Something About Cube Whale – Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger 30-31 -Laser Knees 25

5-Laser Knees-2016-LogoJoin us as we continue on our wild ride through Dobutsu Sentai Zyuohger! There are pirates this time and that’s probably going to be like 99% of what we’re talking about:

Dobutsu Sentai Zyuohger: Episode #30 – The Legendary Giant Beast & #31 – When the Giant Beast Stands


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Hackles Up! – Problems & Nitpicks



  • I think this whole arc would have benefited from being two separate arcs. There wasn’t a close parallel between Misao and Sela’s bonding and Yamato trying to bond with Cube Whale, and since we had to introduce a handful of new toys that took focus over the actual character arc that was happening.
  • Also still really wishing that Misao’s need for validation and encouragement wasn’t played off as a joke by treating his attempts to help as “Look at this wacky and silly thing” or having him sulk and treating it as a kind of over-exaggerated “Look how pathetic he is.” My patience is wearing really thin on that.
  • That underwater shot was… not great… I’m not sure what kind of filter or whatever they’ve used in other shows that have involved people underwater, but they didn’t use it here and it was really jarring.


  • Even if Dodekai-Oh’s design is… okay… I’m really not a fan of red-only robots. I’m fine with splitting the team to pilot different machines, but something like this or Kyoretsu-Oh always feels really unfair to me. Thankfully these aren’t all that common, but it takes away from the show being about the team.


  • Look, I love Cube Whale and I’m sure I’ll really dig on the giant ten-cube (even if one of them is not a cube because the rhino is a truck) combination, but as it is?  Dodekai-Oh is just a lot going on and the hues they used for the blue on him just worked weird.
  • I’m gonna plus-one you on wishing the show would just figure out how it feels about Misao and his problems.  Heck, if we could even just get to Komura Junko deciding how she feels about how Misao handles himself, y’know?
  • Wow, the waterspout spear thing is clunky.  I can’t help feeling it’s a not-so-great callback to the rekka daizantou from Shinkenger

Tide Turners – Some Enjoyable bits from this stretch of Zyuohger



  • I like Azald inviting Naria to a drinking contest and her just kind of brushing him off. Maybe it was because he was finally treating her as an equal, but the moment played well and kind of funny for me.
  • Something about the reverse role call from 6 to 1 was really great. I wish they’d do it more often.
  • I love Sela and Misao going out in their individual cube animals. I’m always kind of bothered when a show gives everyone an individual machine but they’re never used outside of the robot.


  • Amu taking care of Sela and doting on her was real sweet. Also they have a little white tiger pillow, which is adorable.
  • Genis sort of playing the long con with Cubar and hinting that he knows Cubar is up to something is actually really enjoyable? Maybe it’s just because it means both of them are actually doing something.
  • The actual discussion between Sela and Misao is actually kind of sweet and draws a really nice parallel between them and their desires to be taken seriously, even if their personalities are different. I really wish the episode could have spent more time on it. I wish Sela had talked to Misao about Leo, since Misao has been put through some bad harassment by Leo too, and that Sela and Misao would promise to work on their insecurities together and also maybe team up to wreck Leo’s stupid smug face.


  • Man, that was SO good, too.  Little thing to remind everyone and also important as a thing for Misao to remember: hey, he’s got all those anxiety things, but also has to be aware that others might have the same.
  • Bunglay remains great and I am just more and more enjoying his Captain Ahab deal.  Adding in how he’s making friends (y’know, sorta) with Kubar against Genis and he remains the most interesting character on the show.
  • Okay, seeing Naria finally get a chance to be the menace for the episode was great.  Launching explosions and harpoons after some good gunchuck fighting?  Naria, just murder all the rest of those punters.  You got this.

Quick Reflexes – Questions left by this bit of Zyuohger

Zyuoger has placed a lot of pieces of it’s puzzle on the table, but doesn’t seem to be putting them together. Does Zyuogher have a problem with pacing? Moreover, is pacing the issue with the narrative structure, or is it something else?

Fun Facts

Episode Writer: Komura Junko

Episode Director: Takemoto Noboru

Dethgalien Team and Player featured: Naria rocked some socks.


Look at the adorable Cube Whale!


Misao goes fishing and his friends encourage him to do his best… even LEO!


Sela gets caught by Misao’s ambition.


It would almost be satisfying if Nari took over the entire show and even ACTUALLY defeated the Zyuohgers. Almost. How is she so awesome and so undeserved by this show?!


What’s Genis going to do with that Cube Whale data? Will he integrate it to gain some personality?


Join us next time for another thrilling adventure of The Super Aggressive Bros!


Goodness Gracious, what deplorable villains- poisoning the seas!


Fancy summoning of weapons like this is an awesome alternative to hammer space.


NEXT WEEK —EPISODE 32 – The Dark Side Of The Soul

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