m also miffed that she didn’t pick his name or even explain why she liked it. What does it mean anyway? It felt like it should have been significant, but it fell flat for me.
  • How did Sage move his capsule into the Daitenkuu attic, why did no one ever notice it before, etc, etc?
  • I wish the Divine Orb had been more of a hexagon or something else, but it looked neat overall…. Maybe the six wings work for that aspect of it. This is really just grasping at this point.
  • Right off the bat, I’m a little upset Aria didn’t go with them to fight. I mean, I guess I understand, send the three main riders, and someone has to keep an eye on Ganma world, and also she’s been alive for like a month and hasn’t actually eaten or slept and is probably hanging on by a thread, but they gave her an AMAZING suit. Let her use it.
  • The big CG doom cyclops was… just… bad to look at. I mean I know this isn’t sentai but just make a practical suit and use that if you’re going to have a giant humanoid monster. Please. Please it will look so much better.
  • Mmm… Iffy on Javert jumping in for Alain instead of Onari. Javert’s first act of good was to protect Onari from Igor, and I feel like it would have been really strong to make his “last” act protecting Onari from the Ganmiser’s monster. The moment still works, because Alain and Javert have had these parallels of trying to adapt to being human, but so much of Javert’s development had centered on Onari and so little of it on Alain that it just felt slightly off.
  • I confess, I’m very much with Ammit on the Divine Orb and its six wings not quite working.  Especially since all I could think as it drifted off into the cosmos wasn’t that hey, it’s a beautiful new thing that’s been born but instead, “Man, how’s Harry ever gonna catch that golden snitch?”
  • For all I love the design of Gan-Rider, the big one-eyed devourer-thing didn’t quite hit for me.  Loved the idea, but hodang was making it humanoid a bad call.  Just make it one of the Ganmeiser monoliths or something.  That’d’ve worked.
  • This whole thing just felt so friggin’ rushed.  It’s not like back at the start of the show where stuff felt dense, it’s just that everything but that big final confrontation just felt really “gotta tick these boxes off quick ‘cuz we only got one episode left”



  • Realizing that Eyecon G-d is a bit of an extreme take on Mugen. It feels organic and fresh that they look so similar and have so many elements that are the same between the two of them but the difference comes in execution. It works so well thematically and on a design level.
  • Takeru being selfless to the end and getting rewarded for that was so wonderful
  • Javert sacrificing himself and being able to come back, along with the other encapsulated people and move forward with the lessons they learned. I hope we can see Sword Mom in a future movie!!!
  • Shibuya and Narita sleeping on the floor was adorable. I love Narita’s rose pajamas.
  • Mall Goth EX-Aid was pretty fun. I actually like the 60’s Batman word effects on attacks that they have going. I have to admit, I’m warming up to EX-Aid more and more as I continue to see it. The suits are still awful, but it seems like it will be fun.
  • I kind of like the Ganmiser’s “I’m god and your silly human emotions can’t hurt me.” It plays well with the themes of the show and the ideals that Adel poured into the Ganmiser.
  • I remember once hearing friend of the show Claire once making an observation about how interesting and cool it is that when it comes to a lot of your inhuman/cyborg superheroes in Japan, one of the common ways of showing that they’ve retained their humanity is less through, like, expressions of sexual interest or frenzied worries about same, but in just having them eat.  That onigiri at the end?  Kid looks like he earned that.
  • Not to get into a fight with Sono, but I actually really dug on the idea that after having the nonsense slapped out of him, Igor would wake up with some kind of love for humanity in his heart.  That’s him having a transformation.  Feel like if that middle bit of the series hadn’t been so mushy, this’d be a much more satisfactory payoff, but I love it nonetheless.
  • For all the practical in me is like “WHAT NO FIX THE CITY”, I actually really like the whole “faith in people” thing and how it drives home the very Kamen Rider idea that what’s important is human life, married to Takeru’s whole deal of humanity possessing infinite potential.


Not this time.


Aleph felt it was appropriate to furnish a link for his Batman Brave & the Bold reference, so HERE it is.


They did the thing from the opening IN the show. It looks SO good and the moment really works wonderfully!


Takeru is received by his leaving friends after his dead pals escort him safely to them.


And you thought food tasted good after swimming for hours or being out in the sun for a long time. Imagine not eating for SIX months!


Kamen Rider Ghost 50 Future! Connected Feelings!

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